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 Entry Of Harpy

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Isshi Okakuji

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PostSubject: Entry Of Harpy   Thu May 21, 2009 2:36 pm

Isshi Okakuji trod lightly. She was attempting to memorise all the scenery she'd seen on her travels so she wouldn't need a map to wonder the world. That was what had brought her to the borders of the Celestial Nation. Though she did miss the White puffy scenery around the skyscrapers of the former Snow Village now Blizzard.

A sudden breeze caughd her dark hair and white cloak blowing them to her left, revealing the hilt of a sword and a long row of scrolls at her hip. She brushed a strand of hair from her face with her black and red gloved hand She was heading north-east from a West part of the Nation. It had now been a few hours since she'd entered the borders of Celestial Nation and quietly wondered to herself if there were any Ninja in the area around her.

She silently made a small wish that there was more water in the air, she did not know why, but the air felt somehow dryier to her. She began to calculate the diffrence in strengh her ice would have in the dry air, calculating it as not much she carried on at her steady walk only stopping to rest in a small area next to a large rock. She sat there after laying her cloak on the ground and began to wonder what her former Students at the academy were doing at that moment.

She had to admitt it to herself. She sighed. She missed companionship. her Vocal cords were becoming sore from lack of use, if such a thing were possible. She took the last of her dango and ate it slowly, she'd need to stop at a town or hunt for food soon. Both of which may cause trouble in a ninja nation that you dont belong too. Having eaten her fill she stood and began her walking again.
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Entry Of Harpy
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