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Kina Fuuma

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PostSubject: Juushibi~Roze~   Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:41 pm

Name Of Bijuu:Juushibi

Name Of Host:Roze KUsubana

Why Should You Get This Bijuu?I should get it cause i am a good role player when it comes down too it not only that i am uzukage and defending my village twice from rain making out alive both times and not only that i see all these guys get a bijuu i thought this site need a female with a bijuu for crying out loud and show men arent the only one's with power and i wont GM with it or op i know the bijuu powers only comes when your at death door or it takes control like narutos kyuubi for example and i think ill be a good host for it and if the site need ant help boosting up crap ill help with that too

What Will You Do With Said Bijuu? i will use it when im at's death door or i am needed by the staff for a event or something and if i its possible try too help my village but knowing that if i do get a bijuu thats probably not possible i will protect people dear too me and i will train alone just too harness the power of it for i can use its chakra too increase my power but i will not try too over do it i will only use it if i either run out of chakra and need more or i am on a important mission and i will show that girls can be powerful with bijuu as well


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