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Kimimaro Kaguya

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PostSubject: Extermination   Thu Jun 18, 2009 4:01 pm

Kimimarro stood over a large hive. He was deep inside the Forest of death and had found what he was looking for. The hive was at least 30 feet wide and stood probably 80 feet in height and the buzzing coming from within was like thunder. Kimimarro smiled “perfect” Kimimarro said jumping from the tree branch directly over the hive, falling right toward the hive a bone spike extending from this right palm. Kimimarro Hit the hive with a loud crash breaking through the outer shell and into the hive itself.

The inside of the hive was dark and the buzzing was ten times louder in here than it was outside. Red eyes pierced the darkness and surrounded Kimimarro. Kimimarro smiled and grew spikes all over his body, “Now try to make me fill your sting, and you shall feel mine.” Kimimarro said waiting on the giant insects to attack. Kimimarro did not have to wait long as a horde of them flew toward Kimimarro. Kimimarro quickly jumped into the air and spun slashing most of the insects of the first way, killing them.

Kimimarro landed with a smile, “Surely such great insects as you could do better. I know, where’s your queen? Kimimarro ask slicing his way through another wave of the insects. Kimimarro made his way through the hive killing as many insects as possible and finally reaching the queens chamber. When Kimimarro entered he was amazed to see a giant bee, at least 20 feet tall and staring directly at Kimimarro. Kimimarro held up his fist and showed it to the queen, “now, its time for you to die.” Kimimarro said jumping toward the queen. The queen tried to move to her own girth stopped her, and Kimimarro came down hard stabbing into the queen digging the spike as deep in as he could. Killing the queen, Kimimarro laughed and cut a hole in the side of the hive. Kimimarro turned and smiled as he dropped from the hive.
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