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 The Artist vs the White Fang

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Takesho Genkaku
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Academy Student

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PostSubject: The Artist vs the White Fang   Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:13 pm

*I fly across the sky as five clay senbon are in my hands and I fly across as I pass a mountain and throw all five senbon at it as I smirk and wait for The White Fang. I then sit n my bird smirking.*
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Sakumo Hatake
Anbu Black OPs
Anbu Black OPs

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PostSubject: Re: The Artist vs the White Fang   Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:21 pm

You hear a roar, the sound of a avalanch which appears to come crashing down the mountain. lightning echo's through the sky as you look around, a pale thunderbolt comes striking infront of you, spinning as white chakra spirals all around it.

"Hakku Shunshin!" Suddenly a silver slock of hair spreads out, seeming to wave around the void as two eyes open, there are wrinkles around them but they are as hard as a bull with there gaze "Deidara... You are a enemy of Leaf Village.." A arm flies out, a long black sleeve wrapped on the arm in bands grabs toward the air "You are thus... A enemy to me!" Suddenly the void explodes in white flames, I fly out and sned a kick, landing on the edge of your bird as i twist and crouch "Your silly art... Is worthless against me!" I yell. Anger fills my lungs as i reach behind me, grabbing a brown handle and form a single seal.

"Clay style is a form of Earth and Oil... Which are both weak to lightning.." I raise the blade up, standing on the wing of the bird as it flies through the sky. I bring my tanto down and point it at you "Are you ready to face hell?" The clouds begin to spin int he sky, darkening to a black color slowly as lights light up the sky, thunder roars and sakumo's face lights up. "Here is for you... My foe.. My legendary Wild Fire Lightning!!" The clouds begin to rumble, the blade i hold begins to gain static charges around it and i smirk.

"Ukohi Raizō!!" Suddenly the blade lights up in white lightning, the sky rumbles as threads of lightning bolts fly down and strike the blade, i hold the flow so i am uneffected as lightning charges around the tip of my blade, but its not yellow or blue, it is pure white. In a flash a massive explosion erupts from the tip shooting all around me, obliterating the bird and the senbon, a shockwave which comes at you with great power, able to paralyze you on contact "Your explosions can't work if i put electricity in you clay!"
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The Artist vs the White Fang
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