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 Juunibi -Twelve Tailed Beast-

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Kai Senju

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PostSubject: Juunibi -Twelve Tailed Beast-   Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:18 pm

Juunibi (Twelve - Tailed Demon Lizard)
Location: Sound
Classification: Demon
Tail number: Juuni (Twelve)
Type: Monitor - Frilled Lizard
Imbued Within: N/A
Power: The Juunibi was considered a highly dangerous beast out of all of the rest.This monster was able to release highly toxic gas.It's main element is poison,and it can also spit out highly venomous chemicals from a gland located under it's tongue.It's host would have the ability to use poison utalized techniques.
Rank: -
Appearance: The Juunibi is a black scaled reptile like beast with orange - yellow colored designs running down it's back.It is large in size and if threatened,the designs change into a purple color.It's tails all have small barbs and can deliver fatal attacks.All tails shoot up into the air when it is ready to release it's venomous spit.The color of the chakra is orange - yellow.
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Juunibi -Twelve Tailed Beast-
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