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 Irebunibi - Eleven Tailed Beast-

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Kai Senju

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PostSubject: Irebunibi - Eleven Tailed Beast-   Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:16 pm

Irebunibi (Eleven - Tailed Demon Armadillo)
Location: Sound
Classification: Demon
Tail Number: Irebun (Eleven)
Type: Armadillo
Imbued Within: N/A
Power: The Irebunibi's abilities deal with the earth.The beast has the ability to cause earthquakes and can deliver a shriek that can knock anyone within a two kilometer radius unconscious.The beast prefers to reside beneath the rice fields,safe underground,and fee off nearby tree roots.It's host would be granted the ability to use special Earth Techniques that deal with the ground below the surface.
Rank: -
Appearance: The beast is massive in size and is tan colored with a brown armored back.Irebunibi's claws are what makes it dangerous,ten feet in length.The chakra of the bijuu is a brown color.
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Irebunibi - Eleven Tailed Beast-
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