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 Mato Clan

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PostSubject: Mato Clan   Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:35 am

The clan is known for their mastery of the "Bodyflicker" technique because its part of their Bloodline and their unbelievable Marksmanship. The clan is very secretive and will kill at all cost to keep their clan's secrets and even die to keep them. They are few now a days because they were hunted down after the last "Great Ninja War" because of the fear of their skills. Mato stands for "Target" and at high levels Mato members are able to hit targets from a mile away. Also at high levels they can use their "Bodyflicker" in a blink of a eye and use almost no chakra if trained correctly. The Clan is also known for their ability to pull chakra from a ninja's body by touch, they can't absorb it to build their reserves but it helps in battle to drain the enemy of theirs and make it harder for them to keep up.The Clan also obtained a Rare and dangerous Doujutsu called "Akasatsuvijon". Then in a few even rarer some Mato Obtain "The Satsuakavijon" which is mastery of the Clan's Doujutsu but can only be obtained at a price of their own mothers. For this reason not many Mato obtain it. Kilyal is only one so far to obtain it. They also have a skill for water jutsu from birth if trained and harnessed, Even creating a "Forbidden Water Style called Kawakashaku" which means "River Torture". The Mato are the only clan that can summon the Forgotten Warriors, a rare and secret summon type, with number based on rank. They're also the only summons that chooses their user, coming to challenge the Mato as opposed to the Mato coming to them.

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: The "Akasatsu" means "Bloody Murder's Vision" and at Master levels they can obtain "The Satsuaka" Which means "Murder's Bloody Vision" and has jutsu that only the master level users can use.

Type of Kekkei Genkai: Akasatsu, Satsuaka and also a 3rd secert form known as The Vortex" that is kept secert by all cost.

Rank: Mato Bloodline Only and Power of Doujutsu depends on ninja's level.

Akasatsu: This first level of the Doujutsu had 3 stages and allows a Mato to see in 360 degrees and see another ninja's main chakra systems (Heart and Brain). This allows a Mato to see a ninja even when blind or in darkness and deliever perfect aim on targets. Only blocking with something thats stronger than a Mato's weapon being used is the best defence but hard cause of the Clan's "Flicker Style". This version also allows a Lock-on jutsu that follows any ninja caught in a Mato's sight and will stay locked on to til either the Mato is dead or they get 1 miles away fast or the weapon or jutsu used will track and destroy anything til it gets its target or something disrupts it. Can lock on up to 50 nin at once. There are also 3 Jutsu that can be used once this level is mastered.

3 Stages of Akasatsu:
Stage 1: This first stage of the doujutsu causes the entire eye to become a shiny,pitch black including whites of eyes. It also forms a silver cross with a smaller X in center making it resemble a "Crosshair". At this stage a Mato can see 360 degrees, see fast moving objects as if they were slow and extreme hand speed.

Mato Velocity: This is the first jutsu learned after obtaining the first stage of Akasatsu. This allows The Mato to triple the speed of any weapon thrown or can be used with hand held weapons to increase the strike speed and power from the speed created. This is possible cause The Mato use chakra only when needed and store so much that they have to release it or die.

Stage 2: The 2nd stage creates a small ring that sit in the middle of "Crosshair" design. At this level the Mato can now see the "Chakra Centers" (Heart and Brain) of any person they are looking at, Even at high speeds. They can also Lock-On to 1 person they choose, This increases their accuracy and limits misses.

Mato Offering: This is the second jutsu that a Mato obtains from their Doujutsu. After cutting their hands or using any blood from themselves during a battle in this state allows them to create a great wall of 1,000 Chained weapons that can lash out at the user's will. The chains are endless and their recall will kill anything in its way once recalled, even its user. So a good user has to not only remember where they fired but which way their coming back also or die. The weapons can be used like projectiles or used in their hands. The wall can also be used to protect from weapon or physical attacks and it takes a ninja of stronger power to break the wall, So walls vary from Mato to Mato based on their power.

Stage 3: This is the final stage of the first part of The Mato's Doujutsu. It again makes a larger ring than last one and it centers itself once again on the "Crosshair" to show The Akasatsu at its highest level. It will now allow a Mato to Lock-on to 50 people within their sight and keep a lock on to them for up to a mile. The Mato can only see people's chakra centers at this stage, unless unactivated to see exactly who their aiming at or the Mato already knows he only one near. Their Body Flicker also becomes a reflex that no longer drains a Mato's chakra. Leaving their chakra for their Weapon Jutsus and Elemental Styles.

Bloody Halos:
This is the final jutsu that needs to be mastered before the next step can be took. The Mato mixes their own blood with chakra and form 100 rings that are red in color and can cut through metal quickly. They surround the Mato and is used more as a defensive jutsu that offensive. Since the rings can take incredible damage they will automatically come to the defense of the user.The speed the swirl around the Mato is incredible and is only big enough for the user to be out of danger. It can also flicker with Mato when needed.

Satsuaka: At this level a Mato can lock on to a army of ninja if needed (Up too 100 enemys). They also obtain the power to bodyflicker at mach speeds and up to 3 miles away at one Flicker, Their vision gets same range once locked on to a person. Their aim is unbelievably accurate and can even change the weapons course to target in mid flight at target to compensate for any ninja that trys to dodge late or use their own weaker bodyflicker to escape. Also with these eyes a Mato is given 6 unique jutsus that are strong and unique to the Doujutsu. There are 4 Weapon/Ninjutsus that are feared by the older ninja who saw the Mato in war using these jutsu and would kill 900 ninja for every 1 Mato killed. The Doujutsu also has 2 incredible Genjutsu that are said to be on the levels of the Uchiha's Doujutsu Genjutsus. (Kilyal is the only one this powerful so far.) They also gain The infamous Black Water Style "Kawakashaku".

It last as long as a Uchiha's Black Fire jutsu can but is equal in power to it. It can even destroy the strongest Earth Styles including Metal and Diamond can't stand to the powerful currents created. Outside Black Fire no Fire Style can stand to the Black Water's power and coldness. Its The only water that can be 100 degrees below 0 and still move like a "Grand Hellish River" given the name "Kawakashaku" or "River Torture". This is 1 of the Mato's most powerful techniques and is kept very secert. A Master can control the waters at will and create other jutsu from it deapths. The water will appear around anything the Mato focuses on weither a person or entire 3 mile area the water will appear and engulf all in its path.

Hell's Twisted Veiw:
This is a Genjutsu that a Master Mato uses. If the Mato has their Satsuaka activated and a ninja looks at any of the Mato's weapon or the glint from them they are automatically trapped in a all black world with silver lining the twisted world around them. Here a Mato can create weapons from anything and use it to torture the ninja or even have their body go through multiple deaths that takes their toll on the ninja until the Mato breaks it and can't be broke unless its a Bloodline ability like The Uchiha.

Final Retropution:
A Mato with Satsuaka that makes eye contact with their enemy can trap them in their most dangerous Genjutsu. At first the victim won't notice no change except for the sky being black and the clouds are silver in color. The jutsu uses the tortured memories of the Mato's fallen enemies and has them return for their vengence. The fallen ninjas will see the victim as the Mato that killed them and will kill the person in the same way they were killed. The trapped person will noticed they are disarmed and chained to the ground, Unable to move or escape.

Murder's Armor:
This is a Mato's ultimate defense. Its created from all the weapons a Mato carries and forms into incredible suit of armor that is also a weapon that surrounds the Mato. Each suit and it's use varies from Mato to Mato. The suit is also only as strong as the Mato and their weapons. Their chakra molds the weapons into armor that still doesn't actually touch the user, Instead a layer of chakra seperates them and helps control the Murder's Armor. A ninja of equal power and skill could still stand with the Mato as long as they can handle the armor's defense and weapon or weapons it creates.

Seal of The First Mato:
This ninjutsu is a last resort and cost the Mato a year of their life. In return the are able to summon the first Mato, In the sky a half mile symbol appears and in a violent flicker he will appear. The Mato will shake the ground and crack the sound barrier from his power. He will then summon all the Mato's weapons and form them into a mile long weapon that weighs tons. However the 1st can handle the weapon with ease and use it to destroy all within the weapon's reach. It could kill 1 ninja or wipe a village out.

Weakness: Since Matos are trained to store large ammounts if they dont release through training or fights the build up can cause coma or even death if the chakra stored becomes to great. Also unless totally mastered everyone looks the same and cause for hitting allies or team mates. Also Mato as they get older take the chance of losing their chakra system because of the years of it being used like in overdrive even in their sleep to control the chakra generators they called hearts and minds. It can't be healed cause the entire system fails and could cause death if the Mato is elderly or weak from battle,sickness or poisons. The S.A.V. is Only way to stop this from happening but its keeped a secert of the exact details of the full ritual by Kilyal Mato

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PostSubject: Re: Mato Clan   Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:17 am

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Mato Clan
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