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 10 sq Miles South of the Northenmost Boder -Before Raiding or Entering-

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PostSubject: 10 sq Miles South of the Northenmost Boder -Before Raiding or Entering-   Thu May 21, 2009 12:18 am

Make atleast 3-4 paragraphs about entering/exiting the village based on details given and enlisted here. If you come with a team, don't post out of order unless instructed to. If alone and raiding then its 3 paragraphs a post. preferably atleast a 3 post minimum stating about how you got here. If your only visiting then its 2 post, and if you want to join its about a page worth of diplomacy. (Communty Service basically, you help out the village in some way or form by asking the Kage, or its Elders for it)

Now then...While on your way North of the Ninja Lands towards the Celestial Nation according to knowledge gained in the academy about ninja history and its geographic features you should know about the villages already, if not they are listed as followed...: Moon also the nation's capital is in the northern region, Star is located in the east, Eclipse is to the west and Black Star is founded at the southern most part of the nation.

The Moon Village, a bridge of star dust awaits to take you beyond the celestial's themselves on up to a moon like village as the sun fades and the sky darkens. Thousands of stars replace the lost paves the way to the moon village, as you can then see far off in the horizon just on the ends of Moon a sunset that never fades.
--The Star Dust road however isn't an easy road to travel don't let the name mislead you. The star dust road is protected by a vicious dragon of the dragon kingdom. None of which is a summoning of Hayataro's the Legendary Sannin. This dragon is of cosmic abilities, it can send a wave of "comets" at you from its mouth, it flaps its wings to send violent "solar winds" in your direction. The speed it flies at is insane consideringits used to being weighed down by gravity from birth. Its best to not fight this thing unless you have a good strategy planned out.

-Moon's featured side effects from traveling'll experience a shortness of breath, until you train your lungs to a high enough level. Ocassionally gravity increases or decreases randomly depending on number of post, also the temperature drops to levels beyond belief. Only Moon sells the equipment to suit the standard temperature and weather here including the overly protective dragon's weakness for easier travel here. Your first trip here will not be an easy one even if your just visiting...

Star Village


Eclipse Village


Black Hole Village

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10 sq Miles South of the Northenmost Boder -Before Raiding or Entering-
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