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 Hyomaru Hitsugaya

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PostSubject: Hyomaru Hitsugaya   Sat Jun 20, 2009 6:48 am

General Info

Name: Hyomaru Hitsugaya (An admin to rename me. Thanks)

Gender: Male

Village: Whirlpool

Rank: Academy Student

Age: 13

Height: 1.60
Weight: 43kg.

Element: Ice (BL), Water

Summonings: (When Genin) Polar Bears


There in the middle of nowhere in an ice land where no civilization could be seen was born the young Hyomaru Hitsugaya, he was a promising child as he could manipulate ice at a very young age something not very often seen among Hitsugaya's but who cares, so he lived a life with his parents in his isolated world and couldn't go much far because this ice land had no end. At the age of 7 he found a polar bear which saved him from freezing by carrying him through and underground tunnel to the land of civilization and there he was found by the kind Whirlpool village and found his fellow clan members, now he was free from the frozen chains of that insanly cold place and his polar bear promised to become his personal summon. He enrolled at the academy and quickly finished at the age of 13 and became a genin...that;s when his parents took down the elevator from the ice land and came down to civilizatio to see their grown boy.

Extra Information

Family Members: Tsurugi Hitsugaya - Cousin
Kyo Hitsugaya - Cousin
and some bunch of ice bags that I don't recognize.

Team mates:

Sensei: Self-taught

Academy Student:
1. Ice Replacement
Rank: E-rank
Description: A normal replacement but the replacement is a frozen log that when hit explodes into many ice particles.

2. Transformation Technique
Rank: E-rank
Description: Self-Explanatory

3. Clone Technique
Rank: E-rank
Description: SElf-Explanatory

Finishers: None for now

Equipment: His unique blade which allows his Ice to be stable and it's name is Sode no Shirayuki it also has abilities and jutsu of it's own that will be unlocked when genin+

Weapons: Above.

Outfit: Avatar

Strengths: Consumed by Ice (Grand Master of Ice manipulation), Speed.

Weakness's: Making often compromises to his opponent.

Abilities: Do handseals with one hand.

Bloodline: Hitsugaya
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PostSubject: Re: Hyomaru Hitsugaya   Sat Jun 20, 2009 9:40 am

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Hyomaru Hitsugaya
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