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 Uchiha Aki

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PostSubject: Uchiha Aki   Fri May 29, 2009 6:24 pm

Name: Uchiha Aki

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Rank: Advanced Genin

Village: Konohagakure no Sato

Kekkei genkkei: Sharnigan


Long, nearly waist length, pitch black hair and gloomy, cold, pitch black eyes. Her cold black eyes often makes other people turn away from her along with her dark like aura due to her being so negative. She wears a short, thin, slightly tight, dark black tank top along with a loose body hugging black turtle neck sweater that comes down in a v shape. She usually wears a pair of dark black shorts that go halfway to her knees. A pair of ankle length black socks with ninja sandals. Along with all of that, she wears a pair of tough, dark black fingerless gloves with Konohagakure no Sato’s symbol on her right glove, and the Hi no Kuni symbol on her left glove. A necklace made from an unknown black substance bears the Uchiha Clan symbol within a circle on the front, the back being that of yin and yang. Her long hair is usually down and behind her, but it often falls in front of her face, hiding it and giving her either an evener colder appearance or depressed, suicidal one. As she suffers from insomnia, there are usually dark circles under her eyes, but these are hardly ever noticeable. Along with her high metabolism rate and rarity of eating, she appears quite skinny and is essentially underweight, roughly weighing in at 90lbs. She is also a bit on the short side, being only 5’2”.

To many, they know her as a cold, and quiet Uchiha. Aki continues to act this way simply because it makes life easier on her. For as long as people have known her, she has been that way, never talking or showing a piece of kindness. To her team she is a quiet, but talkative, apathetic, negative person. Aki is often quiet, but when prompted to speak, she can speak for hours or days at a time. Her speech pattern is often negative and sarcastic or apathetic. Her team constantly jokes about how she could be suicidal.

In truth, Aki is a lonely depressed kid, suicidal in thoughts and merely acting on the outside. She is very conflicted internally and trusts no one, not even her team. She has long learned to mask her emotions and put on fake ones. Her mother’s expectations are too high for her, in Aki’s opinion, but she is able to meet her mother’s expectations without even trying. Her father ignores her and in turn she ignores him, loathing her brothers Kaijin and Takashi. Aki is very anti-social and anti-family. She doesn’t believe in love or friends and views life negatively, rarely finding anything positive.

In Aki’s opinion, she thinks she can relate to everyone. Though she feels depressed and suicidal most of the time, she can understand why some people feel the way they do, often sitting quietly while someone can go on about their whole life story and she can pick out many things from the story that tell her about the person, often showing them that their life is better than they thought it was, but she can’t do this with herself for some reason. Aki thinks that it has to do with the fact that she is constantly reading something or writing her own story. Her stories are often a modified version of what she thinks life is like, what life is like to her, or who she wishes she could be, but no one has yet to notice this. Many say that is simply because she is creative and has a lot of free time. Her stories also revolve around her own interpretations of various items. She specializes in writing fiction. Aki also draw frequently, usually depressive and sad drawings. These drawings are generally nature related and hardly ever contain humans.

Kids enjoy being around Aki for some reason and she can’t tell them “Leave me alone.” Instead if kids to gather around her (generally ten years or younger) she attempts to put up with them and often does, playing games with them or helping them out with this and that. When she’s around children, she’s more of a normal teenager, feeling less depressed and suicidal. She envies and pities children, envious because they are carefree and have not yet been fully affected by society, piteous because the “pure” and “innocent” children will one day become corrupted and misguided. Though Aki doesn’t realize it, she does have a kind heart and can be caring.

Aki is a dreamer and wisher, but hopeless. She constantly wonders why life in general exists, as all life is doomed to die anyway. People are doomed to lead horrible lives, lives filled with pain, misery, and lies, and their only reward is death. She believes in no religion, heaven or hell, placement after death, or reincarnation. She has wanted to die a long time ago, but she can never take her own life, let alone injure herself, or purposefully make herself get a life threatening injury. So in the mean time, she struggles on with life in an apathetic and negative way questioning her and everyone else’s existence. She believes that life is a gift and not a right, but hates living and tries to take lives only as needed.

As such, Aki hates arrogant, cocky people, especially those that have no regard for life. She also tends to dislike those who are close minded and are not open to new ideas or thoughts. Along with people who are loud, optimistic all the time, perverted, bullies, tyrants, and the like. Aki dislikes loud noises and bright lights, or any light source. She has ophidiophobia or snakephobia (fear of snakes), philophobia (fear of falling in love or being in love), acrophobia or altophobia or batophobia or hypsiphobia (fear of heights), aichmophobia or belonephobia (fear of needles or pointed objects), aphenphosmphobia or chiraptophobia or haphephobia or haptephobia (fear of being touched), arachnephobia or arachnophobia (fear of spiders), entomophobia or insectphobia (fear of insects), and hemophobia or hemaphobia or hematophobia (fear of blood [in particular other people’s blood, but enjoys seeing her own blood]).

Aki is extremely intelligent, and could be considered a genius, but her laziness is her flaw. She is much to lazy to actually do anything. Aki prefers to have people do the work for her and work only if it’s a necessity. She often pretends to be asleep when situations become too boring or dramatic in her opinion, which is often. This often annoys others and leads some to believe that she is a very weak ninja. She has a lot of latent potential, but her laziness gets in the way and prevents her from her ever willingly showing off her true abilities. Aki “shows off” at the minimum, only showing whatever amount of power or skill needed.

Being an AB blood type, AB people are said to have a delicate sensitivity. They are considerate of other people’s feelings and deal with them with care and caution. On the other hand, they are strict with themselves and those close to them. They, therefore, seem to have two personalities: one for those “outside”, and antoher for people on the “inside”. They often become sentimental, and they tend to think too deeply about things. AB types have a lot of friends, but they need time to be alone and think things through. In animes/mangas, AB blood types tend to be villains. Considered the worse type of blood to have.

Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu (Main), Kekkei Genkai (Dominant Sub), Taijutsu (Sub)

Elemental Affinity: Raiton (Recessive, Average Strength), Katon (Learning, Very Weak)

Other information:

History: *see following posts*

Rp Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Aki   Fri May 29, 2009 6:25 pm

The cry of a newborn pierced the chilling night air. The full moon cast a pale silver light on everything, and the stars were shining brightly. The faint wind rustling the first few dry leaves of autumn, taking out the scent of fresh blood and sweat. As the moon passed over a particularly dark spot, the area lit up slightly with the moon’s rays. In the arms of a distraught woman, with dark black hair and eyes, laid a newborn child. She caressed the child with gentle fingers and smiled slightly, her eyes drooping with exhaustion, but bright with excitement and joy.

Next to her was a man with dark black hair and eyes. His hand was glowing a soft green as he healed a cut across the woman’s upper left leg and lower right leg. The cuts were deep and would have taken several days to heal if it were not for the medical advances the ninja world had gone through. And even though he had healed her as much as he could, her wound was still open and bleeding profusely. He needed to stop the bleeding or else the woman would faint or die from blood loss. “What will you name her?” he asked quietly, trying to calm her down as he moved onto other areas of her body where she had been injured.

“Aki... Uchiha Aki. She’s so... lucky...” panted out the woman, stroking her child once more “to be born... in the last hour... of the first day of... autumn... and on a full... moon as well...” she ended. “Thank you... for helping me... Satoshi,” she mumbled out, already feeling light headed and even more exhausted.

Satoshi stopped and reached into the small bag of medical supplies near him. “Here, take this Shichiyou, it’ll make you feel better. You can’t pass out now. Tarento can’t fight them off forever, and neither can I,” he said, handing her a pill. He didn’t add on that she should have told them about her condition before they had left for the mission. It would have made things a lot easier. Then again, he supposed that Shichiyou had always been like this, she was too prideful to walk away from a mission, no matter the situation. Satoshi was quite surprised that she hadn’t died yet, given all her close encounters with death. He hoped that for the child’s sake Shichiyou’s pridefulness hadn’t been passed on.

Shichiyou absently took the pill, swallowing it down after a few tries. She was extremely exhausted. “Satoshi... where’s Tarento... He should... see...” But Shichiyou had already fainted. “Aki...” ended Shichiyou quietly, her arms still wrapped around Aki lovingly.

“Dam--Dang it,” muttered Satoshi. Satoshi pressed the button on his radio. “Tarento,” was all he said. He had been working with them long enough that just simple words, like a name, could convey almost everything to Tarento and vice versa. Satoshi immediately stopped trying to heal Shichiyou, knowing the pill would work for at least another hour. Satoshi took out a kunai and held it in a defensive position, using his body as a shield to protect Shichiyou and Aki, who was asleep, ready to counter anything.

In a few seconds, the trees overhead rustled slightly. Satoshi’s head jerked up to meet whoever it was. It was tall, strong, dark haired, dark eyed, twenty year old Tarento. Satoshi didn’t trust him though. “Are humans so afraid of the dark that they will...”

“... constantly be blinded by the light,” answered Tarento, walking toward Satoshi. “It’s me. Where’s Shichiyou?” asked Tarento, his eyes darting from side to side, ears picking up the slightest sound. “I smell blood... more than what she... Wha... What?” asked Tarento in complete shock and surprise. Tarento actually stopped and took a few staggering steps back. He looked from Shichiyou to Satoshi and back again many times.

Satoshi held up his hands. “It’s not me. It’s you,” replied Satoshi, knowing perfectly well what Tarento was thinking. “Trust me, I’ll know when I have a kid or not. How you and Shichiyou were able to do it, I don’t know. I don’t even want to know.”

Tarento let out a cocky grin. “Your birthday party a couple of months ago. You turned twenty-one remember?” he asked, taking a few steps forward.

Satoshi ran a hand through his hair, shaking it disapprovingly. “She’s fifteen Tarento! Fifteen! That‘s adultery right there...” he mumbled “... not to mention that she’s your fuc--freakin sister too. Geez Tarento...” mumbled Satoshi.

Tarento shrugged and bent down to examine Aki. To be honest, he hadn’t really planned on this... He had only been looking for some fun and had gotten a bottle of alcohol somehow. The Uchiha weren’t very strict on rules... So he had gotten drunkish and found Shichiyou and given her a bottle and she got drunk. He kept on drinking a few bottles and got even more drunk. He had forgotten everything and his hormones began to act up. Tarento shut his eyes for a few seconds. Damn it Tarento, get the fuckin images outta your head! She’s your damn sister! Damn sister that you got pregnant...

Satoshi shook his head. He had never thought he’d see the day Tarento would have a family, much less with his own sister... Tarento was completely anti-family. Hell, he didn’t even know his own parent’s names! For as long as Satoshi had known him, Tarento had never been home. As soon as Tarento had been able to crawl he would always be crawling out of home. “The kid’s not gonna bite you. What are you, afraid?” teased Satoshi.

Tarento grimaced and slowly pried away Shichiyou’s hands. At this Shichiyou woke up. “Mmm... T-Tarento?” she mumbled. “Tarento!” she half yelled in excitement as her eyes fully opened and she saw him. “She’s so cute! And she’ll be just like Kyonshi!”

WAIT WHAT?! KYONSHI?! Satoshi and Tarento stared at Shichiyou. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY JUST LIKE KYONSHI?!” they yelled at her. This caused Aki to wake up and start crying. “Uh...” mumbled Satoshi and Tarento sheepishly.

Shichiyou slowly sat up and held Aki lovingly. “Shh, it’s alright Aki, Daddy’s just a little surprised. Uncle’s surprised too. It’s okay Aki, it’s okay,” she murmured, rubbing Aki’s back soothingly. “Shhh.”

Tarento coughed. “So?”

“So what?” asked Shichiyou. She was focused on Aki and murmuring all kinds of things to Aki. Aki was already starting to calm down by now.

Satoshi sighed in annoyance. “Uchiha Shichiyou, tell us what you meant when you said ‘she’ll be just like Kyonshi’. Now,” said Satoshi, arms crossed and looking down at Shichiyou in a very father like figure.

“Uh... well...” mumbled Shichiyou. The truth was, this wasn’t the first time she had been with Tarento... Two years ago she had been with him when they were out swimming... Apparently Tarento didn’t remember it. Actually, as much as Shichiyou could remember, ever since she had started “growing” Tarento had been sleeping with her. “Well... I had Kyonshi two years ago...”

“WITH WHO?!” yelled out Tarento and Satoshi in complete shock. Wait... that means she was thirteen when.... What the hell?! What happened to little miss pure and virgin moon?!

“Uh... you Tarento,” said Shichiyou in a matter of fact way. “You kind of slept with me like ever since I started growing--”

“No way in hell I did that!”

“Well then explain why I had Kyonshi... and Aki.”


“Yes, please explain Tarento,” said Satoshi, completely disapproving of them. “I mean I know we have cousins that have married each other and had kids with each other, but that was only if they couldn’t find a suitable partner to have strong kids with. And the parents knew. Wait, Shichiyou, do your parents know?”


“Damn it,” cursed Satoshi quietly. “Tarento, tell me you talked to your parents about it and they allowed it and you all just never told Shichiyou. Argh geez! You’re twenty Tarento! Twenty! And Shichiyou’s fifteen! Fifteen! And you got her pregnant at thirteen too! Damn it Tarento, how many fuckin girls did you do?!”

Tarento glared at Satoshi. “Hey, I’m not like that.”

“Then why the hell did Shichiyou have two of your kids?! TWO. Explain that to me Tarento. I’m a year older than you and I’m still a virgin, body, mind, and eyes! And you... argh! Shichiyou’s my closest cousin! What the hell do you two do? Anything else I should be aware of?!”

“Calm down Satoshi,” mumbled Shichiyou.

“I won’t calm down! Are you an idiot?! Do you know how badly this could affect your kids?!” yelled out Satoshi, going off into a variety of things. After several minutes had passed he finally stopped, out of breath. “I’m just worried about you Shichiyou...” said Satoshi quietly. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

“B-Because I knew you would react like this...” whimpered Shichiyou, lower lip trembling, on the verge of crying. Aki was silent, awake but silent. Silence entered the glade.

Tarento let out a long sigh. “Alright... You get back to the village. Satoshi and I will finish up the mission, no buts. After that... we’ll talk. And you better have your story straight Shichiyou, and answers too. Not just for me, but for mom and dad... the whole Uchiha Clan. It’s forbidden to have children till you’re sixteen, you could have died. And Uchiha needs to be revived, not killed. Go.”

Shichiyou nodded, struggling not to cry. Satoshi and Tarento both made a shadow clone to accompany Shichiyou back to the village. Shichiyou held onto Aki tightly, crying silent tears. The moonlight caught her tears and turned them into diamonds, and Aki watched these small diamonds slowly fall and hit the ground wherever the moonlight went. The moonlight guiding the way for Shichiyou and lighting up Aki...
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Aki   Fri May 29, 2009 6:25 pm

Pre Academy:

It’s been about three years since Aki was born. Her older brother Kyonshi is five and has just entered the Academy. Aki is loved and spoiled by her mother, and ignored by her father. Though Aki is adored by her mother, she prefers to be alone, young as she is, and is often outside hiding amongst the vegetation or within shadows. She already dreads wearing dresses, skirts, or anything else girly. Aki has already learned how to dress herself with some minor difficulty, and often chooses to wear dark or black clothing. She also has insomnia, ever since her birth really. Aki doesn’t each much either.

Often, Aki spends her days outside of the house in forests or lakesides. She brings books and papers with her (along with snacks), either reading for the day or drawing all day. Though her drawings are somewhat primitive, they are slowly evolving. Her reading skills are also increasing daily. Aki consumes book after book and often jots down ideas that strike out at her or prove to be intriguing. She reads about the past and far off fantasy worlds, alternating between the two every other day. Her average is a book a day.

Her favorite outdoor spot is up in an ancient tree’s branch that provides a decent view of the village and protrudes out over a pure, cool, crystalline river that turns into a small waterfall that ends in a decent enough lake. It appears as if the place has only been found by Aki as she’s there all day and no one has ever come by. This is her getaway place. A place secluded from the world, a haven for Aki. Here she doesn’t have to worry about her mother trying to force her into some kind fancy, frilly, girly dress or trying to play matchmaker with her and some other boy. She doesn’t have to worry about receiving her father’s disapproving looks.

Aki will spend all day here and even nights. She has been here so long that there is a small worn spot in the tree that fits her perfectly as she sits or lays there all day barely moving. All Aki has to do is bring a pillow and a blanket with her and she can stay the night here. She brings snacks and drinks from the pure water. One small snack can last her all day and night as she never eats, and the river is more than enough as she’s barely thirsty either.

Aki loves to stare up at the night sky and watch the stars as she waits for the moon to show up, or listen to the creatures of the night. The night, the darkness, the gloom, the shadows, she belonged to it and knew it too. This was a place where she could be who she was without fear or disproval. She would cover the world in darkness if she could. A world where only the night existed, where the stars shone every night and the moon watched on from her serene throne was a perfect one to Aki. And since she couldn’t sleep, she could stay up all night and look at the sky she loved so much.

And no one could ever find her either. The first couple of days she had spent overnight here had caused her mother to become traumatized. It was evident that Shichiyou loved Aki the most... While Tarento didn’t seem to care at all, Tarento loved Kyonshi the most. Their “Uncle” Satoshi, was always there for them both. He really did love them like they were his nephews, but he was a distant cousin, coming from Kusagakure no Sato (as did Shichiyou and Tarento, but they moved to Konohagakure later due to Kyonshi and Aki‘s existence, believing Konohagkure no Sato to be a better home to raise their children). He often tells them stories of how their parents were like and tries to convince them to join Kusagakure no Sato, but Aki is too apathetic to care, and Kyonshi insists on being loyal to Konohagakure no Sato.

One day, Aki had accidentally taken a Ninjutsu Book from her father’s collection as the book had been left on the table underneath her usual books. Curious, Aki had opened it and started to read. It only took her a few minutes to realize what she was reading and after reading the first section or so, she began to experiment and practice. To Aki’s small delight, she had been able to produce a small spark of electricity.

For the next couple of days, Aki practiced on producing lightning and before long she could make her finger glow a pale blue for a few minutes. Aki continued reading the book, but soon got tired of reading it as it only explained more ways to properly utilize jutsus and she already had a vague idea of how. Aki never bothered to tell anyone about her ability and just continued to come to her place to read, write, and draw everyday.

As Aki ran out of fictional and historical things to read, she began to read up on Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu Techniques. Before long, she already knew a lot about ninja and how to draw up chakra, mold it, and balance out the required chakra needed for jutsus. She would require very little chakra for jutsus. But, being Aki, she never told anyone of her abilities. She could have easily been entered into the Academy and passed, but Aki was much too lazy and apathetic to care.

Though Shichiyou and Tarento have not taken any notice of Aki’s abnormalness for a three year old, Satoshi has. He has often pointed out to Shichiyou and Tarento that Aki is unlike any other child he has ever seen or heard of. He has tried to get them to enroll Aki in the Academy time and time again, but they always wave it off, saying that Aki is still much too young and doesn’t know anything. To which Satoshi frowns in response and points out that Aki reads books thicker than he does. “Come on Tarento, you’ve seen your daughter! She devours books like any normal three year old devours cookies. You know she’s special! Talented! Don’t let it go to waste!”

Tarento sighed. “Satoshi, for the last time, I am not enrolling her in the Academy. Do you know how much that would hurt Shichiyou? She’s our daughter after all and Shichiyou just adores her. I doubt Aki will even get the chance to be a ninja. Maybe if you can convince her to let Aki go in early, I might enroll her. And Satoshi, she can’t read, she just looks at the letters and pictures, you know that.”

Satoshi rolled his eyes. “She talks like a ten year old! She knows more than she lets on. If you pay attention to how she speaks you know that she can’t be like any other three year old! You used to trust me, what happened?” asked Satoshi, punching Tarento in the shoulder lightly.

Tarento sighed. “Yeah, I used to. That was before I became a father. Now I gotta think about them. You’ll understand one day. Sorry Satoshi, but I’m not enrolling her in the Academy until she’s at least fi--”

“But that’s such a waste! A waste of young talent!” cried out Satoshi. He just couldn’t believe it. Just three years ago he and Tarento had agreed on everything and done everything together, now... now it was like Tarento was a completely different person. Did parenthood affect one that much? Or was it just because of what Shichiyou had never told them? Probably a combination of both since Tarento hadn’t even planned on having a family. “Ah, what if it was Kyonshi?”

“... Satoshi...”

“See! You see! If it was a boy you’d do it in a heartbeat! How can you be so sexist Tarento?! Uchiha are supposed to get strong. Uchiha need to become strong. And your daughter can do that!”

“Satoshi...” warned Tarento.

Satoshi ignored him and went on, “She could become one of the greatest kunoichis Uchiha’s ever produced! And you’re hindering that! Imagine what her children could be like! Imagine Tarento! If we found her the perfect partner, their children could definitely bring back the Uchiha name. And you’re not helping at all, you’re hindering us. You’re betraying--”

“ENOUGH!” yelled out Tarento, fist colliding with Satoshi’s face. “If you care that much, take her from me then Satoshi. Take her and raise her like you keep on saying I should. Take her and make her into a kunoichi that the lands would fight over because she’s the strongest ninja. Take her and make her into some sort of machine to produce heirs worthy of the Uchiha name. Take her and ruin her life!” roared Tarento.

“... I... I see,” mumbled Satoshi. Truth be told, he had always been a little scared of his little cousin. Satoshi humbly made his way out the door. From then on he would only visit twice a year, a few days after every Chunin Exam, and if they took place in Konoha, he’d visit during.

Shichiyou would start to loathe Satoshi and all but forbid Aki and Kyonshi from seeing their Uncle. Things became very awkward with Satoshi now. Words were exchanged with tight lips and fake smiles. Teeth were shown, fists would be clenched and ready to strike, eyes itching to release Sharingan. Only the sight of Aki or Kyonshi would calm them down.

Aki and Kyonshi would both miss their Uncle’s visits, but they managed. Aki was well aware of the conversations that Satoshi had with her father as she was often there... listening to them from behind the door or a wall. She understood all of it too, but did she care? No. A little disappointed in her Uncle, but still, she didn’t care much, and would only continue on her trip to her special place (at the time, their Uncle had only visited early in the mornings). To Aki, things were still the same as they always had been, and they always would.

It was also around this time that Aki began to experiment with jutsus again and managed to perform Goukakyuu no Jutsu quite easily. Too bad no one from Uchiha was around. Fire didn’t interest Aki too much, so she continued with her little experiments with lightning and had much, much, much more fun. If she had shown her father this, she would have surely been sent to the Academy, but being her apathetic self, she didn’t.

Then she turned four, and her mother became pregnant... again. Aki was ignored by her more than ever now, especially after Tarento found out it was another boy. Shichiyou continued to love and spoil Aki, but Aki was quite happy with their ignorance of her. She was finally able to be herself without someone watching over her. And even though she could have been at home all day, she still preferred her special spot.

Soon her little brother was born and named Takashi. Aki didn’t care about him at all. Kyonshi, who was six at the time, seemed vaguely interested in Takashi, but never really bonded with him. Tarento was interested in Takashi though, and began planning out Takashi’s life, expecting him to follow in his brother’s footsteps. Shichiyou didn’t care too much about Takashi, as she didn’t really care about her sons, but more about her daughter, despite that fact that Aki was beginning to show signs of hatred against her family, young as she was.
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Aki   Fri May 29, 2009 6:26 pm

Finally, at age five, Aki was sent to the Academy, after a very tearful good bye from her mother. One could say Shichiyou was a little insane when it came to her daughter... Anything that proved to be slightly dangerous would make Shichiyou stronger object to Aki doing it... But, if Aki did do it, then she’d stress to Aki that she had to excel.

Aki never really cared. She didn’t strive to the best of the class, but she always made straight As. Sure, she didn’t pass the written tests, but when it came down to the actual use of jutsus, she passed it, and the actual use of jutsus counted for fifty percent of their final grades. Aki would have easily passed the Academy within a few short days, but she was much too lazy and was often asleep in class and never did any of her work, especially written assignments.

Students respected, hated, and envied her. They respected her simply because she was an Uchiha, but they hated her for it as well. And when she was able to perform jutsus better than the rest of them, they began to resent her for her “natural talent with chakra” as the senseis put it. They envied Aki’s ability to never pay attention and yet still pass somehow, along with her seemingly natural abilities at being a ninja.

Every kunai thrown was true, every shuriken made its mark. Every Bunshin and Henge was perfect and Aki didn’t even put forth the slightest effort. She would often lift her head up after being woken up and drone out something along the lines of, “Do I have to?” And the sensei would always say, “Yes.” Aki would then stay where she was and create a perfect Bunshin or Henge.

When it came to Ninjutsu, Aki could perform the jutsus with ease and with little chakra wasted, and often on her first try. She wouldn’t see the hand signs being made, nor would she be listening the sensei’s instructions, but somehow when she was asked to do it, she could do it, perfectly. And then there was Genjutsu, she could perform it easily enough and even get out of one. Hardly any student every got her into a Genjutsu either, the sensei actually had to put her in a Genjutsu to see if she could get out of it... and she did, in less than a minute. And then Taijutsu... No one wanted to be paired up with Aki. She was too fast for them, and easily knocked them out in a few blows.

But Aki would never pass because of her written grades. As these were designed to see how one would react in a certain positions, and Aki never did them, she was considered a useless talented kid. A kid who could perform jutsus on a Genin level, but had the mind of a four year old. (At most, her written tests had doodles all over them.)

Aki became even more antisocial as time went on. She never spoke to anybody, nor was she ever nice. People began to think she was very arrogant. She never talked to anyone and only cast looks at people that seemed to say What a weakling. She was stereotyped as a typical Uchiha: cold, unkind, arrogant, but popular for some crazy reason and gifted with talent, but not bright enough to put them to full use.

Tarento is disappointed by her and thinks of Satoshi as a fool. Shichiyou is glad that Aki doesn’t prove to be as talented as Satoshi made her out to be. Kyonshi pities his younger sister because she can’t live up to his reputation and tries to help her improve, but Aki always shrugs him off. Satoshi still knows that Aki is talented and continues to try to convince others that Aki is more intelligent than she appears.

Aki’s nine now, and she’s still a student. Kyonshi had graduated two years ago at the age of seven, and Takashi had just entered the Academy a year ago. Tarento disproves of her even more now, and Shichiyou is thankful that Aki isn’t going to be promoted to Genin anytime soon, but disappointed in Aki for not graduating sooner. Kyonshi pities Aki even more, but thinks that if Aki doesn’t want to become great and live up to the Uchiha name, then she doesn’t deserve to be a part of Uchiha at all and promptly cuts off his ties with her. Takashi feels ashamed that Aki is his sister and struggles to never be seen with Aki or let people know that they are closely related. He often lies and says Aki is a very, very, very distant cousin of his.

To her family, Aki is nothing but a ghost and isn’t even really a part of it. Of course, Shichiyou still spoils and loves Aki, but since Aki isn’t living up to her expectations, Shichiyou is slowly starting to pull herself away from Aki. Aki is so cut off from her family that she barely shows up in any family photos. If you asked the friends of Tarento and Shichiyou about their daughter, you only get a blank look going, “What the hell are you talking about? What daughter? They don’t have no damn daughters. All they got are sons. Two of them. There ain‘t do girl in that family.”

So when Aki does make an appearance, as she usually does once a year during the Uchiha gathering in some village hosted by the Uchiha living there, people are quite shocked to see Aki and learn that she is Tarento and Shichiyou’s child. Others of Uchiha have slowly gotten used to the idea that Aki is a ghost and antisocial. They merely accept her with tight smiles when they all believe that Aki is a disgrace to the Uchiha name. Satoshi continues to be a strong believer in Aki’s latent abilities, but no one listens to him anymore.

Aki has also began experimenting with jutsus again and has managed to use Raiton and Katon more effectively, but still keeps it a secret from everyone else. Aki is quite happy with her invisible life you could say. Being a ghost has its advantages. She can effectively sit in plain view and listen to all sorts of conversations without the conversers realizing she’s there. The other students in the Academy barely notice her either, and thus Aki is free to continue with her life of reading, writing, and drawing.
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Aki   Fri May 29, 2009 6:26 pm

Now twelve, Aki has finally passed the Academy after Satoshi successfully tests Aki’s IQ level and finds that it is off the charts, over 200. Showing the test results to the Hokage, he convinces the Hokage to finally let Aki pass and become a Genin. Aki isn’t thankful or ungrateful towards Satoshi for making her a Genin, rather, she views it as only more work. Aki is placed on team with Kasai Kiraisuki, one of the last of her clan, and Tora Taiga, a prodigy from his clan, along with Jounin sensei Kamikaze Kaijin, making up Team Kataki. Interestingly enough, all three are very similar...

A few people have taken notice of Aki’s antisocial behavior and are concerned for Aki’s well being. But Aki’s parents wave it off, saying Aki’s always been like this and there’s nothing strange about it all. This only causes them to get even more concerned. But no matter how much they talk to Aki’s parents, or Aki herself, none of them have made an impact. In truth, Aki does feel lonely, but she has dealt with it. And from a young age, she has wondered why humans exist. She constantly questions the reason why humans exist, why ninja were ever made, and more.

Still, few people have realized that Aki is in fact a depressed child, though you’d the signs were obvious enough. An antisocial child who barely eats or drinks and can barely sleep for more than an hour a day. When she speaks her voice seems downcast, and her word choice is high, but negative. Her eyes appear bright and inquisitive, but retain a certain soulless to them, giving her the appearance of someone dead, along with the dark circles under eyes and her pale skin. And if anyone had bothered to read her stories, they would have realized that they were quite negative and usually end in death, and the descriptions of death, or anything that involves blood is quite... detailed and vivid. The characters in her stories often resemble her as well, but they often end up dead, a sign of her own mental instability and suicidal self. But, no one realizes this, save for perhaps her team.

Kaijin sighed in a dejected way as his Genin team stood before him. “So... You’re all new Genin,” he said, sounding bored, depressed, and somewhat cold. “Let’s start with introductions then... I’m Kamikaze Kaijin, your Jounin sensei,” droned out Kaijin as if each word was killing him. “I’m... sixteen and a... Jounin?” mumbled Kaijin, looking up at the cloudy sky languidly. His dark black hair swaying slightly in the faint wind. His light brownish eyes looking dead. His extremely pale skin and dark black clothes seemed to add on even more to his dead look. Kaijin looked more like someone who had just died, or someone going to a funeral.

Taiga let out a sigh. “I’m Tora Taiga. I’m... thirteen,” mumbled out Taiga. His blue hair swayed slightly. His blue, river-like eyes gazing at his surroundings in a depressed way. His eyes were pure and beautiful, but they lacked a certain spark to them: life. His skin was pale as well and he was dressed in varying shades of dark blue, and carried a light, wooden, blue staff of some sort. Taiga looked as if he was in mourning, and for all they knew, he could have been.

The girl standing near him slowly mumbled out something, “Kasai Kiraisuki... thirteen...” She had bright, flaming, red hair, but sad and dead amber eyes that seemed as if they too were on fire. She was dressed in blood red clothing, dark red, and black colors. This didn’t help her dead look either. Her eyes were extremely down cast and she kept on taking half fearful glances at Kaijin.

Aki yawned. “Uchiha... Aki... twelve.” She effectively looked dead as well. In fact, the fact that their whole team looked dead, wore black (or extremely dark colors), were pale, and disliked any type of light (they all had AB blood type as well... strange) arose to many nicknames: Team Vampire, Team Gothic, Team Goth, Team Emo, Team Zombie, etc. But they never seemed to mind.

As the four were extremely similar, they got along well. They formed an extremely close bond and were rumored to be the most closely knit team in history. They were all usually together held a sort of “reverence”. Though they were generally negative and very bleak to life itself, they were admired by many and the crushes of many. They were a strong team as well, Kiraisuki was good with Katon, weaponry, and Taijutsu; Taiga with Suiton, medical jutsus, and Genjutsu; Kaijin with Fuuton, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu; Aki with Raiton, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu. So far, none of their missions had ended in failure.
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At thirteen, Team Kataki had been sent on a B rank mission due to their superior talent. They were expected to do well, but things... happened. The Daimyos of the Lands of Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, and Lightning had began to distrust shinobi and think of them as useless tools that needed to be destroyed. They had been secretly gathering an army of Samurai and selective shinobi that would obey the Daimyo’s orders and understood the need for one leader, and not two, and that that leader should be the Daimyo and not the kage.

Almost near the object of the mission, Team Kataki had taken a short break to save up their energy for the upcoming battle, knowing that there would be plenty of enemy shinobi. While resting, a regiment of Samurai and traitorous ninja had chanced upon them and attacked them. Though it was not the battle they had been preparing for, they were ready nevertheless.

Fully armored Samurai had been the first wave, charging in with blades drawn, the intent to kill clear in their eyes. One team of ninja having been sent in immediately afterward. Taiga and Kiraisuki would be fighting back to back; Kaijin and Aki fighting alone. The Samurai were easy enough to dispatch, but the enemy squad proved to be much harder as they were all Chunin or higher.

Taiga and Kiraisuki managed to take out one Chunin. Taiga had used the Kirigakure no Jutsu to create a small amount of mist, where Kiraisuki was able to effectively take out the Chunin with weapons alone. The other Chunin had remained unharmed as he was a Suiton user as well. Kaijin would take out the other Chunin rather easily. A few simple Fuuton jutsus having destroyed the Chunin.

The Jounin had disappeared. Aki and Kaijin made their way to Taiga and Kiraisuki, knowing the next wave was sure to come. And it did come, only this time it was only made up of ninja. Four Jounin and six more Chunin. “Kirigakure,” whispered Aki to Taiga as the enemy ninjas began to enter the field. Within seconds the field was covered in a thick mist again.

There was a low, evil, chuckle. “You think you can beat us with that? Think again,” yelled out one of the Jounin from somewhere within the mist. His voice was distorted, it was obvious that he had altered the air currents slightly so that they couldn’t pinpoint his exact location on sound alone. He was a Fuuton user.

Aki yawned. Her fingertips glowed a pale blue as she forced lightning chakra to her hand. As the mist was made out of water, Aki concentrated hard to keep the lightning in her hands. Kaijin realizing what Aki was up to used his own wind chakra to clear the area around them of mist. In a few minutes, Aki’s hands were crackling as more lightning stayed in her hands. She cautiously let the lightning escape from her hands and into the mist. Kiraisuki continued to throw various projectiles at the slightest sound, masking the sound of Aki’s lightning with the sound of metal upon metal.

Before most of the enemy ninja had realized what was happening, they were shocked and severely paralyzed. Only a few had managed to get away. Unfortunately for them, the enemy ninja had set off a signal, signaling any other nearby troops to come in for back up. Before long, the place was infested with shinobi and Samurai alike.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours. Near the end of the day, just a few hours before sundown, the ground was littered with dead bodies. Many of them were of Samurais, some bodies of shinobis mixed in. They were all worn out by now. Each person on that blood filled battlefield was panting for each breath and trembling slightly from exhaustion, but neither side was willing to give or going to. They would only die fighting.

Taiga staggered back a few steps, suffering from blood loss and tripped, falling back against a tree. He panted for each breath and tried to get back up again, but failed. A group of worn out Samurai and shinobi came towards him. Kiraisuki was surrounded by a group of Samurai and a few shinobi. Aki was fighting off two Jounin at once, and Kaijin had his own horde of Samurais and shinobi to deal with. In a few seconds, everyone was jarred awake by Kiraisuki’s scream. Dirt had been thrown into her eyes and while she blinked several times to clear her vision, they had attacked and captured her, along with an injury to her lower left leg. A shinboi had gathered lightning chakra to a finger and held against Kiraisuki briefly, paralyzing her, but letting her feel a small amount of pain. He turned to face Aki, Kaijin, and Taiga. “None of you move,” he said quietly, grimly, and with triumph, grabbing a kunai off the ground and placing it at Kiraisuki’s neck, the Samurai’s swords and spears pointed at her as well. “If any of you so much as move an inch, she’ll die.”

Aki, Kaijin, and Taiga stood still. Their faces blank and expressionless. The Jounin motioned for his men to return to him. He was easily protected now, by both shinobi and Samurai and Kiraisuki was their prisoner. He grinned slightly. “Throw down all your weapons.”

They slowly went about removing kunai and shuriken from their pockets, along with exploding notes and pouches, smoke grenades, makibishi, some senbon, and windmill shuriken. They then threw all of this onto the ground several feet away from themselves. “What now?” asked Kaijin, his voice colder than usual, eyes glaring at the Jounin.

The Jounin laughed. “What now? Hmm... I say we have some fun,” he grinned evilly. He turned to a Jounin behind him. “Yajuu, which do you want?”

Yajuu grinned. “I’ll have little miss goth girl over there,” he said, eyes going over to Aki. “I take it you want her Kaijuu?” he asked, licking his lips. “How much fun should we have?”

“As much as we like,” answered Kaijuu. He let out another low, evil laugh and turned to face Kiraisuki fully. “Did you hear that little girl? We’re gonna have some fun.”

Kiraisuki’s eyes widened in horror and she tried to get away, but of course she couldn’t. She was paralyzed and he had a tight grip on her. Even opening her mouth felt hard. “No!” screamed out Kiraisuki at long last, but Kaijuu pressed a lightning charged finger against her cheek, silencing her.

Yajuu walked over to Aki confidently and arrogantly. “We can do this the hard way or the easy way.”

Aki shot him a death glare. “We can do it my way.”

“Hmph. Feisty... That’s good, I like them feisty,” he grinned evilly, a hand reaching out for her.

“I mean it,” said Aki coldly, as he touched her, she exploded into lightning, a Ration Kage Bunshin. Yajuu screamed in pain, paralyzed and the whole front side of his body charred. The weapons that had been thrown onto the ground changed into Kage Bunshins of Kaijin.

“It’s over,” said all of the Kage Bunshins as one. “Let her go now.”

Kaijuu had been shocked and surprised at first, and then he smirked. “She dies then.” The kunai went closer to Kiraisuki’s neck. “Disperse the clones and get the brat to show up.”

Kaijin shrugged. “Fine by me.” The clones dispersed... all of them. The real Kaijin nowhere to be seen, Taiga gone as well.

“Damn it!” swore Kaijuu.

“It’s not over yet, not by a long shot,” said Aki as she did show up, right in front of Kaijuu. Aki grabbed Kiraisuki and disappeared in the mist created by Taiga. Kiraisuki was already panicking, due to past trauma with the men of her clan, she feared and hated virtually any man. She was hyperventilating and having a panic episode, the images and nightmares of her past becoming real once more.

The Samurai and shinobi rushed at them again. “Argh, get that damn bitch and kill her!” yelled out Kaijuu. “I don’t care what the hell you do to her, but she better fucking die, you hear me?! And kill the rest of those bastards too! If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll have that damn bitch before I kill her!”

“Taiga, get out of her now,” said Kaijin quietly, eying the Samurai and shinobi. “I can hold them long enough for you three to escape. Go. Now.”

“But sensei... you...” started Taiga quietly, already grabbing a hold of Kiraisuki.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine,” said Kaijin, even though they all knew he wouldn’t be fine if they left him.

Aki sighed. “Go on Taiga. Kaijin and I can handle them.”

“But...” started Taiga again. “We’re a team...” said Taiga quietly.

“I know... but sometimes we have to make hard choices. And right now you need to save Kirai... “ said Aki. “I know that you...”

“That I...?”

“Nothing... Just go!”

“Alright... But if you two haven’t caught up with us within half an hour, we’re coming back. I don’t care, but we are. We’re not going to runaway like cowards. We’re a team, and we’re going to die as a team.”

“Mmm.” And they all nodded a little. Taiga took Kiraisuki in his arms and ran off the field. Kaijin and Aki and prepared themselves for the fight to come. “May your wish be granted,” they both mumbled to one another.

For the next fifteen minutes, Kaijin and Aki fought hard, but they were outnumbered and exhausted. Kaijin was the first one to fall. “Go... save yourself...” mumbled Kaijin, his eyes closing. Aki only shook her head and continued fighting. “Go... Go Aki... Go...” mumbled Kaijin half heartedly again.

Aki was stabbed in a vital area as she looked down at Kaijin for a split second. Her eyes bulged out slightly and she closed her eyes, staggering back a few steps. She suppressed a cry of pain, grimacing in pain, a hand going over to the area. As she brought up to her eyes, she saw blood dripping down from it. Fresh, dark, deep, vivid, bright, red blood. The smell and sight of blood awoken Aki. She felt more alive now. Her vision blurred slightly for a few seconds.

So I’m dying now am I? thought Aki. And then her vision cleared again. The enemy shinboi and Samurai seemed to be moving in slow motion and she could pick out their movements quite easily. Who knew that death could give one such abilities... thought Aki as she used the newfound power to defeat the remaining Samurai. Hand signs were performed slightly faster and she could copy some of the jutsus of the enemy shinobi. Aki now realized she had unlocked the Sharingan and used it to her advantage. Soon, there were only dead bodies on the bloody battlefield.

Aki sank to her knees in exhaustion, but couldn’t quite succumb to the exhaustion. She fell and landed against Kaijin. This brought Kaijin out of his slumber. “Ah.. A-Aki?” mumbled Kaijin in shock. Aki finally succumbed to the exhaustion and fell asleep. “Aki...” mumbled Kaijin softly, wrapping an arm around her. He quickly noticed the fatal wound and held Aki gently. “Rest Aki... but don’t go just yet. It may be your dream, your wish, but you can’t go, not yet, not now,” he murmured to her.
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... Where am I? It was dark, too dark to be normal. It was literally pitch black, and I was falling. I didn’t remember falling though. Deeper and deeper and I fell. It was like the pit of darkness was never going to end. I couldn’t hear anything or see anything. And then I realized I couldn’t smell or taste anything either, and when I touched something, I didn’t feel anything.

I didn’t understand it all. And it was getting so cold, so cold that I couldn’t breathe. I felt myself choking on nothing, grasping for air where there was none. And my heart! It was pounding so hard, so loud! Surely it would come out! And the pain... it hurt so much. What was happening? Pain everywhere... It felt like all the bones in body were getting broken or getting longer and thicker. It hurt so much. I wanted it to end. If it could just end, it would be alright.

Now the cold was replaced by a fire. It was hot now, too hot, as if I had been thrown into a volcano. The sudden change of temperature was making me shut down as well. I couldn’t think well. It hurt to just try to remember what my name was. And breathing... I could breathe now, but the air it was so hot! I wanted to quit breathing now. What was happening? Why was nothing working? Why was I in so much pain? Why?

The darkness began to draw on me. I was getting afraid. How long would I be falling? How long would I be stuck in this darkness? This darkness with no one around? No one... just me. I wanted to scream or yell or cry, but I couldn’t. Every time I did, nothing happened. If I tried screaming or yelling no words came out. My mouth only opened and closed like a fish’s when it’s gasping for air. And if I cried, there were no tears, no sobs, nothing.

And then it began to fade. The darkness was fading away. I almost tried to cry with joy. The light was so welcoming, so friendly. But something was holding me back. I was torn in half. A part of me was telling me that I should go back, that I should go back into the pit of darkness and pain. But another part of me was telling me that I needed to go towards the path of light, that all the pain would disappear if I did. I didn’t know what to choose. So I stood there, burning and freezing over and over again, in pain, when just a foot’s step away I could end it all. It became clear now, I was dying, no I was dead. And I had to choose, to go back and suffer even more or to just end it all right here and now.

I began to step towards the light. If I went back... If I went back I would only be in more pain and I would still die anyway. After all, when you died, you died. You were already doomed to die, so why bother trying to change that? You had already been fated to die, and if you fought back, you might live another day, but you would still die anyway. Why make it harder on myself and everyone else? Why should I raise their hopes up for a few days only to destroy those hopes later? Why should I even bother living or fighting back? I had wanted to die for a very long time now anyway.

But just as I was about to step over the threshold into the world of the light, I heard a voice. And only one word. Aki. My name. The voice was sad, desolate, forlorn, mournful. And there was something to it that hinted at weeping. The voice was distinctly male too, and it sounded so familiar, like I had heard it before somewhere. But where? I couldn’t remember how old I was or how long I had been here. Who did that voice belong to? Who? I couldn’t think straight and I didn’t know who it was.

Aki! There it was again. Was I just imagining things? Was I dreaming? I turned around and gazed back at the darkness. It was so dark, I don’t know what I was expecting to see. But I looked around anyway. There was a whimper behind me. I turned around, surprised that there was something else here with me. It was some kind of creature. It looked cute and harmless. The creature resembled a dog in a way and was staring at me with mournful puppy like eyes. I wanted to touch it, but there was a problem, it was in the world of the light. The thing wagged its tail and looked at me again. I took a small timid step towards it.

Aki... Aki... please... please, you just have to come back... Aki... There it was again. The voice was like a siren call to me. It was making me go back to the darkness. I took a few steps towards it. The voice was so forlorn and mournful. He was weeping, I could just tell for some reason. He was so sad, and it was because of me. But why was he sad? That’s right! I was dead... But if I was dead, I wouldn’t be able to hear him. He was in the world of the living. I was in the world of the dead. But... there something about him. Something that I couldn’t put finger on. Just who was he?

I realized I was about to step back into the world of darkness. I shook my head and took several steps back, heading towards the light, the safe, warm, gentle light. Aki! Aki... Aki... And there it was again. Just who was he? And why was he crying so much? No one in my family cared about me...

Aki! He was getting annoying now. Why couldn’t he just shut up? Didn’t he realize he was just making this harder than it had to be? I was already dead, so why didn’t he just deal with it? It’s not like I could actually choose when to die. That was a silly thought. No one got choose when they died, except of course, the people who committed suicide, but even then they didn’t get to choose when, not specifically anyway. I waited to see if I would hear the voice again, but I didn’t, so I began to walk towards the light.

Aki... I... I... You can’t die... Aki... Wait a minute... that voice. It sounded so familiar. Like I had heard it before. But... who was it? I knew I had heard that voice before, I just knew it, but... I couldn’t remember. It was like it was right there in front of me, but every time I tried to grab hold of it, it disappeared.

Aki! I almost ran towards the darkness, but I stopped short again. What if this was a trap? What if we could choose when we died? What if this was just a trap? A way to get me to choose to die. I hesitated. Do I go back into the darkness or do I go forward into the light? But I wanted to die... I always had, so why was I being so hesitant now?

And then I noticed something. The darkness was moving, it really was. Curious I watched the darkness move around. Then it stopped and seemed to be clearing away like smoke. I could see everyone... Taiga, Kiraisuki... Mother, Father, Brother... and little Brother... Uncle... Everyone.

I could remember everything now... everything except for that guy’s voice. Just who was he? I really wanted to know... but I couldn’t remember. And I had been sure I had met him before. He just seemed too familiar. Aki... The darkness shifted once more and I saw a face. A face that jolted the rest of my memories. I could remember now. I remember everything. Everything! I had to go back. I couldn’t die now. I had to fight! I had to tell him... I had to speak with him. Just one more time. At least once. Once before I died for good.

I threw myself into the dark pit of nothingness. The pain seemed to intensify a hundred fold. But I didn’t care anymore. I had to make it back to the world of the living. I just had to. As I fell again, I couldn’t help but notice things getting darker and darker. And slowly, my senses were coming back. Just a little longer, a little longer and then I would be back.

But with each second that passed, I could feel the pain increasing even more. It was as if the darkness was rejecting me, trying to make me go back, to push back into the light. But I fought it. It was a contest of wills. And I wanted to go back. I was going to go back. I would go back. And I was back. It was still dark, but I could hear things now in a diluted fashion. I could smell the clean hospital room, taste the small mouthful of blood I had, feel the soft hospital sheets on my bare body, and I could tell that there were bright lights shining over me.

My eyelids fluttered slightly and I opened them wearily, as if my eyelids weighed a ton; I barely managed to crack them open. I tried to open my mouth to speak, to tell them that it was alright, that I was back, but I couldn’t, every time I tried to do that my mouth would get all dry and it would be closed shut, as if someone had glued my lips together. At last I managed to open my mouth slightly. I tried to speak, but instead I coughed up blood.

I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, but I was searching for him. Where was he? I had heard his voice... Where was he? “K-Kaijin?” I whispered out, feeling my strength fade away. “Kaijin...” I croaked out, my voice already beginning to fade away. If anyone heard me, they must have had a good sense of hearing because I could barely hear myself and it was deadly quiet in the room too.

“A-Aki?” whispered someone beside of me. I tried to turn my head towards him, but I was too tired. My eyelids were getting heavy. Had my efforts to live again been wasted so easily? Was I already on my way back to death? He must have moved because I could see his face now. Rich, dark, black hair that reminded me so much of the darkness that I had dived into to live again, his pale skin and light brown eyes. Eyes that looked at me as if I were a ghost. Eyes that were filled with sadness and red from crying. I could see shock and disbelief in them so easily.

He raised a hand to touch me, but quickly drew it back. He couldn’t believe I was alive... That I was back. “Kaijin...” I whispered again. “Kaijin...” A small dribble of blood came out and slid down along my chin. I saw him look away. That was when I knew. He was afraid. I had died. I was supposed to be dead. I wasn’t supposed to be alive. He was afraid. Hot, fresh, tears collected in my eyes. I tried to blink them back, to blink back the sea that threatened to drown me. I had thought he would welcome me with open arms... I was wrong then. I should have known, but a piece of me still clung onto what little hope I had left while the rest of me began to die again.

And then I felt his arms around me. He picked me up gently so that I could sit comfortably in his lap. “Aki...” he whispered, wiping away my tears and the blood I had coughed up. I couldn’t help but let myself be embraced by him. My arms were pinned up against his chest, my fingers closed around the folds of his shirt and held onto them tightly. I cried onto his chest, ruining his shirt. My tears were of happiness, sadness, and relief. Small clots of blood got onto his black shirt, but he didn’t seem to care and only held onto me tighter. “Aki...” he whispered, choking on my name slightly. He was crying too.

I could feel him entwining his hands in my long hair and stroking my bare back lightly, trying to soothe me. I was crying more than he was. He slowly let go of me and took of his shirt. “Aki...” He hesitated, he didn’t know what else to say. I only threw myself back at him and held onto him tighter. His body was like a burning hot piece of metal to my own cold dead body. I felt him wrap his arms around me once more. He held onto me tightly, knowing I was cold, sharing his body heat, helping me.

“Kaijin...” I murmured, feeling warm and sleepy now. I looked up at him and saw him looking down at me. His brown eyes were boring into my own black eyes, searching them for some kind of sign that I was really alright. I smiled back at him weakly, and then he smiled as well. “I came back because of you,” I said quietly. I placed a hand on his heart. He placed a hand over mine and place the other over my own heart, and I quickly clasped it as well. “My heart beats for you,” I whispered “and only you Kaijin. My heart is always with you.”

“My heart beats for you. My soul shines because of you. I live because of you Aki, and only you Aki, and that’s how it will always be. Nothing can change that. No matter where you are, your heart is with me. Your soul is always beside of mine. Your life is with me. And no matter where I am, my heart is with you, my soul is by your side and my life is in your hands. Always,” he said softly, quietly.

I could feel Kaijin’s arms pulling me in closer to him and then his hand going up my back to my shoulder and on to my neck and lastly, my face. He brought me closer to him and then gently placed his lips on mine. He kissed me lightly, softly, and then hungrily. And I kissed him back. His lips were rough, but gentle, and salty from the tears he had shed. I suppose mine were as well.

I felt his hand slip down to my waist and pull me closer to him, and I felt myself wrapping my arms around his neck, bringing him down closer to me, I had forgotten he was taller than me. For a few brief seconds I felt his tongue on my own and then it passed. He had stopped, we needed to breathe. “Kaijin...” I whispered, feeling even more tired now.

Kaijin smiled at me. “It’s alright, you can sleep Aki. I’ll be right here with you,” he whispered to me soothingly, he must have been able to tell I was so tired. “I promise.”

I smiled back at him. “I know...” I answered. “You’ll be right here with me... and I’ll be right here with you... forever,” I murmured, getting sleepier by the second. I felt bad for going to sleep so soon after coming back, after all, I might go back there if I go to sleep so soon. But I was reassured by him. He gently laid me down the last few inches to the bed. He got up and pulled the blankets over me, kissing me on the lips lightly. “Kaijin...”

“I’ll be right here Aki. I won’t go away. I’m not going to disappear,” he said gently.

My eyes dropped slightly, the room blurred slightly. I heard him take a few steps and reached out for him. I grabbed onto his hand and held onto it tightly. “Stay with me... Always...” I murmured quietly, starting to succumb to the exhaustion I had been blocking and fighting back.

“Always...” I heard him answer, holding onto my hand with both of his, before I drifted off into sweet, peaceful, calming, tranquil dreams of bliss. The last thing I remembered was hearing his voice. My dreams were of him and only him. The two of us together forever for all eternity... Kaijin, I love you... He had been my savior... The only reason why I continued to live until this day... I was so glad that he felt the same the way about me. I had always thought that he... that he never did like me.
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Ua Ib Siab
Though Kaijin and Aki had finally admitted their love to each other, there was one tiny little problem: Kaijin was engaged... had been engaged for the past two years now... He and Aki would steal away quietly to her own special place whenever time allowed it, but.. it couldn’t last.

Aki had also played matchmaker and made Taiga and Kiraisuki admit their love to each other ever since they had meet. Taiga had saved Kiraisuki from her clan’s own vile deeds, pretending to be a masked ANBU, but had never had enough courage to tell Kiraisuki. He had also been one of the few chosen to obliterate the Kasais, due their true nature. The Toras and Kasais are a feuding family, and Daikiria, Kiriasuki’s twin brother, forbids Kiraisuki from being with Taiga. And Taiga’s clan forbids him from being with Kiraisuki. Nevertheless, Aki has helped them get together.

Aki and Kaijin really do love one another, but Kaijin comes from a rich and prestigious family, a family with a good name. Though Uchiha may be great, they have a bad name. Kaijin is willing to sacrifice everything for Aki, but Aki doesn’t want him to. To her, it only makes things worse... if he sacrifices everything for her, then his family will only hate him and he’ll make even more enemies.

“But Aki... why? I’ve always loved you... ever since... ever since we became a team. Aki, please, why won’t you let me? Does our--”

“Kaijin... I...” started Aki, sighed and sat down in her spot against the tree. “Kaijin... I love you. I really do, but... I don’t want to cause more problems if...”

“If I decide to leave my family on my own?”

“You don’t understand... Your family actually cares about you... Mine doesn’t, at least not the way they should. Kaijin you should know that... They... they weren’t even there when I was in a critical situation. Only you, Taiga, and Kiraisuki were, and Kiraisuki was all high on drugs. Taiga was too concerned about Kiraisuki to pay much attention to me. In truth... you guys are my only family.” said Aki quietly, pulling her legs up and wrapping her arms around her legs, head resting behind her knees. She looked very depressed and suicidal.

“Aki...” said Kaijin softly. He bent down and looked at her in the eyes. “Aki... What are you saying?”

Aki closed her eyes. “We shouldn’t see each other any more. We can’t stay like this. Think about it, how long can we be like this? Secretly meeting each other so that we can have some time together. My heart suffers even more because of this everyday. I think of you every night, but then I remember what you told me. We can’t stay like this Kajin...”

“... Aki...” murmured Kaijin quietly.

“Kaijin.. please. We can’t love each other. We have to go our separate ways. I’ll miss everything we’ve shared. But... But I’ve made up my mind and heart. I’m... I’m letting you go. We’ll go our separate ways. You can... you can resign as our Jounin sensei, or I’ll insist on getting a new team. I’ve made up my mind... we have to go our own ways. Staying together like this isn’t doing us any good... no matter how much we want to be together...” Aki was beginning to cry now. “I’m letting you go Kaijin, let’s go our separate ways,” whispered Aki, tears dripping down from her face.

“Aki... You don’t want this. I know that. I can see that. You... I... We’re something Aki. Things like this only happen once in a life time. I don’t want to lose you. Please, Aki, don’t do this. Don’t do this, Aki, we’ll find another way out of this. I love you. I can never love anyone else. I mean every single one of those words I told you in the hospital,” whispered Kaijin hoarsely, his voice thick, a hand went up to touch Aki’s cheek, wiping away the tears.

Aki jerked away. “I know you meant it Kaijin... but... Kaijin... your family doesn’t approve of me, my family would never approve of you, not that it matters to me... but I’m worried about you. Your family is influencing enough that they can have me killed... or other people that are precious to you,” she said softly.

“But there is no one else. No one but you,” said Kaijin, slightly hurt that she had moved away so fast.

“What about Taiga? Kiraisuki? You don’t care about them?” accused Aki half heartedly.

“Kai... Please...” whispered Aki, her voice choking and cracking as wet, fresh, hot, salty tears poured down her face. “Kai... please... we have to go our separate ways.”

Kaijin slowly nodded. “Alright...” he said, his voice cracking as well. “But for one last time... one last time, let me hold you. Just one last time.” Aki slowly nodded. Kaijin helped her to her feet and he held her gently in his arms, and then he held her tighter. “I love you Aki...” he cried. “I don’t want to let go of you...”

Tears were falling from Aki as well. “And I you...” whispered back Aki, she couldn’t say anything else or more tears would appear. They stayed in each other arms for a good time and then Kaijin slowly pulled away from her. Aki’s body felt cold and stiff where Kaijin had once been. “Always...” mumbled Aki.

“Always,” said Kaijin. And then he took a step towards her and kissed her. It was their last kiss, much like their first kiss. Wet, salty, and hungrily, but gently and softly at the same time. At last they broke away...

Aki and Kaijin would indeed go their own ways. Kaijin would continue to train them as their Jounin sensei though. Training sessions became tense and nerve-wracking. And though Taiga and Kiraisuki tried to get them back together, neither would consent to their advice. Before long Kaijin was married to his fiancé. Aki would go through an emotional breakdown from there.

Shortly after Kaijin’s marriage, they were sent on a mission where Kaijin died, protecting Aki... His body was brought back to the village and his funeral was under way. Aki hadn’t even recovered from her injuries, when it was nearing the end of Kaijin’s funeral. She had gotten up and made it to his funeral anyway. One problem: she was forbidden to see Kaijin’s body or be anywhere within fifteen meters of Kaijin’s burial place. His family had blamed Kaijin’s death on Aki and virtually hated her now.

Taiga and Kiraisuki would be there for Aki, supporting her in her weakened state and trying to reason with the Kamikazes to let Aki see Kaijin for just a few minutes. The request was obviously denied and Aki didn’t get to see Kaijin. Hopeless as it was, Aki stayed, shaking off any help from Taiga or Kiraisuki. They soon left Aki alone, knowing that she would come to her senses sooner or later...

Aki closed her eyes. As the rain came down soft and silently, Aki’s own tears mixed in with the rain’s. Each lightning bolt that streaked across the sky was her own desire to die right then. Each rumble of thunder was her heart crying out in pain. The rain her infinite tears and sadness. She became even more depressed and suicidal than before, if that was possible. “Kaijin... My heart is forever with you... as is my soul... With you gone I am gone as well... We are yin and yang... Separate and apart we are nothing more than just another human... but together... together we shine like the moon and the stars,” whispered Aki quietly as memories and images of Kaijin flashed by in her head.

Whether it was a hallucination or not, Aki saw Kaijin’s spirit appear before her. “Kaijin...” whispered Aki. He smiled at her and hugged her for the last time. Aki’s eyes closed as he came closer and kissed her lightly on the lips. Kaijin...

I’m here Aki... I live on with you... and you live on with me... I love you Aki. Goodbye. And when Aki opened her eyes again, he was gone. “Kaijin...” she whispered one last time before fainting from her injuries.
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Post Genin
Now sixteen, Aki would never again mention Kaijin, nor would anyone with any common sense mention it to her again. She became even darker and colder, if it was possible, and though she was recognized as an Uchiha now, she still didn’t care for her clan or her family. She still hated them in a sense.

Aki rarely eats anymore, usually only one meal a day, and that “meal” is more of a snack. Some say she’s still in mourning, others say she’s looking for a way to die, but no one knows. Not even Taiga and Kiraisuki. Her former friendship with them has degraded slightly. True to her AB blood type people, Aki has a personality for those who are distant to her, those who close to her, and one for herself alone. She barely sleeps either, getting less than an hour a day. All in all, there’s one word that can describe her: dead.

She leads a very apathetic and depressing life. She has grown to have an obsession for blood and is always day dreaming. To Aki, books, writing, drawing, and music are her last life lines. If it weren’t for those things, Aki would be dead by now. Has anyone put two and two together? No. They all blame it on the death of Kaijin, poor family background, and low self esteem.

Aki’s whole life seems to be a paradox. She doesn’t believe in love, but fell in love herself. She hates living, but considers life a gift and precious. She hates snakes, but has learned how to summon them. She hates insects, but her new Jounin sensei was an Aburame. She loved Kaijin, but was never allowed to be with him. She was strongly apathetic, but she grew to care about Kaijin, Taiga, and Kiraisuki. She never liked to play matchmaker, but did so with Taiga and Kiriasuki. She doesn’t care what other people say about her or anyone else, but she cares about what they’ll say if Kaijin had given up everything for her. All the more reason to hate herself, her family, and every one around her. All the more reason to wish for death and seek it apathetically.
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Oh and I'm going with her parents survived the Uchiha massacre along with a small handful of others. Thus her relatives and what not. Is that alright?
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Aki you amaze me^^ Approved~
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Uchiha Aki
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