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 Susanoo,Amaterasu,Tsukoyami...Survival Mode.

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Shunsuke Uchiha

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PostSubject: Susanoo,Amaterasu,Tsukoyami...Survival Mode.   Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:15 am

This training ground is the harshest of them all around this place you can enter it via a portal down at the basement of the clan estate. People have said for generations that it is not to gain Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan what makes you a true Uchiha but to survive this place...confused by constant battles for eyes this place was created by all defeated and victorious to proof that the Uchihas are unbeatable except if they dont' beat up each other...

When you enter this place you think this is the biggest anomally every you think you are stuck between two dimensions...the ground is constantly mixed with sand,grass,a bit of water,scraps and etc.. The weather...
Epicly stormy, constant tornadoes you could see around your path which you should follow to reach the final place of this cursed place which no one has reached no one knows what is at the end of this.
Hurricanes are a common trait along with cyclones,typhoons, tornadoes, lightning bolts constantly dancing on the ground and hails and rains together is a frightning view.
You can feel a heat source from's a sun from above emitting Ultra-black rays which will melt you if you don't move. Fires exploding from underneath the ground is a normal view again.
And the final...a moon constantly watching your move and almost always putting you into illusions so real that you might go mad...
Survive...if you can and reach the end....never stray of your might be your downfall
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Susanoo,Amaterasu,Tsukoyami...Survival Mode.
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