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 Emi Isuzu~Lone Assain~

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Emi Isuzu

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PostSubject: Emi Isuzu~Lone Assain~   Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:43 am

Name: Emi Isuzu

Gender: Female

Village: Uzugakure

Rank:Kage(cause of kinas death)

Age: 16

Height: 5'5"

Element: Cosmic

Summonings: ??????


Emi was born in a small village known only for its crop of shinobi. Bt the crop of shinobi this village produced wasn't just any ordinary shinobi. They were shinobi skilled specially for assassinations. Emi was no exception to this special birth. In fact, she was its main breed. She was to become, when fully trained and ready, the head of her villages Assassin Squad.

Emi had been raised from the time she could stand, in the ways of stealth and camoflauge. Because of this, she had become well known for her growing abilities in assassin techniques at the age of 9. And though her family was quite proud, a rival assassin squad was not looking forward to this new prodigy taking control of their enemy squad. So, they secretly moved into the village shadows ad began making ready for the total elimination of Emis' family and future squad.

The dreadful day was on the night when no moon shown in the sky. The start of the deadly night started with deathful screams. Cries of terror echoed in the mist heavy air, and blood flowed upon the earth like water within a stream. It was in the dark night that two shadows fled into the forest. The shadows were none other then Emi and her mother.

But as fate would have it, their escape did not go unnoticed. Not far behind them, they were being chased by the enemy forces. When finally her mother could carry her no further, she set Emi on her feet and forced her onward. Finally, Emi ran, ran like no person had run before. Deep into the forest unaware of where her feet were carrying her. She ran until she could run no more.

Yet fate had decided to show her quarter. For just as she collapsed, she found herself underneath the gates of Uzugakure Hidden Whirlpool Village. Taking refuge within the great villages walls, the men that tracked her were forced to give-up on their chase on Emi and return back home.

Emi never saw her family after that death filled night. And though she had lost all she had ever known, she had found something new. For on that very night, Emi swore to never be so weak and helpless again. And with that promise, she bottled up all her emotions and all he humanity. She would become a heartless, man killing assassin all the way till even after she reclaims her lost squad.

From here on, Emi had found something, something that would grant her a new path to a new destiny.

Family Members: None

Team mates: ??????

Sensei: ??????

Jutsu: ??????


Equipment: On her back, she carries two small conceiled swords. Then, on her left leg she carries the usual kunai pouch that carries five kunais. Conceiled on each sleeve is a reel of invisible thread she can use as trip wire, strangling thread, or wire to attach to weapons. Then, last is the usual pouch tied around the waist kept behind her which carries her small scrolls and extra five kunais and 7 ninja stars.

Weapons: Two small swords and ninja claws for each hand, and spear on her back

Outfit: Wears a skin tight black suit underneath the net like shirt and dark kimono.

Strengths: She's exceptional at speed related jutsus and is masterful with chakra control.

Weakness's: She doesn't have as much chakra as many others due to her extreme physical conditioning. Also doesn't really understand emotions and tends to get confused with them.

Abilities: Has an unrivaled ability to excel in speed jutsus do to some strange adaptation developed over centuries of her families physical conditioning. She appears to be so fast, she seems to practically vanish with ease.Can use Worm holes with Cosmic Energy

Bloodline: N/A
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Omega Fuuma

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PostSubject: Re: Emi Isuzu~Lone Assain~   Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:55 am


Tsunade=Human Path
Orochimaru=Hell Path
Jiraiya=God Path

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Emi Isuzu~Lone Assain~
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