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 Romondo New Jutsu

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Yushiro Senju

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PostSubject: Romondo New Jutsu   Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:35 pm

Chakra Pole Slash
Description:This Jutsu the user must have a staff or pole of some kind it deals with high speed Taijutsu the users speed and power increase for a short period of time and the user infuse his chakra into a pole or staff then charges the enemy and starts to use the staff a high speed and does combos with it then for the final attack the user infuse more chakra into the staff and when the user attacks the enemy he is behind them and the enemy thinks nothing happened until a huge slash appear on there body

Mist Barrage
Signs:Tiger, horse ,ram,Boar
This jutsu was created by the legendary Shin Natsume, and represents the strong, yet mysterious character of Leaf villagers. Hiding in the mist, the user is able to attack covertly, while preventing the adversary from finding an escape route.

Blood Rain Dance(Chuunin)
Description:This is a Genjutsu Made by the Famous GoddessVenus,in this genjutsu rain of blood starts to fall and land on the enemy and as it lands on Him/Her the nemy fills like its soul is being pulled out cause each drop of blood sinks into the enemies skin and as it continues the user appear with high sppeed and circle the enemy and takes out a sword or any kind of weapon and starts to hit the enemy continuely then as those hit have the enemy in high air the user will appear at the bottom and as the enemy is falling down and notice a vital spot the user will strike and the genjutsu will ease

SEven Sword Dance(chuunin)
Signs:Tiger(plus the name of the blades that are too be summoned which are Shiriku,Chiriku,Miriku, Biriku,Uriku,Liriku,Thiriku)
Description:This Jutsu was made by GoddessVenus,The user Summons seven blades at a time and they all rise from the ground and one by one the user uses them and strike the enemy continuely but thats not the fun part once the user has strike the enemy with each blade,the user will be able to control all the blades just by calling there names and make them strike the enemy without them being in the user hands
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PostSubject: Re: Romondo New Jutsu   Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:53 pm

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Romondo New Jutsu
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