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 Reikon Uchiha ~Self Rp~

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Reikon Keiri

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PostSubject: Reikon Uchiha ~Self Rp~   Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:49 pm

When young Reikon was found as a baby he was often known as the Sleeping Tengu. He would always be in a slumber and to most people who only looked at him for a few seconds missed the opportunity to see a most strange thing. Young Reikon even as a baby showed signs of unnatural sleep walking that came in many forms like laughing, crying, and crawling. The only sign of sleep walking he hasn't shown yet even at his present age is sleep talk. Having raised many questions from clan members both regular and of clan masters and elders they began to watch him with a close, crimson eye...

Clan Nurse: "Please! Please! Let me take care of any other orphan! Any other one except this child!"

Clan Elder: "Be still women I'm sure your just seeing things."

Clan Nurse: "In my sleep! Thats absurd! I promise you this child invaded my dreams while i was sleeping next to him. He is no normal child when he is asleep...i'm willing to accept this...or im going crazy."

Clan Elder: "Aye I'd think the later. He is just a child of 3 years after all how would this be possible? Go get some rest i'll releive you of your duties till you can handle them."

Clan Nurse: "No! I wont subject anyone else to such madness...I know it is this boy. Be it some new strain of bloodline or some sick gift from our namesake, the Tengu, but I know for a fact it is the child doing this!"

Clan Elder: "Quiet! I'll have no such talk among listening ears! We will have a meeting about this...and decide on the childs fate. For now I will place another with you to keep an eye on the back to your duties."

~3 years later. Reikon is 6 years of age now~

Reikon can be seen by some walking down the clans compounds sleeping quarters. By others veiws he's an eerie child who sleep walks as if he were awake. Only Reikon though can see them. Just a blackness in his sleep filled with many different lights of varying shapes. He already knows the shapes with colors resemble a person.

Reikon (speaking in mind):"Why is it I see like this in my sleep...why is it when I wake myself up the world seems to show nothing for me...even with its many details. It feels like I can understand more in the black world than in the colorful one."

Reikon stops at one door. His childhood Nurse who watched him as an infant is sleeping. He can tell its her because of the bright pink hummingbird shape that represents her in this dream world. He feels this tingling sensation, almost as if the colorful shape was begging him to approach enter it.

Reikon (speaking in mind):"There it is again. Why do I feel compelled to reach out to that light...ever since I heard the rumors about my errie habits i've ignored this feeling. I think its time for a walk..."

Reikon leaves the compound, walking threw the surround forest areas. He even sees the colorful shapes here, from the sleeping animals around him. He feels the tingling sensations again stronger this time. He sees smalls ripples of colorful light, which he found out distinguished movement. He looks to find the source and jumps back just in time to avoide the bear, a large brown light shaped like the animal. He turns running only to try and avoid the inevitable. The bear is faster and will eventually catch up. Soon the inevitable comes and the bear runs ahead and cuts him off, standing in front of him. It charges and an uncoincious reflex and power surges threw him. He feels his arm move, muscles filling with unexplained power, strike the bear putting it into an uncoincious state. The tingling feeling comes back but this time it seems there is no denying this feeling. He rushes towards the light and suddenly a vision is revealed. He can see Tengu. Or at least the place where he is sealed.

Reikon (speaking in mind):"I know what this is...I've read this in my books about the uchiha history."

Projected voice of Tengu: "Aye young child why do you resist my gift? Do you not realize it is my doing?"

Reikon (speaking in mind):"No my lord Tengu I did not. This gift...what is it exactly? Why me?"

Projected voice of Tengu:"You my boy can enter peoples dreams, enter their minds when they are asleep. You become the creator in their dreams my boy. I choose you because it pissed off others to see an orphaned child get such a gift. I find it so funny.Now I'm cutting this short. You will start using your gift. Learn to utilize this gift in fighting...and give this new fighting style an name. The is asleep. Kill it in its dreams and from now on kill in this manner. You are the dream eater. The sleeping Tengu."

After the slaughter of the bear, and this encounter with his ancestor Reikon has learned to control this gift. For 3 more years he practiced this method secretly and now, in the years of his academy life it is time to reveal the Dream eater. The Sleeping Tengu...
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Reikon Uchiha ~Self Rp~
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