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 Tengu Uchiha.......The Killing Perfection.

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Tengu Uchiha

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PostSubject: Tengu Uchiha.......The Killing Perfection.   Fri May 01, 2009 3:09 pm

General Info

Name:Tengu Uchiha






Element:Black Fire,Black Lightning.



Wind King

Water King

Fire King

Earth King

Lightning King

Dark King

Shadow King

When Tengu Uchiha was born black clouds formed in the sky,his mothers screaming delighted him as he came through the birth canal from that day forward Tengu has been and forever will be evil.......Through his short life as a Ninja Academy student his IQ was of a gifted Chuunin when it came to the art of Ninja skills.Tengu graduated at the age of 5 with pure talent and skill.Most of which he gets from his mother and father.Ever since Tengu was born he had a odd presence,if you felt a dark aura creeping down your back it was Tengu,if you sensed the lust for blood it was Tengu.When Tengu was in the Academy the teacher took Tengu and three others to help a medical ninja gather medicinal herbs in the far end of the Leaf Village,Tengu had the north and the others took different sections of the area.......Something moved in the trees in which the area Tengu was in and he sensed it.Another creek heard from the creek up ahead,that was it Tengu knew he was being watched.Tengu pulled out several Shuriken,Kunais,Smoke bombs,and Paper bombs attached to wires and waited for the spy to come out.Soon the spy flew from the tree in which he was hiding and rushed at Tengu,when the spy came in range Tengu instantly threw the Kunais up into the trees and the shuriken on the trunks of the trees,he did this in a net pattern once the ninja got caught in the web of deception Tengu tugged on the wires firmly and smoke came from all areas that the wires flew in covering the net and everything around it in smoke as the ninja still was in the net he began to hear footsteps from all around in a star pattern circling around him.......It stopped.......As soon as the spy let out a sigh of relief thinking that Tengu had fled black flames burst from all areas of the wires to travel down the wires and burn the spy down to the bone,he shrieked and yelled as the unusual flames burned its way to his muscles soon the teachers that hosted this mission heard the spy and came to the spot in which they heard it.When they appeared they only saw smoke and the pattern of which the flames covered the wires.In awe they saw the young spy burn to one final scream shouted to the high heavens the flames stopped and disappeared.......The smoke faded......As the smoke disappeared and everyone could see clearly a star in which the flames still traveled along and the body was seen on the ground,the wires were gone and no trace of what caused this horrible tragedy literally disappeared......When the teachers took another look at the star in the ground they were shocked and paralyzed with fear.A Pentagram etched into the ground in which the flames traveled around the edges,the body skinless laying with its arms crossed and blood shocked eyes looking towards the heavens for peace.As the teachers stood petrified Tengu walked out from the shadows behind the teachers and placed a single hand on there backs,knowing this would scare them even more the teachers just stood there and continued to look at the body.....Tengu then whispered....."Corruption is the key to death,when ninjas go into battle they should expect to die" When Tengu finished he turned his back and body flickered to the Academy,after fifteen minutes of looking at the body in awe they turned around and saw a basket full of the medicinal herbs that Tengu was assigned to collect with a black flaming star on a piece of paper.As the just took a quick glance behind them and looked back over to the body only dust and ashes sat where the body was and the black flaming Pentagram disappeared leaving no evidence that the ninja or the star ever existed.The teachers and medical ninja swore to never speak of this day again,not even to the mother of the child(Hokage).The same day Tengu took a walk around the Uchiha mansion in the Leaf,he stood on the lake which his father taught him the fire ball jutsu.Tengu looked into the water and saw his reflection.......He stood there for a minute and soon a image of a Demon with Sharingan appeared behind him and had two black balls of what looked like chakra in his hands.Tengu knew who the demon was and held his hands out to receive the gift in which the demon gave with the intentions of a curse when the demon dropped the two balls into Tengus hands in the reflection Tengu blinked one time and noticed that he had a three wheeled Sharingan.As he looked in the reflection he thought about what he did to the spy today and wondered if the God of Uchiha was pleased and gave this as a token of gratitude for the strength of the young Uchiha.As the Uchiha thought he suddenly felt a pain in his head and lost his concentration and fell into the lake Tengu floated to the bottom of the lake in pain in a few seconds he passed out and awoken in his room with his mother using her medical ninjutsu to revive him.Tengu barely heard what she was saying to his father and siblings but felt her chakra rubbing up against his as if she was analyzing it Tengu had a idea of what his mother was doing and blacked out.He awoken three days later and stumbled into the kitchen which his family were having breakfast in,his mother rushed to Tengu's side and Tengu brushed her away politely and told him that he should be in bed getting his rest,Tengu replied by saying he was fine but then began having flashbacks of the demon and the body of the spy which he killed.......He then turned away and limped back to his room to shut the door.Tsunade knew something happened the day Tengu fell in the lake,but didn't know what.....She kept asking herself what it could be but sadly came up with no solution and just gave up the idea.Later on that day while Tengu was sleeping Tsunade had been dismissed from Hokage duties to go at home with her son.When she got home she immediately checked on Tengu and saw that he was sleeping peacefully........The most peaceful that Tengu has ever been.The house maid told Tsunade that he had been sleeping all day and Tsunade felt relieved.A few hours later a messenger hawk came and gave Tsunade a message.The letter said

Dear Hokage,

We are pleased to inform you that your son,Tengu Uchiha,has passed the Academy early due to his shinobi skills.The Genin exam will be hosted on mm,dd,yyyy and we hope to see you and Lord Uchiha there.We expect great things from Tengu Uchiha in hopes he can become a excellent ninja of the Leaf Village.

Sincerely,Leafs Ninja Academy

Tsunade knew that Tengu would be a child with gifts beyond the normal ninja but will fall down the path of corruption due to a vision she had before Tengu was born.Tsunade instantly threw the letter into the fire and took Tengu to the border of the Leaf and Sound(The Valley of End).In the middle of the waterfall she focused her chakra and a secret passage was made she without hessitation went in and placed Tengu on the bed with a note and left.Soon after Tengu woke up and looked around and the newly found place he was in.Tengu looked down and picked up the note,as he read his eyes grew with anger and he ripped the paper in pieces.Tengu layed in that same room on the bed as he cried for his mother to come back and get him........

Extra Information

Family Members:Tsunade(mother),Sasuke(father).

Team mates:None as of yet.

Sensei:Ex sensei:Tsunade Senju,and Sasuke Uchiha.



Equipment:A sack that which a Genin holds to keep Shuriken,other ninja weapons,and a mask of the demon that Tengu saw in the lake(Siggy).

Weapons:Shuriken,Kunais,and Wires.

The Demon Inside(Incomplete)
The Younger Tengu(5-9.)
The Teenage Tengu(13.)
The CS2 Tengu(13.)
The CS2 Tengu(18.)
Tengu's Ultimate Sharingan State(18.)

Strengths:Black Ninja Arts,High Intellegence,Skills two ranks above him,A very high speed rate,A protege when it comes to the Art of Weapons,And Herculean Strength(At random times since Tsunade didn't have enough time to teach me).

Weakness's:Love,and Affection.

Abilities:Ability to make black fire,corrupt Sharingan(black).

Current Sharingan

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Tengu Uchiha.......The Killing Perfection.
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