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 Jin Mishima

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PostSubject: Jin Mishima   Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:39 pm

General Info

Name: Jin Mishima

Gender: Male

Village: Otogakure

Rank: Genin

Age: 14

Height: 5’6
Weight: 115 lbs

Element: Red Lightning

Summonings: --

Jin is Kazuki Mishima and Jun Mishima's son. He received intense training under his grandfather, Hachi Mishima, all in an effort to avenge the loss of his mother by fighting and defeating Ogre. This Tournament is his chance to test his strength and to face his destiny.

Kazuki and Jun crossed paths and were intimate. Jun found herself pregnant with Jin immediately afterwards. The Devil that possessed Kazuya attempted to enter Jin while he was still in his mother's womb, but Jun defeated it. Wishing to raise her son alone, Jun disappeared into a remote mountain location, where she raised Jin and trained him in her Kazama-style self-defense fighting style. After many years, Jun sensed the approaching of a great evil (Ogre) and told Jin that if anything happened to her, that he should seek his grandfather, Hachi Mishima. Jun's words proved to be prophetic, and some time after Jin's 13th birthday, Jun was attacked by Ogre. Some time later, Jin awoke amongst rubble and searched for his mother, but he could not find her anywhere. Jin swore revenge.

Meeting with destiny... At the age of 13, Jin found out that he was Kazuki Mishima's son. At the same time, his mother, Jun Kazama, died. Jin trained himself under the supervision of Hachi every day with the intention of defeating Ogre, who supposedly killed his mother. Hachi was not only his grandfather, but also a reliable teacher.

Couple months have passed. Having mastered the Kazama-style of jujitsu and Mishima Style Fighting Karate, Jin starts to take action as a martial artist. Jin finally defeats his mother's murderer, True Ogre, which causes True Ogre to violently explode. Just seconds after his victory, Jin is attacked by Hachi's Military Force, and he receives multiple wounds. Slowly succumbing to death, Hachi hits Jin in the head, therefore killing his own grandson. However, when Hachi turns his back and walks away, he sees the bodies of his Military Force before him, and turns around to see Jin morphed in his devil form, Devil Jin. Jin slams Hachi through a stone wall. Then, Jin hurls him down into the ground violently. Finally, Jin spreads his wings and flies off into the night.

A year later, After being captured by Hachi's Military Force, Jin is held captive at his mountain base. He awakes and violently attacks his father Kazuki, (whom in Jin's dream is antagonizing him to "give in to the anger", which would trigger off his Devil Gene) and defeats him; knocking him unconscious. Hachi then stops Jin from leaving, challenging him to a fight in an attempt to take Jin's own Devil Gene for him. The two fight, and Jin proves that he's too much for Hachi to handle. With Hachi weakened, he then proceeds to carry out on his own mission (which was to destroy his evil bloodline by murdering his grandfather, his father, and then himself), but suddenly sees the soul of his mother, Jun Kazama Because of this, Jin drops his grandfather and says "Thank my mother, Jun Kazama" before once again flying off in the night.

Extra Information

Family Members: Kazuki Mishima -- Father -- Alive
Jun Kazuma (Mishima) -- Mother -- Deceased
Hachi Mishima -- Grandfather -- Deceased

Team mates: --

Sensei: --

Equipment: Jin wears one kinds of hand-protection; gloves which covered his hands up to about his wrist.
The padded gloves shared the same basic design and color-scheme. The padded side was red, while the fabric of the actual gloves themselves are black. There are also ten metallic 'rivets' on the padded side of both the gloves, similar to the gloves of his father, Kazuki Mishima. These gloves are set to inflict damage to his opponent, inflicting them with a powerful shock when connecting with them. He also keeps with him an oil canister and 60'' wire, just in case.

Weapons: Ashura is a sword with the blade in the shape of flames and it can become engulfed in flames. Depending on the nature of the boy's heart, the flames will be different colors and have different effects, such as black, with undying flames for hatred, powerful blue flames for a true cause, and eventually, white flames with the intense heat power of the sun.


Strengths: Jin always is a very calm boy and never breaks under pressure. He has also learned to not form ties with anyone, because Jin knows that people close to him will likely suffer--or worse--if he ever completely loses control. This allows him to kill without any remorse, although he’d prefer not to. He also excels in Taijutsu, making him a hard opponent when it comes to close combat.

Weakness's: Jin's personality ranges from calm to angry at various moments, and his words and actions hint toward the bitterness within. Once Jin's mind is focused in any particular direction, it is very difficult to get him to change or even notice the events and people around him. People close to him are always going to extremes to gain Jin's attention, and yet, he rarely seems to notice. It is known, however, that he will help them if they need it. Jin's disinterest in close relations probably has one unique motivation. As a result of his family's Devil Gene, Jin knows that people close to him will likely suffer--or worse--if he ever completely loses control. In addition, Jin may not show any interest in women because he plans to wipe out his lineage entirely.

Abilities: --

Bloodline: The Devil Gene is a genetical abnormality isolated in the people of the Mishima bloodline. While the exact specifications of this gene are never truly explained, it is generally assumed that the gene allows for a person to have a symbiosis or a parasite/host type relationship with a malignant spirit referred to as a "devil" as well as having it (the gene) control the transformations of one to the other. The exact requirements for these transformations are never fully revealed. The spirits can possess the person at any given time during the persons lifespan, even while still in their mother's womb or (apparently) just after death.

Activation Of The Blood Line
It is not explained how the Devil Gene is activated, but evidence seem to suggest that it can be activated consciously, subconsciously, or based on external stimuli. Regardless of which, the effects seem rather clear; the devil side of the person becomes more dominant, to the point of changing the physical appearence of their host, who in turn become more powerful.

Devil Jin
Devil Jin, can fly and fire lasers from the third eye on his forehead, however, their fighting style are rather different. Devil Jin's fighting style is the mixture of Mishima Fighting Style Karate and Kazama Style Self Defense that Jin used . Devil Jin can also use telekinesis. He able to partially released this form, only able to release the wings.

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PostSubject: Re: Jin Mishima   Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:40 pm

Denied start out as Genin or Academy student.
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PostSubject: Re: Jin Mishima   Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Jin Mishima   Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:27 pm

Approved until said otherwise.
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PostSubject: Re: Jin Mishima   

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Jin Mishima
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