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 Tetsuhada- Iron Skin

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PostSubject: Tetsuhada- Iron Skin   Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:32 am

Name: Tetsuhada

Gender[/b]: Male

Village: Leaf Village

Rank: Genin

Age: 13

Height: 179.3 cm
Weight: 79.9kg

Element: Iron (More of a skin condition, Kekkei Genkai)

Summonings: Bull- Buru, Ox- Ushi

Hardening Technique- Kōka no Jutsu
Heavy Body Skill- Omoiwan no Jutsu
Iron Skin Defense- Tetsuhada Bōgyo
Patial Iron Skin: Jackhammer Palm- Bubun Tetsuhada: Tettsuishō
Partial Iron Skin: Iron Sword Arm- Bubun Tetsuhada: Tetsukiri Kakūn
Full Body Iron Skin: Spiked Armor- Seishunwan Tetsuhada: Goyoroi

Tetsuhada (鉄肌 Literaly meaning "Iron Skin") is a ninja from Konohagakure no Sato (木ノ葉隠れの里,
Literally meaning "Village Hidden Among Tree Leaves"). Tetsuhada is a Genin level ninja who specializes in Taijutsu and is a member of the new and Legendary Squad of Team Jiraiya. Team Jiraiya consist of Komi Yononoke, Arashi Saigo, Tetsuhada and Jiraiya.

Tetsuhada was born in the Iwagakure no Sato (岩隠れの里, Literally meaning "Village Hidden in the Rocks). Tetsu started out as a fun loving and energetic kid, who enjoyed life alot, he was a free spirited kid who didnt show any potential for his Kekkei Genkai or being a ninja, which disapointed his father. Tetsuhada never knew his mother due tot he fact she died giving birth to him, and his father was a apathetic and un-loving ninja who only saw rules and not emotions. Tetsuhada was always being talked down for being weak, and abused by his father. This sometimes left deep wounds of need and love missing out of Tetsuhada.

Tetsuhada lived happily by himself, since his father was usualy awat on missions. One day it all went wrong though, His father had just returned when a explosion erupted from the kage tower. At this point Tetsuhada was only five years old. As his father left a ninja broke in and began to ransac the drawers. Tetsuhada hid in a corner and watched. As the ninja went to leave he pulled out a match and tossed it onto the floor, then pulling out several balls out exploding tags and tossing them onto the floor. With this the ninja left. Tetsuhada watched in terror as flames rose up all around the room, consuming the house. His father realized the explosion at his house, and though he dis-liked his son he didn't want him to die, so he rushed to the house.

As his father arrived all that was left of the house was ruin, he began to cry for the second time in his life, the first being when Tetsuhada's mother died. Thinking his son was gone the father began to walk away, but as he did a young boy rose from the ashes coughing. The father was gone and the boy was left all alone.

The boy walked around as his village lay in ruins, dead bodies scattered all over the feild. This horrific scene dramatized the poor boy. Tetsuhada began to search for his father. As he searched he looked at all the bodies, each one bringing more tears to his eyes. Finaly a leaf ninja appeared behind him, stabbing a sendon in his neck which knocked him out.

As the boy woke up he found himself in the leaf village, surrounded by anbu. They told him this would be his new home, they had done research and learned of his kekkei genkai. They placed him in Jiraiya's new Squad.

Family Members: No one

Team mates: Komi , Arashi Saigo

Sensei: Jiraiya

Jutsu Info:
Hardening Technique (Kōka no Jutsu)
Type: Unknown rank, Defensive, Kekkei Genkai
User: Tetsuhada
This technique is used by Tetsuhada to make his skin temporily hard. Hardening Technique is a weaker and less chakra consuming version of Iron Skin Defense.

Heavy Body Skill (Omoiwan no Jutsu)
Type: Unknown rank, Supplementary, Kekkei Genkai
User: Tetsuhada
Heavy Body Skill is a form of Iron Skin used by Tetsuhada, and besides the main part of it making your skin extremely hard it holds your place. With the iron skin building up heavily on his body, Tetsuhada becomes extremly strong and hard to move. This jutsu is a form of making Super Strength for Tetsuhada.

Iron Skin Defense (Tetsuhada Bōgyo)
Type: Unknown rank, Defensive, Kekkei Genkai
User: Tetsuhada
Iron Skin Defense is the most basic attack that Tetsuhada has. Using chakra around his entire body, Tetsuhada hardens all his skin cells into iron. The iron runs through the body and charges all his organs and cells to harden into iron. The iron skin cells slowly create a crome like color as the skin hardens into steel. One major down fall to this technique is that it is severely weakt o lightning which doubles on the surface of steel.

Patial Iron Skin: Jackhammer Palm (Bubun Tetsuhada: Tettsuishō)
Type: Unknown rank, Offensive, Kekkei Genkai
User: Tetsuhada
Partial Iron Skin: Jackhammer Palm causes the cells within Tetsuhada's arm to harden and expand. As the cells expand slowly the hand grows larger. Most commonly seen is when Tetsuhada comes crashing down upon the target, slaming his iron palm into them and crushing them.

Partial Iron Skin: Iron Sword Arm (Bubun Tetsuhada: Tetsukiri Kakūn)
Type: Unknown rank, Supplementary, Offensive, Kekkei Genkai
User: Tetsuhada
Using chakra on his arm, Tetsuhada creates iron skin to cover his arm. As the iron skin covers his arm he slowly uses chakra to morph it as it grows into a long iron blade. Because chakra is used to make the blade this attack has a chakra effect much like Flying Swallow. The chakra around the blade creates a long and sharp chakra blade to cover the iron sword along the arm.

Full Body Iron Skin: Spiked Armor (Seishunwan Tetsuhada: Goyoroi)
Type: Unknown rank, Defensive, Kekkei Genkai
User: Tetsuhada
Full Body Iron Skin: Spiked Armor is a ultimate defense for Tetsuhada's Iron Skin Blood Line. Using chakra in his body to exort it and harden it in his skin to turn steel, Tetsuhada creates a hard and rough armor. The more chakra he pushes into his skin the more sharper and large the spikes growing rapidly on his are. This technique creates a very strong and hard to penetrate defense.

Equipment: I carry two katana's on my back.


Strengths[/b]: With my iron skin i have a high defense and i can block many taijutsu and weapon attacks. My strong points are Taijutsu and Weapon Jutsu.

weakness's[/b]: Because my body has iron in it naturaly, i am severely weak to Lightning based Ninjutsu. I am weak to Genjutsu as well.

Abilities[/b]: Tetsuhada has many abilities with his Iron Skin Techniques, It is shown that Tetsuhada can harden his skin to turn a steel color, and with it he can block most Taijutsu and Weapon attacks. Tetsuhada is a very skilled ninja in Taijutsu and has almost Un-believable strength. Three traits of his iron skin are listed here. The first major trait of his Iron Skin is that he can harden it to make his defense very strong, as well as it stops the full force of attacks from injuring him, thus cutting the injuries of attacks in half. The second trait of his Iron skin is that he can use it to stretch his arms a long length, creating a long arm infront of him, or in the sky turning his foot into metal and sending it flying like a chain down at the target. The third and final trait of Tetsuhada's Iron Skin is that he can bend it on his body to form shapes such as his jutsu Partial Iron Skin: Iron Sword Arm which creates a long sword from his arm. Tetsuhada is also able to speak with animals very well.

Bloodline[/b]: My blood line is unknown and un-usable by anyone besides me. My blood line ability allows me to harden my skin and morph it into iron.
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PostSubject: Re: Tetsuhada- Iron Skin   Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:19 pm

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Tetsuhada- Iron Skin
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