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 Aihina Komadori

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PostSubject: Aihina Komadori   Wed May 27, 2009 5:57 pm

Name: Aihina Pennipotenti Komadori

Gender: Female

Village: Sand

Rank: Genin

Age: 8

Height: 4,6

Weight: 5.4Stone

Element: Wind


Aihina Komadori has little to say about herself. She is fond of her middle name which means Birds in latin. She entered the ninja academy at the age of six and graduated at eight because she did better under pressure (Of exams). She strongly admires birds and has made herself very bird themed because of this. She once ate a whole wedding cake and a plate of cookies in less than five minutes when she was four.

Extra Information

Family Members:/

Team mates:/



(Academy level) Clone Jutsu:
Rank: E
The user creates a illusion(s) of themselves usually as a destraction. These clones are not solid and as such cannot do anything physically.

Transformation Jutsu:
Rank: E
The user transforms themself into something else.

Birdsong Jutsu:
Rank: D
A genjutsu that is created by the target hearing what sounds like a bird call. This jutsu will make the user completely invisible to the targets. This genjutsu is however broken if: The user does any sudden movements. The target was already focused on the user before the genjutsu began. If the user comes withih close range of the target.

Barrage of Summer:
Rank: D
Using handsigns the create a large amount of red feathers in the air that fly at the opponent. The feathers will the ignite as they attack.

Barrage of Winter:
Rank: D
The user creates a large amount of sharp blue feathers that fly at the opponent using handseals. These feathers are tipped with a poison that will slow an opponents movements to one third of how fast they originally were (For the duration of the battle)

Barrage of Spring:
Rank: D
Using handseals she turns a small amount of her chakra into a hormone that increases agility and strengh and turns the users hair green (For the duration of the battle)

Barrage of Fall:
Rank: C
Using handseals a orange glow surrounds the users hands. If the opponents skin is hit with the users hands then the area that took the blow will degenerate (Age) Rapidly to the point of being at the age of 107 (For the duration of the battle)

Spring Breath Jutsu:
Rank: C
After doing handseals the user takes an intake of breath. Then blowing outwards a strong gust of wind. By holding a lighted match infront of it it will ibcrease and carry the flames.

Roc Wings Jutsu:
Rank: C
Using handseals and then kneeling. Large metalic wings rise up from behind the user to form a shield infront.


Feather-Ended Darts
Five Explosive Tags.
One Flashbomb.
Twelve kunai.
A satchel full of sour fruits on her right hip.
A first aid bag on her left.
A lighter and box of matches.
Jar of sleep inducing poison.

A Short Sword tied to her back.
Pointed metal ends over the tips of her fingers (Attatched to her gloves)

A red kimmono with many feathers usually colored eeither red or brown all over it. her hair is usually tied upwards at the back.

Strengths: Quick thinking. Light on her feet, acrobatic.

Weakness's: Scared easely, Shy, fragile body.

Strong immunity to most poisons.


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Aihina Komadori
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