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 Akane Hana Kouseitan'i~ Diamond Prodigy~

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PostSubject: Akane Hana Kouseitan'i~ Diamond Prodigy~   Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:49 pm

Name:Akane Hana Kouseitan'i


Village: sound(born in), Element (lives in)

Rank: Jonin, Kage-in-training

Age: 18

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 124 lbs

Element: Fire (family Element), Diamond (family element), water

Summonings: Foxes, Gem Guardians

Bio: Akane Hana Kouseitan'i is the Daughter of Emanyeru Kouseitan'i
and Hayataro Senju. She was born in Sound after Emanyeru had rebuilt
element the first time. During her early years she was sent to snow
for additional training from her aunt, Konan Fuuma. She stayed in
Snow for 7 years before her father came back for her. Though she did
not remember him at first she quickly learned that he was her
biological father.
After moving back to sound she joined sound team one along with
Kazuki Shikimori and Nenshou Asahi under the leadership of her
father. The three quickly grew into the perfect team before splitting
off their seperate ways. While she and kazuki continued to grow and
develop eventually both becoming jonin's and were selected for the
next kage position. Nen drifted off until he was never heard from
Before the war akane was sent to rain for training and continued to
grow. She returned to her true home village of Element after the war
and has been in the "Kage Training" program ever since.

Family Members:
Grandparents: Timoshii Kouseitan'i (Deceased), Wonda Kouseitan'i
(Deceased), Hashirama Senju
Parents: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i, Hayataro Senju
Siblings: Kai Kouseitan'i, Obito Senju, Aloide Kouseitan'i, Ayameko
Hirosaki (Adopted)
Children: Lilixia Zyuko Mizumi (Adopted)
Nieces/Nephews:Nero Senju, Hikari Senju
Aunts/Uncles:Pein (Nagato) Fuuma, Konan Fuuma, Tsunade Senju, Sasuke
Uchiha, Rock Kouseitan'i

Team mates: Kazuki Shikimore, Nenshou Asahi (Previous Genin Team)

Sensei: None


Equipment: Kunai, Shruiken, A family Katana


Strengths: Swimming, and Running

weakness's: Heights

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PostSubject: Re: Akane Hana Kouseitan'i~ Diamond Prodigy~   Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:06 am

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Akane Hana Kouseitan'i~ Diamond Prodigy~
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