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 Hebi Clan

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PostSubject: Hebi Clan   Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:09 am

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: 100% Possession Technique

Type of Kekkei Genkai: bloodline

Rank: varies upon rank

Description: This clan is unlike Other clans on the purpose of they spread out their clan to all the lands.So they can learn all the justu the clan could collect. They are Nomdaic by nature and have few meetings with all members present.Their Goal is to learn all the jutsu in the world and then they feel they will be able to compete with other clans.

They are not automatic learners and most practice like other ninjas to get jutsu.The clan is also tied to all snake jutsus and summons.

Hebi gave his life to Nagashi in return for a evil bloodline that gave them power at the price of a 100 sacrifices of humans a year.In return the clan obtained 100% possession bloodline.It gave Hebis that master their skills the power to transfer their entire soul and mind into a willing,unconcious,or weak minded person.This killed the new host but since the Hebi is now in it.the body live with all the hebi's knowledge and skill.the hebi is also able to change look at will by peeling their skin off like a snake sheds their skin to change from the host to the original look of the hebi.the snakes used in a hebis jutsu vary from clan member to clam meber.the snake they will use will show a birth in a involuntery low rank jutsu a babu hebi can do if angered or scared,from the infants mouth a singloe snake will fly out striking whatever is near the child.

This will tell alot about the host to.Out of all the snakes,the king cobra is the most prized in the clan.It shows both power and danger.the hebi that gave his life was said to have the cobra first,so anyone with it is respected,also the "hebi king cobra' has the most deadliest Venom of all the hebi snakes.The clan was also given a scroll with a jutsu that allows a Hebi to summon dead ninja that they knew in life(4 total) to battle with them with a seal that allows Hebi total control.The ninja summoned will be able to use any bloodline and jutsu they knew before they died(like Oro's summon of Hokage) also the only way to destroy these summons is to remove/destroy seal on ninja.Any other way wouldn't effect the summons.Hebi clan members also are able to form or alter the form of their bodys into snake like forms.From fangs to their body low half looking like a snake.The main reason for bloodline is so they can never die and learn all the Jutsus in the world without the fear of not completing training because of the fact human bodys will die with time.So they just find a new host and either transfer to that body or is they got time,a hebi will help train another in all the jutsu they know that helps the ninjas own elements or style.Also while they train their new host.The Hebi would also Train in their own clans style as well.

Weakness: if the transfer is not completed the user would eventually die off,seals that effect the soul
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PostSubject: Re: Hebi Clan   Mon Jul 20, 2009 12:41 am

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Hebi Clan
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