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 Alpha Kuragari, 14 Tailed Dragon

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Suffer Fuuma

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PostSubject: Alpha Kuragari, 14 Tailed Dragon   Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:40 pm

Name Of Bijuu: Juushibi

Name Of Host: Alpha Kuragari

Why Should You Get This Bijuu?
Well, I myself take me as a fairly well rper. Don't godmod and I know limits. Plus, you know me? o.o

What Will You Do With Said Bijuu?
Enhance what I'm doing now o.o Use it will I really need to and not in petty fights. Be the best o.o

Age: 19

Rank: A-Ranked

Rp Sample -

Suffer stands at the village gates of rock with a blood red cloak on. it looked as if it were moving. maybe it wasn't a cloak. maybe it was......wait a Lava cloak. but for protection or for comfort. either or. or maybe both. maybe for some other hidden purpose. nobody knew except for him. he hair had apparently been cut down 4 inches. The veins in his body popped out as if they were similar to an exo-skeleton. his skin was smooth with sweat. he had finished working out. he apparently jogged the way here. his pants were silky smooth and his shoes were regular ninja footwear. His eyes peered deep the the gates of Iwakagure. those bloodshot eyes which have seen continuous blood being innocently shed. he looked as evil as can be. his black pupils were that of a stressed human. but Suffer was not a human indeed. Yes he was not. but what was he. did anybody know? maybe a few select beings but he was indeed part ghost. the king of the ghost realm. the ruler of constant ghost spirits that romed in his realm. was he going to set them free once he rid of this village and rose another from the burnt ashes? only his intentions were opened to his inteligence.

Suffer Looked Suspicious with his attire and his monster attitude. he looked even though as he was about to start trouble. indeed he was. before Suffer had told the guards that he was the one who writes their pay checks they attacked foolishly. On ran up to suffer as he readied a punch. Suffer closed his eyes and focused. He could hear the guard coming closer and closer as the guard let out a huge 'ARRRRRRRRR' when the guard punched suffer in the stomach his hand past through his abdomen as the guard retracted his hand. In the heap of all the confusion Suffer punted the guard in his groin as he flew over the village gates helplessly with his groin and testicals shattered. Suffer said in a hushed voice only heard by himself

"Fucking Owned.."

The other guard observed as the first guard was flying through the gates never to have children or sex for that matter again. The second guard looked even more determined to take down suffer. He threw kunai as Suffer grabbed them all between the soles of his fingers. he then dropped them all smiling very lightly. he was thinking that the second guard was smart to try and distract him. but it wasn't good enough. Suffer kept his eye on the guard. the guard guard looked into his eyes. Suffer disappeared and reappeared with his knee to the mid section of the second guard as the guard throw up blood onto his pants leg. Suffer shook his head very slowly as he judo chopped the guard on the back of his neck. this caused the guard to drop to the floor in sheer pain. although he was not dead yet suffer laid his foot on the neck of him and twisted violently. loud cracks could be heard. what happened. was the last guard dead? yes he was. with his spine disconnected from his neck, life was stripped from his being. suffer wiped the blood from his pants as he spit upon the deceased guard.

"See you in my realm.."

Finally Suffer could overrun his village. as he the gates opened manually by suffer citizens looked at suffer with a strange look. nobody really knew that he was kage. it was a damn shame. the only thing on the villagers minds was if suffer had anything to do with the terribly injured gate guard that was being tended to by medical ninjas from around. for this they feared suffer some and ceased to make eye contact fearing he would kill them. too bad they would never know anyway that he was there kage and they had absolutely EVERYTHING to be afraid of. He placed his open palm out in front of his chest with arms stretched fully. he clenched a fist. nothing happened. the town citizens laughed thinking he was doing yoga. they thought he was too weak to have injured that guard who was still being tended too. his diagnoses was a broken groin and his two testi's broken into 19 peices. around that area was very swollen apparently. Suffer smirked as he continued what he was doing. this village was about to perish from existance. Suffer had closed his eyes and was breathing deep breaths. the town then began to rumble. this was the conclsiong of the crowd laugh. people on the opposite side could feel it. Suffer began to rise on a 10 foot tall sand stump. Quicksand rose from the depths of the ground sinking everything in sight. Suffer and his stump were uneffected. Screams from both children and adults were being cryed. building were also uneffected. infants cried from being awoken. Suffer cared for noone in the village. he was technically not kage of Rock but of Kokudokagure. The village hidden in the Realms. As all the villagers were sunken all sand disappeared back under the cement and earth.

There was nobody left in the village except Suffer. his job was almost done. one more task was to be pertained to. The entirely wipe out the houses and every trace of it. his hands were then risen above his head as the ground rumbled again. but this time it was more violent than the sand caused quake. Lava spurted from behind Suffer. Thousands of gallons were pouring as an ocean from behind suffer. he moved his arms in ways to part the wave around him. Suffer had a satanic smile spreaded across his face as the wave crashed into the village burning and melting everything in sight. Suffer sat on a lava stool and waited for about 30 minutes replenishing chakra within the time span. he had wasted more than 50% already. he then was risen by a lava typhoon over the village and saw that nothing was left. not a doll, not a peace of bread, not even a cell. it was just land. Suffer had succeded in his doing. Kokudokagure was to be built from not even the ashes. this marked a new era in the worlds history book. The lava slowly made his way down into the ground back to the earth's center past crust and core. it was time.

"Finally, this will mark the day that rock has been wiped off the face of the earth"

Suffer said this with a grin and determination. he was ready for the not so hard work of building kokudokagure. He sat and replenished his chakra as he remembered something important. he needed to make his way to the grounds of the Fuuma. but for what purpose. should he go? should he not. he didn't want to in fact. he was very tired and he wanted a nap. but he knew time couldn't be wasted. He stood up. He flipped his hair back as he drenched his neck back. it was shorter than having the usual hair size that he did have before. A portal opened up from where the village gate had been standing. Suffer walked to it taking one glance of the empty land that was his before making his way into the portal.

Suffer Had stepped out of a portal at the gates of the soon to be Kokukagure. He was witnessing his work that he had did to the Previous Iwakagure. He Had countless slaves similar to the ones who built the egyptian pyramids of Giza carrying dozens of Red stones on there back. They were in a single file line heading into the village. They were all sweaty as Suffer had made them walk 10 miles with the equipment onto their back. More walked out of the portal carrying cement bags. They were here to make the village gates higher. The gates would be made from Steel as they were already high enough. The walls surrounding them needed to be lengthened. Suffer stood back and relaxed on a sand mount. The Realm Village was in a mountain range. It was hidden very well. The Workers worked hard. The slaves weren't humans. This is why they had supernatural strength and speed. They were ghosts who had passed through the Arc of Life and gained bodies to become a physical form.

Hours and hours had passed. Suffer resided to take a nap. The ghostly slaves were all working as fast as a cheetah could run 5 miles. These Slaves were indeed tired but would do anything to please their master Suffer. Cement dried over time. The slaves were planting in new stones. the goal was to get the village walls to 200 feet tall. The slaves were at 94 feet by the time a span of 7 hours had passed. they started at 5 am in the morning. Suffer had not slept all night so this had been his chance. He woke up by 3 Pm. he noticed the hard work of the slaves and pumped them up.

"Let's Do This. We must Finish By 5 am."

The Ghosts hustled. hours and hours past. time was getting shorter. the workers had nearly finished making half the walls a red color. They finished the red by 8 pm. Suffer smiled. he wanted to shut his brother up about making his side. he was almost ready to. soon it would be his time to annoy Apathy about making his side. The workers were building the Green walls with green stones. the stones were the same shade as Apathy's special acid.

Time passed swiftly as Suffer watched his workers. By Only 4 am the workers had been finished. Suffer was proud of his minions. his smile was full of Gratitude.

"Good Work guys. You May return to your homes"

Suffer's ghost chakra poured into the fabric od face. A Purple portal opened as the ghosts all walked into it to enjoy their home world. Most waved and smiled as they took the equipment with them. The gate now stood 200 feet tall as Suffer looked up at the top and sighed.

"Time To Get To Work"

One Ghost had stayed behind. He was skilled in the water element when he was a human. he had found his body when he came through the Arc of Life. Suffer Took a deep breath as he inhaled and exhaled. He Rose his arms into the air slowly as a tremor was occuring in the mountain range. A Volcano started to rise from the center of the village. This took Much chakra and stamina to conduct. Lava was appearing covering the whole left side of the village. The Water specialized Ghost did handseals as a giant waterfall of water poured down over the left side. The lava was being super cooled. Of course this was chakra lava. if it were real it would take more than a few minutes to cool the element. Suffer molded with heated rock to be smooth and non rugged. This was the newly formed ground for Suffer's side. The Volcano that had risen from the center of the village had stored lava and magma inside but it was not going to erupt. you could say it had been inactive. More lava spured from out of nowhere to form smooth houses over suffer's side. In a matter of 42 minutes Suffer's side of the village would be formed with streets, houses, markets, and a Lake of lava for execution. The Water affinity ghost still had waves and waves coming to cool the area. They worked together for another 20 minutes to form the kage village in which him and apathy would be residing in.

"Finally finished...."

The portal was still open and the Ghost walked through saying your welcome to Suffer. He waved and went on his way. Suffer gestured a goodbye to his minion as he lay down on his back tired and recouperatting chakra. He waited for apathy to appear to the halfly finished Kokudokagure. He was to worn out to build anything else for the time being.
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Alpha Kuragari, 14 Tailed Dragon
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