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PostSubject: Deihada   Sun Jun 28, 2009 6:41 pm

Name: Deihada
Element:earth water mud
Bioography:Sakuhada, Deihada mother and Tetsuhada's mothers sister was determined to marry Sai's brother because she was the jealous type what her sister had she had to have it better or faster. Sakuhada noticed that unlike Sai Rukikia was loving showed his emotions or just to Sakuhada because everyone she asked about Rukikia was he was like his brother but worse. Two years later they married while Sakuhada while she was married she was also pregnant and about eight months in she died as Deihada slipped out of her womb as mud. He transformed and laughed as he crawled away.

When Deihada was two he was adopted by Hyuuga Neji. Neji started to train him gentle fist but instead Deihada used his mud chakra he absorbed the opponents chakra and did massive piercing damage which he manage to master and six with hard work and determination. But while he was training his gentle fist he learned that is he was able to keep a source of the chakra in his other half of his body which he realised it became alive and it showed his dark side. Now he wasnt Mr.goodie two shows he was becoming corrupted. But this second side gave him power he was able use rotation and a little thing he called 8 trigrams mud snaps. At ten he was able to snap and have mud. So he asked Neji to show him the vital points so he showed him all 328 but Deihada was only able to memorize 100 but didnt have that much chakra to continue to do it without having little to no chakra. So he is only able to do 75 at the most. but when he des 25 the user has less stamina ad slows down and is stunned for two post of Deihada and him/her. Which is basically four.

Jutsu: 8 trigrams muddy snaps
Deihada gets into the 8 trigrams stance. Deihada snaps his fingers at twenty five vital points ten in both arms and legs and five in the chest area.

the rest later.
Equipment:wooden gloves

outfit avatar

Strengths taijutsu

weaknesses some kenjutsu

abilities can turn into mud and harden my skin with scales with i can turn into.

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PostSubject: Re: Deihada   Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:48 pm

Ehh, ok there are still some concerns but i guess your approved *pops a party popper* o.o
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PostSubject: Re: Deihada   Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:03 pm

Unapproved until Elements are lowered to 1 and explain how you learned a Hyuuga technique
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PostSubject: Re: Deihada   

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