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 Alpha -Redone-

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PostSubject: Alpha -Redone-   Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:29 am

General Info

Name: Alpha

Gender: Male

Village: Rogue Ninja

Rank: S-Ranked

Age: 19

Height: 6 Foot 3
Weight: 212 Lbs

Element: Gravity, Kinetic Energy

Summonings: Explosion Chakra Dragons

Bio Coming Soon

Extra Information

Family Members: None

Team mates: Omega Fuuma

Sensei: None

Jutsu: Next Posts


Kinetic Impulse Explosion
Alpha Would Use The Roaming Kinetic Energy Around Him To Pick Up an Object With A Weight Around The Size Of a 2-Axle Car. The Object will Be Reserved And Flow Until It Is Not physical ANymore. When Thrown, ALpha Would Snap His Fingers As The Object Would Blow Up With The Force Of 150 Explosion Tags. Note - Needs To Be a Heavy Object. a Ton+. This May Also Hurt The User If He's Too Close

Earth Molecule Destruction
S-Ranked ((Sougon Only))
Alpha Would Raise Up A Terribly Great Amount Of Energy/Gravity From Even THe Earth. Within a 30 Feet Radius, The Gravity That Was Stored Would Begin Eating Away At Molecules. Since Alpha Is In The Middle Of This Technique, He Will No Doubt Die. The Closer an Opponent Is The Faster Their Death. The Energy is Then Stored Back Into The Earth

Equipment: Default

Weapons: Chained Axe

Outfit: Avy

Strengths: ...

weakness's: ...

Abilities: Alpha Is Able To Regenerate His Tissue At a Super High Rate. He Can Though Be Killed. But It Must All Be A One Hit Blast. He Is Known To Never Get Sick Because His Body Has The Ability To Be Immune To Pathogens. Also, He Is Able To Use His Chakra And The Kinetic Energy Around Him To Send Objects((Other Than Humans)) Flying And Force Them To Explode Out Of Thin Air. The Explosions All Vary.

Bloodline: Sougon ((Gravity Manipulator))
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Alpha -Redone-
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