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 Sakura jr..(Incomplete. >>: blame sasori for the name)

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PostSubject: Sakura jr..(Incomplete. >>: blame sasori for the name)   Sun Jun 07, 2009 2:24 pm

General Info

Name: Sakura

Gender: Female

Village: Undecided will get back to you

Rank: Academy student

Age: 13

Height: err to be completed later
Weight: err to be completed later

Element: N/A

Summonings: N/A


Sakura is the daughter of Sasori, Sasori had made her into a living puppet such as himself when she was three years old. Though she was younger then he had hoped to do this, he had done so because she had been in a terrible accident that rendered her human body nearly useless. He replaces her body regularly as she got older to make her appear as a normal child in each stage of her life. Making the transitions easier for her.
She will be trained by him to became a puppet master once she attains the required strength he seeks, with these expectations upon her she strives to make him proud of her. Though she is still more carefree then her serious father. This is most likely due to her inexperience with the life. The tramatic events from her childhood though caused her to fear rivers and forest area's in general making it hard for her to cope outside of a village.
This is a fear that Sasori trys to extinguish regularly with very little pogress though progress no the less.

Extra Information

Family Members: Sasori

Team mates: N/A

Sensei: Sasori at some stage

Jutsu: N/A at the moment.


She carries four kunai and six shuriken aswell as sixty foot of wire. She also carries a small stone with a wolf carving in it around her neck for luck.

Listed in equipment.

...errr.. i'll do this later




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Sakura jr..(Incomplete. >>: blame sasori for the name)
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