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 Sojobo's Embrace

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Itachi Uchiha

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PostSubject: Sojobo's Embrace   Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:52 am

Upon being fortified with the powers of the tengu the uchiha goes into a permanent change, no longer being a normal uchiha, but a uchiha downed with the power of a tengu. if the power is downed upon a uchiha that is constantly at battle with this power, their sanity and humanity will continuously be siphoned until death is eminent. this process can happen between minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even years after the power is within. uchiha that can see the shrine are chosen and can choose to go down this path. choosing, they become kotengu (posses 3 tomoe sharingan during acception). but there are others who can see this shrine and its path much clearer, granting them more power then that of a kotengu, a daitengu (possessing the mangekyou sharingan during acception).

Physical and internal traits...
If accepted...the power changes the uchiha's eyesight. the usually red sharingan eyes with a black pupil and tomoe become inverted, changing their sharingan black with red pupils and tomoe, forever activated.
The lungs of the chosen are exponentially expanded, making the capable of inhaling and exhaling more air, vastly increasing the durability, mass, power, and potency of their fire element jutsu. making your lungs the Uchiwa, the fan that feeds the wind to your flames.
The color of the element that the kotengu or daitengu changes. their flames becoming a azure blue, their flowing waters becoming crimson, their lightning changing into a blood red, the earth by which they manipulate becomes a onyx black, and the wind that they perform gains the color of a silver glint reflecting the light of the sun.
The sight and field of vision are greatly increased, gaining the sight of a owl in the night and the vision of a hawk after prey during the day.

Upon gaining the power, the uchiha will be able to vastly summon ultimately, things of a calm or fearsome nature. through these summons, the vision can be adjusted and seen through each other. the immense chakra gain will subtract an amount of stamina that the person was used to for the sake of ninjutsu and genjutsu. the genjutsu becomes that much more stronger making the influence much more believable, but there's a hidden element now within the genjutsu. with the new sharingan, genjutsu cast upon the foe with them seems to siphon chakra from the opponent, adding it to the sharingan strengthening the eyes making them that much more dangerous. the chakra becomes so potent that this new black, crimson outlined chakra can be felt strongly, possibly giving away a position. but on the plus side, the chakra alone is enough to consume a foe and destroy them.

Illusions and Ninjutsu...
Illusions are usually the main tactic of the now tengu uchiha. there are some that are instantly known from the start like Tengudo: Hanedansu.

Tengudō: Hanedansu~Tengu Path: Feather Dance
Type: Kekkei Genkai, Supplementary, Offensive, No rank, Short range (0-5m)
Users: Shugendo
as the user holds a hand seal, a charm periodically chimes and continues as the user is convered and consumed by feathers. the time seems to slow down as at each chime, creating a dream like state in the opponent easily making them open for attack or a great opportunity to flee

Tengudō: Sou Gōkakyu no Jutsu~Tengu Path: Azure Grand Fireball Techinique
Type: Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, Short to Mid-range (0-10m)
Users: Shugendo
the user is preforms the needed handseals and inhales an unhuman amount of air into their lungs, and upon exhaling, spews a large amount of a azure blue flames, creating a comet sized grand fireball incinerating objects remotely close to it along its path.

(below are not known from the start)
Tengudō: Tengu Seika~Tengu Path: Tengu Hymn
Type:Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, Supplementary, All ranges
Users: Shugendo
the user holds a a single hand seal and is overshadowed as a ominous hum is heard. the user continues the hymn until the area around grows dark and their being even darker until there eyes, now a glowing yellow and are the only things shown from within the darkness. the user begins to flutter doubling their image with each flutter increasing the power of the hymn. the hymn rises to screeching levels, able to knock a foe unconscious from the trauma caused by the illusion. begin a sound-based genjutsu, it can catch multiple opponents and is harder to prevent.

Tengudō: Korou Kakureyome~Tengu Path: Wild Beast Hidden In The Dark
Type: Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, Mid to Long range (5-10m+)
Users: Shugendo
the users is overshadowed as a ominous presence overcomes him. the chakra within starts to rise to intense levels until it is visible. the black, crimson outlined, chakra begins to rise from the body and collect and fester above to form the sharingan of one who has taken the path. a sudden rift is torn through the sharingan above and something within it is quickly seen right before it opens up to complete darkness. a raging roar starts as winds begin to consume everything below and will continue to rage, only getting worse by the minute until whats inside gets its target(s)
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Sojobo's Embrace
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