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 Old Abandoned Genkotsu Outpost

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Isei Genkotsu

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PostSubject: Old Abandoned Genkotsu Outpost   Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:38 am

Deep into the mountains into a very small opening between the mountains is located the old abandoned Genkotsu looks like a ghost town...ISei was overlooking it from a top of the mountain as this is the place where he started afresh before he was abandoned....He jumped down flying as he landed down cracking the earth beneath....he always liked doing that...
"'s time to train..." Isei said..." Time to add wind in attacks!!!"
Enthuasism pumped with chakra into his right fist was enough as he smashed the ground and created a hole along with slices but it sent Isei flying meters away into a the mountain. He's heavy muscles hit so hard the mountain that boulders started crashing down. Isei's eyes widened suddenly as he sweat drop and started running for his life as the boulders were chasing him when he stopped and twitched...I am a Genkotsu...KYAAAAAH!
He turned around as he smashed the first boulder into pieces....WIND CHAKRA ON!!!!
He sent a flying wind slice from his fist but it only made a scar on the rock....HUUHUHAUHAUHUA Isei jumped right with dynamic entry crushig the rock into bits as he landed he did a great whirlwind finishing the boulder invasion by sending the boulder into another boulder and both breaking. HE started bowing to his imaginary audience...Thank you Now back to training..
So our Isei continued training restlessly...
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Old Abandoned Genkotsu Outpost
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