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PostSubject: Mokoto   Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:52 am

Name: Mokoto

D.O.B: Not recorded

Bloodtype: A

Age (apparently): 16-20

Gender: Male

Bloodline: unavailable

Rank: unknown (ac student)

Classification: unknown

Village: The Shinobi Of The Rock


Family/Parents: Mokoto is the result of a possession. Born as a child of death through the will of Emanyeru Kouseitan'i.

Appearance: Stands at a normal height of 5’ 4" however many tower over. On this being they have long dark hair with a variation of tints and highlights through out it. There eye color is ever changing, depending upon how the light strikes there eyes. They wear a hood often and when necessary remove the cover. Around there neck is a chain that continues to the floor. This chain is from there youth while they exsisted in the death lands. The nails seem as though they are those of a raven and are painted either dark or crimson. These nails can be used as weapons if it is so chosen. All other traits of clothes are often changed.

Personality: Mokoto is exceptionally frenzied and is always worried over something. However, is always friendly and attempts to be a peacemaker most of the time. Although they are known to be slightly disheartened and doesn’t appreciate compliments.

History: From the ashes of a scorned a tortured past the rebirth of a ninja transpires. Risen as Mokoto, This is just a new beginning.

Speciality: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu


Based on Katon, or Fire Element, takes the form of fire and flame attacks. These can be fire balls or extended flame throwing. Fire is a specialized offensive element. As well as Ration, or Lightning Element takes the form of electrical and lightning based attacks. When used in conjunction with metal based weapons, the power becomes amplified. Lightning is good for middle to long-range attacks.


Reiki-Naka Justus:

When Mokoto is in the Reiki-Naka state ther possesers life Havyana Mai surfaces. In this condition he is able to summon and perform jutsu such as those of Havyana Mai as well as use the weapns of havyana such as a mirage blade, a vial that can affect physical traits and abilities with the sacrifice of senses, and a defensive coffin shield all in shadow form. Mokoto enters this state by wielding both of ther swords Tenma and Heroshi as one. Havyana was capable of manipulating chakra to create shadows however she was not wise and met an early death at the hands of Marumasa. Havyana Mai’s soul lives inside Mokoto enhancing ther jutsu techniques so that when sreleased she can obtain her goal. When the weapons are wielded together to unleash the power of this revenge seeking spirit the life span of the holder, Havyana Mai, slowly decreases. Because of this, after the battle is complete, win or loose, Havyana Mai dies again and is concealed with in Mokoto’s heart.



Elements: Fire, Shadow and Lightning

Tenma & Hiroshi
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