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 Amsho the 8 year old Fuuma

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PostSubject: Amsho the 8 year old Fuuma   Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:06 am

Name: Amsho Fuuma

Gender: Male

Village: Leaf

Rank: Academy Student

Age: 8

Height: 4'8
Weight: 84 pounds

Element: Fire

Summonings: None

Bio: Amsho was born into a family of with 2 parents as an usual family but he was an only child. He would play outside till dark when his mother would call him out from the backyard. He always had listened to his mother but is father was more of a control freak with his son. He had always wanted his son to be the perfect son. So he would train Amsho till he would not be able to move his arms or walk correctly. His father never really took his son's actual emotions into consideration. Since he didn't he would train as if he was a grown man. This had benefits in ways since he would never have to worry about getting fat since he burns the calories every morning with his father. But Amsho had always enjoyed training even though it had been tiring.

As he grew his facial features still looked pure as it had many years before. He is now of the age of 8. He had just enlisted to be a ninja in training. He knew he could truly make his father proud of him and his mother would support him all the way.

Extra Information

Family Members: NPC: Manatore Fuuma (Dad) Zimastu Fuuma (Mom)

Team mates: None yet

Sensei: None yet

Jutsu: None yet

Finishers: He would do an uppercut in the enemies chin. His enemy would slightly fall back. He then would use his tiny size and speed to swpin around his enemy. He would slam his fist into the lower spin making in the enemy to lose his balance and he would finally stiffen his right leg and raise it up to his head. He would make it slam is directly into the enemy's chests and a few ribs would crack.

Equipment: Nothing

Weapons: Sebons and a few kunais

Outfit: avatar

Strengths: Physical sports, running, swimming, and thinking

weakness's: Will power to study, Talk to people, doubts self, and heights

Abilities: ((I have no idea))

Bloodline: Fuuma ((If I can have it))
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PostSubject: Re: Amsho the 8 year old Fuuma   Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:26 am

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Amsho the 8 year old Fuuma
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