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 YuShiro Senju(THe Misery Of a Senju) Being Judged By Suffer. Unapproved until edits are made)

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Yushiro Senju

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PostSubject: YuShiro Senju(THe Misery Of a Senju) Being Judged By Suffer. Unapproved until edits are made)   Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:26 pm

Name:Yushiro Senju




WEapons:Grukai(Blade),Kunais,Demon wind shurikens,shurikens,Explosion tags,smoke bombs

Abilities:Under Yushiro eyepatch is a eye which cast his genjutsu instantly with out handsigns but drains him everytime he use it,also can levitate boulders and anything except ppl,setsuna denshou,earthbender

Description:Yushiro Senju is the son of the Kage Hayataro,But Yushiro isnt the only child of this kage she haves others but yushiro is jealous of all of them cause there bond with Hayataro,is way stronger then his,but as he kept beating his self up about not having his mothers love yushiro came to the conclusion if he killed he will gain her love so one awful night while yushiro came accross some villagers he used his ability and forced villagers to kill them self still having the senju bloodline he will always use a Genjutsu Called Dark forest and if the mind is weak they are goners and as Yushiro was doing this he was caust by a jounin of the village"Arent you Hayataro son"says the jounin.and yushiro looks at him".......Leave or you will share the same fate"said yushiro.then out of no where his mother appeared behind him and with one chooped to the neck yushiro was knocked out and as days past his memories of that event was the new story of yushiro senju will now begin.........


Earth style:Vicious Serpent
Signs:Tiger,horse Boar
Description:Yushiro summons two EArth serpent of complete rock and the serpent goes towards the enemy at high speed and attacks with its rock hard body.

Earth Style:Earth Eruption
Description:Yushiro slams his hand or foot down and rock pillers arise and starts going straight towards the enemy non stop.

EArth Style:Mountian Recarnation
Description:The user makes a Groups of mountians around the foe and then then mountians will begin too drak and gigantic boulders going 50mph will land on top the enemy

Genjutsu:DArk Vortex
Description:Yushiro traps the enemy in a genjutsu and under the enemy a vortex opens and the enemy begins to fall and yushiro appears by him and takes out his blade Grukai and slashes at the enemy and as the enemy gets out the genjutsu he thinks nothing happens but in reality slash marks appear on his body

Earth Style:DRagon EArth Blast
Description:Yushiro will hit the ground and a dragon will rise and open its mouth wide and sending chakra covered boulders at the enemy at high speed and when this is used up to six boulders are shot at once,and when these blase get close to the enemy the explode

Genjutsu:Serperts Death
Description:Yushiro will cast this genjutsu and a \ gigantic earth dragon will rise and eat the enemy and while the enemy is being eaten he will think that the acid of the dragon is killling him and yushiro will use this time to unleash another jutsu

Earth style:Earth Dome
Descritption:this is a jutsu were yushiro make a dome of strong rock and traps himself inside too guard from in coming attacks and in this dome yushiro and use earth attacks

EArth Style:Rock clone
Description:Yushiro uses the hard rock ground too make a clone of him self and this clone will take alot too destroy

GEnjutsu:DArk forest
DEscription:Yushiro will cast this genjutsu and the area will turn completely dark and it will seem too me a dark forest and strong vines will attack the foe and at the end the vines will grab the foe's legs and arms and begin too pull

Description:Yushiro will cast this genjutsu and the foe will be surrounded by outraging fire and the foe's skin will begin too melt

Genjutsu:Five Point Star Restrict
Description:Yushiro will crave a five point star on the ground and he will use he's chakra and it will glow and cast this genjutsu and the foe will then see nothing but the five point star and it will start to cover there body and yushiro will use his instant transmission ability to strike the foe where the five point star appear on there body dealing massive damage

Last edited by Yushiro Senju on Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:09 pm; edited 15 times in total
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Suffer Fuuma

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PostSubject: Re: YuShiro Senju(THe Misery Of a Senju) Being Judged By Suffer. Unapproved until edits are made)   Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:53 pm

Before I judge, where is your rank..and village. and other shit you left out >.< follow the template. This is Unapproved for now.

Can't stop us, won't stop us
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YuShiro Senju(THe Misery Of a Senju) Being Judged By Suffer. Unapproved until edits are made)
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