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 Aya Natsume

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Aya Natsume

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PostSubject: Aya Natsume   Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:05 pm

Name:Aya Natsume

Age 15

Date of birth 10 March

Class 1st year student of Todo Academy

Known relatives Shin Natsume (Brother, deceased)

Maya Natsume (Sister)

WEapon:Natsume Cursed Blade

Red Feather Power Dragon's Eye

Bio:Aya is the younger sister of Shin Natsume, and Maya Natsume. She is a freshman at Toudou Academy. She has brown hair (auburn in the anime). She is instantly infatuated with Souichiro Nagi when he crashes into the shower room, insisting that he marry her, as it is a tradition of the Natsume women that the first man to see her unclothed must become her husband. She pursues him relentlessly throughout the series despite his vehement protests. This attraction to Souichiro also leads to a rift between her and her sister, as Souichiro is in love with Maya.

Masataka Takayanagi is also in love with Aya, but she has shown no interest in him. However, she does respect him for his strength, skill, dedication, and typically calm nature. She eventually entrusts him to guard the computer chip that F is after.

Throughout the Manga, it is shown that Souichiro and Aya have some sort of mental connection between them that calls to the other when they are in trouble. [1][2][3][4] This could be due to their powers complimenting each other, since Nagi's dragon's fist can collect and supply huge amounts of ki and Aya's dragon's eye can consume an unlimited supply of ki.

Jutsu:Returning the Scabard[5]
A Weapon technique of the Natsume family, used to throw an opponent holding a WEapon to the ground and steal their Weapon.

Natsume Goshin Ryu Secret Technique; Bamboo Grass Summer Rain
A sword technique that transmits attacks through the wind.

Finisher:Next post

Abilities:DRagon Eye,Kai absorbtion,Execellent weapon master

WEakness:uknown yet

Kekki genkai:Natsume(will post the bl in the creation place soon)
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Aya Natsume
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