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 Juubi - Ten Tailed Beast-

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Kai Senju

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PostSubject: Juubi - Ten Tailed Beast-   Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:15 pm

Juubi (Ten - Tailed Demon Dog)
Location: River
Classification: Demon
Tail Number: Juu (Ten)
Type: Dog - Wolf
Imbued Within: N/A
Power: The Juubi is a beast that resides in one of the Rivers in the Mountains that border The Land of Rivers.It has the ability to cause thunderstorms and cause flooding,mastering it's water element and sound element.The howl of the Juubi can cause a soundwave to strike from its mouth and crumble anything in its path.It can expel out white waves of water that can poison whoever it touches except its controller and also use sound to repel any element or crush it if in its paths cause of it pure power. The soundwaves can also create eartquakes that can open holes big enough to swallow a entire village and its villagers into its depths. Its also able to create its own water and can even use tails to create a river with each one to give it more attacking range and more white water for using in defense.(At most 10 White Rivers can be created from the Bijuu and if all are created all in a 5 mile radius dies from its unrelenting and powerful currents.
Rank: -
Appearance: The Juubi has black and silver fur all around its body.It's eyes shine silver in the night and it's tails thrash about,moving the clouds in the sky above.It takes the appearance of a giant dog,as big as the Kyuubi.
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Juubi - Ten Tailed Beast-
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