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 Juugobi -Fifteen Tailed Beast-

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Kai Senju

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PostSubject: Juugobi -Fifteen Tailed Beast-   Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:23 pm

Juugobi (Fifteen -Tailed Demon Elk)
Location: Moon -Inhabits a secret forest near Getsueigakure-
Classification: Demon
Tail Number: Juugo (Fifteen)
Type: Elk
Imbued Within: N/A
Power: The Juubi is said to hold Celestial abilities,rumored to control the stars above and the orbit of the planets.Clearly being able to manipulate stars and planets places Juugobi rank one.It is unknown what abilities this Bijuu would grant its host,but some speak of a mysterious warrior who used jutsu that didn't utalize an element from this world.
Rank: -
Appearance: The Juugobi is said to be a bit larger than the Kyuubi.It's fur is a white color and it's fifteen tails are known to be curled.The Juugobi also has antlers that look like a gate door.With a Gold color,these antlers shine in beauty,emiting a gold shine.The chakra color of this beast is said to be a gold color.
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Juugobi -Fifteen Tailed Beast-
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