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 +++xXNeliel MinimoriXx++ (Edited)

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xXNeliel MinimoriXx

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Age : 26
Location : Sacramento,Califorina
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Clan: Senju
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PostSubject: +++xXNeliel MinimoriXx++ (Edited)   Mon Jun 29, 2009 4:17 pm

+Name: Neliel Minimori +

+Age: 17+

+Height: 5"0"+

+Weight: 110+

Elements:Wind Of Lightening

Teammate: None


Ability:Super Vision,Superhuman Speed,Able to smell out blood from others

Headline: "I'm..a shinobi..who never give up..Never...Back down...Never surrender...Always keep my head up..Never..ever..fall.."

++Bio: "I'm a shinobi...who walk on her own path...Not no one path...but my own...My parent died when i was a little girl. I dont know my parents that much..I only see there faces on a picture.Days passes for me. ever since then when my parent died, I've been taken care of myself. I've been protecting myself from harm. Now i am older..I never really trusted people back then...But the thing that made me strong was never giving up..Because hope is always there by my I'm on a journey to find somewhere i can stay..and i found that too..the Moon Village..."++


Bringer of Darkness
Descripition: This is when Neliel do her Bringer Of Darkness. She will use her chakra. Focusing in the middle of her body. Then she will open her eyes looking straight at the enemies eyes. As her enemies looked at her eyes. She will create an illusion of complete darkness Over the battlefield.Making her enemies see complete darkness. Only Neliel see's her enemies but not them.

Moon Of light
Descripition: This is one of my own creation of a Chidori. But mine is wind and lightening. Neliel will do a hand sign,focusing in the middle of her body that she will use her chakra for this. As she did that, she will feel a peck of wind going around her body. As she felt that, she will make the wind goes faster and faster than before. Then the wind will go towards her fist, as a spark of lightening start to appear in her hand. After Neliel will start to run towards her enemies as the wind and lightening thrusting at her enemies chest. Making her enemies fly back 30ft from her but with 90% great damage

Moonlight Healing
Descripition: Moonlight healing is a move that Neliel use in her battles in dark time when the moon is out. If she is really badly hurt from her fight. She can always go into the moon light. The moon will shines its light onto her body. And begins to heal her entire body to 100% health.

Heaven Of Wind
Descripition: This is one of her powerful moves. If Neliel is surrounded by so many Shadow clones. Neliel will use most of her chakra for this one. As she use her chakra focusing really hard. A strong wind start to whirl around her foot. Going up towards her whole body. In a powerful strength. As the wind kept on whirling for so many times. As the shadow clone comes closer. Neliel can always throw her fist into the ground making a big explosion sending all of the shadow clones flying about 100 ft away but with a great damage in their body or the main person who's doing the shadow clone of themselves

Mirror of reflection
Descripition: Mirror Of Reflection is a mirror i can will be sneaky with. So better watch out. I will use this when i am in a really badly damage around. If i ever pull the mirror out. I can use the mirror to show my reflection of myself that i am badly hurt. When the mirror sees my reflection and my reflection stays in the mirror. After i will turn the mirror the other way facing you. The mirror will glow brightly making you blind for like 20 second in that 20 second. My reflection will shine onto your body. Switching me and you. So i will have a 100% good health and you will have my damage scar everywhere..

Descripition: Neliel and Utada transform, Neliel's body will start to change into a wolf form. Getting into her powerful state. She will have a the Super speed, The Big sharp fangs, Silverish Crimson eyes, The ears with super senses. With my chakra increases 10 times than it already is.
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Hayataro-Sage Of Dragons-

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Age : 25
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Clan: Senju
Ryo: $0
Ryo in the bank: $1,000,000.00

PostSubject: Re: +++xXNeliel MinimoriXx++ (Edited)   Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:03 pm

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+++xXNeliel MinimoriXx++ (Edited)
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