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 Doguton Eiwan [checked by Emanyeru]

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PostSubject: Doguton Eiwan [checked by Emanyeru]   Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:43 pm

General Info

Name:Doguton Eiwan


Village: Rain

Rank: Genin

Age: twelve

Height: 4'9

Element: earth and advanced earth metal (clan element)


At five years old Doguton's parents, Takashi and Sakura were killed on a mission. The killer was unknown, but the only remains of them were their heads. The way we knew it wasn't by an animal was their was a symbol of Jashin behind them and they had a cut of their faces. The two things that wondered the village was what happen to the killers body and why.

Ever since that happened Doguton's training has doubled. Doguton was able to master the shadow clone at six, way before anyone else. Doguton even received missions at seven. Doguton got that scar on one mission were he barely made it. On another mission Doguton's left face was terrible disgusting.

What he considered missions were actually errands for the Kage and other people. He did sometimes ruthless and sometimes laundry. However one day he was fighting about four bandits trying to get a stolen item back from this rich man. The bandits held him down and scarred the left part of his face. Later on it was found out that the rich man set up Doguton. Doguton continued training but harder and harder. One day when he was on a errand he ran across an umbrella that had ancient writing on it. Doguton went to a man he did an errand for to read the ancient writing. In an ancient tongue that was somehow sounded slightly known to Doguton, at least that's what he felt. After the man finished reading it the umbrella glowed and moved around as if it had a soul in it. After this the man explained that the umbrella was used for combat to shoot needles. He told Doguton that this was the original. The umbrella could shoot out four times more and if high rank enough clone the needles. Also the umbrella gave a boost in will power. Both mentally and physically.

Urashuriken Jutsu- Reverse Shuriken Technique
Type: Unknown rank, Offensive, Long range
User: Doguton Eiwan
The reverse Shuriken Technique is a special move used by Doguton. With a small amount of shuriken, Doguton is able to carefully control and guide shuriken on a path to swerve around the enemy, using them like puppets and allowing him to control where they strike.

Flying Tool (Tobidōgu) a.k.a Summoning: Flying Tool (口寄せ・飛道具, Kuchiyose: Tobidōgu; English TV "Ninja Tool Summoning")
Type: Unknown rank, Supplementary, All ranges
Users: Most ninja, notably Tenten
Debut (Anime): Naruto Episode 43
Debut (Manga): Chapter 74
Flying Tool is a standard ninja skill which allows a ninja to store an assortment of items or weapons within summoning scrolls, as a means of concealing them or simply to make traveling easier. When needed, the owner will open one of the scroll and activate the seals releasing their item or weapon of choice. Puppets can have these scrolls hidden inside various compartments as a means of increasing their own killing potential as well as hiding potentially useful weapons from the opponent's sight.

Clone Technique (分身の術, Bunshin no Jutsu; Viz "Art of the Doppleganger", English TV "Clone Jutsu", UK DVD "Art of Body Splitting")
Type: E-rank, Supplementary[1]
Users: All Ninja Academy graduates except Naruto and Rock Lee
Hand Seals: Ram → Snake → Tiger[2]
Debut (Anime): Naruto Episode 1
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
This technique creates intangible copies of the user. The clones are simply illusions and will dissipate when they come into contact with something. The illusions can be seen through by the Byakugan and the Sharingan. A person with normal eyes can also distinguish the clones from the original, since the clones will not disrupt the area around themselves with their movement (won't kick up dust, crush grass, etc.).

Body Replacement Technique (変わり身の術, Kawarimi no Jutsu; English TV "Substitution Jutsu or Replacement Jutsu")
Type: E-rank, Supplementary[1]
Users: All Ninja Academy graduates
Hand Seals: Ram, Boar, Ox, Dog, Snake
Debut (Anime): Naruto Episode 1
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
This jutsu lets the user quickly switch places with another nearby object, such as a plant (normally a section of a log), an animal, or even another person within reach, leaving the opponent open to a counter-attack. Exploding tags can be attached to the replacement for an added surprise. Fundamentally, all ninja know this technique.

The anime has a number of other objects being used for this jutsu, such as a boulder, mud, a scarecrow, and even a large rolled-up carpet. These items are usually nowhere in sight, suggesting that they are merely gags meant to lighten up the situation and not an actual part of the jutsu. Additionally, the normal practice of switching places with a section of log is done in several places that have no such thing anywhere nearby.

Senbon Shower (Joro Senbon; Viz "Raining Needles From Heaven", English TV "Ninja Art: Senbon Shower")
Type: C-rank, Offensive, Mid-range (5-10m)[1]
Users: Aoi Rokusho, Shigure, Baiu, Midare
Hand Seal: Tiger
Debut (Anime): Naruto Episode 34
Debut (Manga): Chapter 58
After throwing a special umbrella into the air, it will release a hailing "shower" of senbon. Any quick enemy will be able to deflect or block the senbon since they do not travel at particularly high speeds. However, this cannot be dodged by moving away since the needles cover a wide area. The needles were said to be able to pierce a five millimeter thick steel
sheet. They can also be dipped in poison to increase lethality.

Senbon Shower From the Bounds of Hell and Heaven
Type:C-rank ,Offensive, Mid-range (5-19m)
Users:Doguton Eiwan
Hand Seals: Tiger [2]
Description:After throwing Doguton's special umbrella in the air. Doguton uses the tiger seal twice and the umbrella will spin clockwise and shoot from the inside of the umbrella. The senbon shots only last two post. Secretly the senbon are attached to a wire invisible if chakra is channeled into them. The senbon can be continued into action by using them as a puppet and controlling them. How ever if one senbon is hit it will be fatal. Such as coughing up blood.If hit with more then ten it can result with death.

Blades of a Thousand Deaths
Type:C-rank, Offensive, Close range (0-1)
Users:Doguton Eiwan
Description: Using Doguton's bloodline he changes his skin cells in his hands to blades. He then lets his other two hands come out instead of sucking them in. He changes the skin cells in those hands to blades. Since this is a kenjutsu style he gets in a stance. The stance is his upper arms in the air and his lower arms down low just low enough the tip of the blades are touching it.

Death Ball
Type:C-rank, Offensive-Defensive, Close range (0-3)
Users:Doguton Eiwan
Description:Doguton can either jump in the or stay on the ground. Usually if this is going to be used as offensive Doguton would jump up does a somersault, right in the middle of the somersault he changes all his skin cells to iron blades. He then rolls around leaving deep cuts every where he pass. The cuts are deep enough to get a foot stuck in there. Since the blades are there he rolls slower then he would. For defensive Doguton would simply change all his skin cells to iron blades and if the user were to use taijutsu or anything like that. They would stab themselves.
Extra Information

Family Members: none

Team mates: Isei Genkotsu and Kaku Kigikiba

Sensei: Sakumo Hatake

10xscrolls(these scrolls carry fifty shuriken each in 5 scrolls. The other five carry senbon with poison needles in both ends. The senbon also have wires so thick that if you were to focus your chakra to it it would be invisible.)
5x kunai with bomb seal on handle
Weapons:Umbrella (This umbrella is one of rain's original umbrella jutsu weapons. The umbrella is able to give out four times more senbon with poison and a boost in willpower.)

Outfit:left eye covered in bandages and half of my mouth zipped up but still able to talk. Right eye has a scar.Black hair covering his right eye. Left hand covering in bandages.Secretly two other hands under my two hands one under the left and one under the right. A third eye on my forehead. And a tail which I don't usually show.

Strengths:close range weaponry

weakness's:long range

Abilities:Can read most movements from feet because of the training with Kaku Higikiba.


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PostSubject: Re: Doguton Eiwan [checked by Emanyeru]   Thu Jul 23, 2009 6:53 pm

um shrink the font for the jutsu and approved
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Doguton Eiwan [checked by Emanyeru]
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