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 Hanakochu Aburame

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Hanakochu Aburame

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PostSubject: Hanakochu Aburame   Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:51 pm

General Info

Name: Hanakochu Aburame

Gender: Female

Village: Uzugakure

Rank: Academy Student

Age: 7

Height: 3' 8"

Weight: 42 lbs

Element: water

Summonings: none

I was born and raised in Kirigakure feeling alone and unneeded. i was almost always in my room. i didnt care much for the world. i had a pet spider which eventually died. Before my spider died he would always crawl all over me. a few months after my spider died both my parents were murdered by an unknown ninja when i was 4. i was left with no one to care for me so i fled into Uzugakure where i currently live.

Extra Information

Family Members: none

Team mates: none

Sensei: none

Jutsu: none

Finishers: none

Equipment: 10 Kunai and 5 shuriken

Weapons: none

Outfit: Avi

Strengths: agility

weakness's: shy

Abilities: none

Bloodline: none
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Hanakochu Aburame
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