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PostSubject: hitogoroshi   Fri Apr 17, 2009 1:34 am

General Info

Name: hitogoroshi

Gender: male

Village: snow

Rank: academy student

Age: 6

Height: 4'2

Element: lighting



Hito was a regular 6 year old boy who was the son of a sculptor. there was an unusual plauge in his small village and was brought to the snow village morturary to be embalmed along with his parents. the morturist took pity on him and rememberd that he was a nercomancer and brought the child to life using a forbidden jutsu. though, the jutsu failed halfway since the embalmer didnt have enough chakra and so left hito with no working organs, no nerve cells and no way for him to die or live. so the man began to embalm him until he saw hito blink. he finished up and saw he was alive, but more like a zombie with a peice of mind. so he enrolled hito in the ninja academy and orderd him to embalm himself every 3 days and keep up his body. he carried his bed with him whereever he went so he wouldnt congregate mildew on his skin or eyes.

Extra Information

Family Members: son of a mortuist.

Team mates:


Jutsu: live embalment. (see finishers)

coffin renewal- is able to hide inside the coffin using gen and becomes suspended in the air(to the veiwer) to perform a jutsu while he is really performing the jutsu on the ground.

lighting corpse- where he channels his chakra into his jewlry while he is attacking or defending with tai. probrably giving a good defense and electrocuting the other person

transformation jutsu- is able to tranform using gen

clones- is able to output 2 or 3 clones

lighting blades- channels chakra into blades and uses them for longrange and closeup attacks

death list- when he is wounded, he pulls out some embalming fluid from his own body and spreads it out by attaching it to explosive tags and when the tags explode. the spores from the fluid is slighlty fatal to the human body without care within 4 days.

substitution- hito substitutes himself with a voodoo doll of a random kage.

Finishers: live embalment- sticks a liquid where an insision was made and the body goes through the bloating proccess while he/she is still alive. making the liver, intestines and heart fail. this jutus takes about 7 posts.

Equipment: a black coffin filled with embalming stuff and other grisly things. and the standard kunais and shuriken needed for the shinobi.

Weapons: carries a short sword that splits in half. he can channel his chakra through it and they become lighting blades. though since he wears lots of metals, he has to be careful.

Outfit: pure black outfit, matching the black coffin, shoes and hair. he wears necklaces of every known religion across his neck and some around his wrists. he has a weight vest under his clothes and wears leg weights on his legs.

Strengths: hand to hand combat and weaponry.

weakness's: genjutsu ( if they could find out what he's afraid of)

Abilities: is able to take any hit and still fight. will only stop fighting if orderd to or knowlingly unable to win.

Bloodline: kyonshi.

bloodline ability: is able to be undying but holds no ability other than that. he/she must embalm him/herself daily to keep from rotting and all injuries must be stitched up. characteristics of the kyonshi is blue lips and nails along with no pupils and a heavy aura of death.
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Isshi Okakuji

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PostSubject: Re: hitogoroshi   Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:19 am

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