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 Sharingan Hypothesis

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PostSubject: Sharingan Hypothesis   Wed Jan 21, 2009 8:51 pm

Ok firs things first....lets take a look at what the eye is made of to begin with shall we?

~Parts of the Eye and what they do~

The retina is a sheet of receptors at the back of the eye and is made up from two types of photoreceptor cells; rods and cones. Rods detect light levels, which means they only pick up black and white images. In humans, these are more common near the edge of the eye. Now, there is only a limited number of space for rods and cones in the retina, so if you increase the count of one you have to decrease the count of the other.

Essentially, you must trade color perception for more detailed perception in black and white, which is largely what enables us to perceive motion.

To put it more simply, rods detect motion and cones detect color.

Okay, now since you canít really increase the sensitivity of a rod, you would have to increase the number of them. One way is to severely decrease the number of cones. Well, this wonít work without sacrificing color, and Uchihaís donít seem to be colorblind typically, so that must not be it. Another way is to make the retina bigger. But to get to the level of the sharingan by using this method your eyes would have to be huge!

Now, the obvious factor that sets Sharingan apart from normal eyes are the extra pupils, isnít it? But how would that help? Well, if rods are more common around the edge of the eye, increasing the amount of pupils would increase the number outer edges to be lined with rods.

So, if the center pupil were devoted entirely to cones to retain a sense of color, then the space in the other pupils would be specifically for rods in order to get a better perception of motion, which is what the Sharingan is.

Now, the application of chakra to activate Sharingan could also be used to stimulate the portion of the brain used for memory retention, inspiring the userís memory to become eidetic in nature during the activation of Sharingan, and thus giving them not only exceptional perception, but also the photographic memory required to be able to instantly recall any abilities seen.

But, this is the purely scientific view, which gives us no insight into the subliminal messages, so I also have an easier explanation.

A: Ability to see color.
1: Motion perception.
2: Copies all motion perceived.
3: Prediction motion- inferring through rational physics the action about to take place.
B: Ties pupils together for the ability to understand what one sees without getting confused. Without it, you would have three different eyes looking in three different directions and no idea what to focus on or whatís going on.

Keep in mind, I in no way, shape, or form own any of the characters or abilities mentioned here in this, nor even any of the pictures used. All of the report is purely hypothetical, and should not be taken literally.
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PostSubject: Re: Sharingan Hypothesis   Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:26 am

Just so nobody tries to go taking credit.

All theories and information above has been put there by Me, Reikon Keiri, and another friend who does not play Sannin.
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Sharingan Hypothesis
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