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PostSubject: Vashy   Fri Jun 12, 2009 1:48 am

General Info



Village: Whirlpool

Rank: Academy Student

Age: Appears 3 (is about five)

Height: 2"0

Weight: 8kg

Element: N/A

Summonings: N/A


Vash was born to a small family in the grass village, she was hidden away from world at birth. Her small frame when she was born worried her parents, she was underwieght and much smaller then there previous children. On her third birthday she had stopped growing, and as far as her parents where concerned, she had stopped matureing aswell, mentally. They had thought of her as abnormal. Treating her as if she was mentally handicapped. As she never truly stopped acting the age she looked around them. Though when she wondered off on her own on her little adventures as her parents called them, she would act differently, she would sit and obsever those around her. Learning new words from them, and through observation learning about simple ninja tools. Her intellect was the same as other children her age. she just chose not to show it to anyone
She was abandoned in the whirlpool village when her parents where on a mission there, seeing how they would never be able to make her into a proper child, they thought it better to just leave her and forget about her existence.

She was found afew weeks later by her brother. Since then she had traveled with him to see the world and eventually train under him.

Extra Information

Family Members:
Emanyeru Kouseitan'i
= brother (explained in his bio)

Team mates:
Melody Uchiha

Sensei: Eman

Jutsu: N/A


Equipment:A paperclip. And toy kunai she was given to play with.


Outfit:A small child, she wears a pair of shorts overalls, with a teddy bear sticked patch on the front. Normally caught barefoot, though she sometimes wears her dark blue play slippers. A white shirt underneath the overalls and a pink or yellow broach in her shoulder length hair.


Weakness's:Being mistacken by her appearance, a commanding voice will easily subdue her, Her small stature, making her physically weak.


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