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 Akujin Keiri ~Young and Deadly~

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Akujin Keiri

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PostSubject: Akujin Keiri ~Young and Deadly~   Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:54 am

General Info

Name: Akujin Keiri (Akujin = Evil God)

Gender: Male

Village: Onigakure no Sato

Rank: Academy Student

Age: Just hit 6

Height: 1.33m
Weight: 21kg

Element: Water

Summonings: None yet


~Birth and Personality~
Akujin Keiri was born as the youngest child of the infamous Reikon Keiri and unknown woman and thus he gained the strong bloodline Ketsueki Seishi which gave accest to blood manipulation and faster vitality regeneration and some more numerous advantages. Just like his older siblings he was born in the Oni Village where his father was Kage of. Before his birth in the Human world he also was a youngling in the Demonic Realm, he respected the Death Gods there and especially Apathy Fuuma.

Akujin's personality and background is dark, he only shares his troubles only to his family, the boy also has a huge amount of love towards his family turning that into a slight weakness. The youngest child also respects every family member and the most his father. Akujin has secret ambitions which are aiming very high, he is the strategical type of fighter which always plans a step ahead. He loves fruit tea and dangos.

~Early Childhood~
Since the age of 3 it was detected that his body is different, the boy was said to have a unique immune system preventing him from getting sick, diseased or even rarely strained but his hormones were unstable which have Akujin the appearance of one to three years older appearance then his current age and it was shown that his brain functions at a much higer percentage then any other this hus IQ was 200 and he had the intellect of a fully-grown man but this had it's consequence due to the brain's functioning at a so higher level with such young and unexperiant being the boy gained a state of narcolepsy (falling at various times asleep and it's uncontrallable).

At the age of four in an accident he lost his right arm but his father had found an option of implanting the boy a weird dark grey arm which gave Akujin abilities of parts and limbs and veins/arteries/capillaries sewing back but it could only sew back it's own stuff, this gave a big advantage prior to his masochismic bloodline.
His other part of the childhood though was very happy as he prefered to spend more time with his sisters rather then his brothers though Akujin grew a strong bond with his brother Akuma where they shared similar names.
Akujin adored observing his siblings abilities and traits and memoreizes them.

~Hobby and Specialty~
Since he was born it was in Akujin's blood to pick his father's trait - loving the sight and scent of blood...well and it's taste. Just like his father he had access to a twisted manner that is what his hobby consists of - experiments just like Orochimaru but his goal was different.
Akujin was a great mechanic and an inventor due to his brain and had already various inventions. Akujin had weird thoughts of him being the first of a new era that is why he considered science to be the path to a much different era that is why he strived to be the first because what he sought wasn't immortality but power over the world in that new era of his, he aimed to conquer the stars.
(Ah, B.S xD)
(Many of his inventions can be found in his equipment)

Extra Information

Family Members: Riki Keiri(brother)Reikon Keiri(father)Filia Minuo Keiri(sister)Akuma Keiri(brother),Miki Keiri (sister)

Team mates: Keiri or None depends on Situation

Sensei: Reikon Keiri, Siblings, Self.


Sinister Replacement
Rank: E
Description: This is a jutsu made by Reikon himself, the user would replace himself with a log but the log would have a bunch of kunai and shurikens and sharp weapons coming out of it which would stab a careless opponent. Very dangerous. I like it D=

Nightmare Clone
Rank: E
Description: A normal clone technique where Akujin would create a clone of himself but the clone would rather have a different monstorous appearance much bigger and much fearless used to strike fear into the opponent and disgust... Like it Rei ? Not much xD

Transformation Technique
Rank: E
Description: Self Explanatory

Finger of Death (5 Phases for each finger: Each finger is a phase aka index finger = one phase, middle finger = another phase. Every phase is the same in power and has no differences except from which finger the blood is shot from.) - Cuts a finger of his own choice using the fist weapon and sends a powerful blood jet of acidic blood towards the enemy.

Fan of Knives - Hurls forwards at a great speed his dagger of surprises and supposedely the opponent dodged the butterfly knife would spread it's "wings" (Four more blades at each side) and would shoot out all of it's blades at every direction.

Finishers: Maelstrom of Fury
Using the mechanism of his fist weapon he'd cut his fingers on his right hand and manipulate the blood falling into a mealstrom in the palm and charge at the opponent as he reaches near he'd hit the land with his shoe with the activated knife in the shoe and hurl toward the opponent a gust of dust and small pieces of rocks to blind the enemy and would strike the defencless opponent or would replace himself from the dust screen behind the hostile target and strike him from behind at the heart and the acid would corrode the skins and internal organs.

Equipment: Two shoulderpads which have the form of deformed heads with opened mouths. The right shoulderpad was the onew hich he at his own will can use water jutsus through. (ability available at genin elvel due to the fact that when genin he can use his water element).
Left Shoulderpad can shoot out weaponary which vary a lot. There are stored every weaponary except of the melee arsenal (swords,spears,axes,hammers etc...)

A Cloak which covers his shoulderpads and his right arm but the cloak is actually a frozen container of blood, whben the cloak is thrown to the ground it will dissassemble into a pond of blood enought to be used for offence and defence.

Weapons: Fist Weapon on Right hand: It's a titanium glove covering his dark grey skin and having the mechanism of cutting the fingers of Akujin so he can sue his finger of Death jutsu and his Maelstrom of Fury and such. The fingers are later quickly sewed back to his hand by the right arm.

Right Dark Grey Arm: The arm is not artificial because it grows along with Akujin normally and it isn't made of steel or any material rather then skin but which can withstand taijutsu and chakra pumped taijutsu to a scale equal to Akujin's current a rank and one rank above him.

Vibrodagger: Located in a holster above the right arm's elbow. This dagger is a veyr special one it has a looks of a big and sharp pocket knife (blade is like those in the knife...)
but it is a knife functioning mainly in cutting of parts like hands or legs or heads which is easy for this knife (it depends on the user's strength which means it can't cut so easily heads and arms because of Akujin's current rank) also just like it's name it emits sound waves which means even if the knife doesn't hit a weak soundwave would temporarily make a nerve of the opponent go numb for a second making them feel sudden pain in the brain which weakens every second. When unsheated the vibrodagger casts a genjutsu which plays iwth the perception of the enemies' mind it makes the opponent think he had doged but the hit had actually been delivered. (the three mercenaries in a filler in Naruto used that genjutsu)

Dagger of Surprises: Located in his shoe in a holster this knife (type: butterfly) is used in the weapon jutsu Fan of Knives.

Tribal Shortsword of Sacrifice - A shortsword that is located in a steel holster on the back of Akujin's waist. It is sharp and is used to cut and stab different parts/places of the body rather then only the fingers.

Hidden Deadly Shoes - Both shoes have a sharp knife beneath which are hidden and are activated at will. The knifes are coated with crippling poison (poison which slows movement and reflexes)

Outfit: Avatar and has a cloak covering his shoulderpads and his right arm to keep low profile and to surprise. He may look cute and harmless but he's a blood harvester within.

Strengths: Mind Deception Increased, Body Reflexes icnreased, Immune System, Big Chakra pool

Weakness's: Narcolepsy, Keiri weakness, too much love to his siblings and parents.

Abilities: Stated in bio.

Bloodline: Ketsueki Seishi

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PostSubject: Re: Akujin Keiri ~Young and Deadly~   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:11 am

Finger of Death (5 Phases for each finger) - Cuts a finger of his own choice using the fist weapon and sends a powerful blood jet of acidic blood towards the enemy

^--explain that more and approved (just have to state what the 5 phases are)
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Akujin Keiri

Number of posts : 3
Registration date : 2009-07-13

PostSubject: Re: Akujin Keiri ~Young and Deadly~   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:13 am

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PostSubject: Re: Akujin Keiri ~Young and Deadly~   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:23 am

please explain it more. like what does each phase do or do they all do the same but just with more power.
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PostSubject: Re: Akujin Keiri ~Young and Deadly~   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:27 am

okay now its fully approved. enjoy the site =D
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PostSubject: Re: Akujin Keiri ~Young and Deadly~   

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Akujin Keiri ~Young and Deadly~
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