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 Kilyal Mato "The 10 Tailed Bijuu Wolf"

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PostSubject: Kilyal Mato "The 10 Tailed Bijuu Wolf"   Sat Aug 08, 2009 11:06 pm

Name Of Bijuu: Kawaunari or "River Howl"

Name Of Host: Kilyal Mato

Why Should You Get This Bijuu?
The Bijuu will be linked to our Doujutsu like The 9 Tail is controlled by The strongest Uchiha from the Clan. I will take the Bijuu as a way to return my village's respect and honor. All the Great Villages have one and Im ready for mine to be one. I did great work last time in creating a stable village and even went to prison for my earlier crimes like killing Jiraya but he is back, So went to jail for nothing except for what I did to gain Rain and payback the ninja that destroyed my already screwed world. I know how to control and not use it for minor issues and only in protection of my Clan, Family, and Village. Like others though if pushed to close death I will let it go in a battle. Im still a good ninja and keep my Clan in order like a good Kage and even been keeping up with facts out of Manga and adding mine to complete my OC's History.

What Will You Do With Said Bijuu?
Like I said earlier I want the Bijuu to become better and push my training more and for My Clan. Our Doujutsu will be able to control The Bijuu but only the strongest will be able too. Our village has shown no disrespect or started issues with no one and wish to keep it like that but I know like everyone else that in time we will be targeted and they might be backed by another Bijuu, So incase Id like to make sure like any smart Village of what could happen and prepare for it.

Age: 25

Rank: Kage

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PostSubject: Re: Kilyal Mato "The 10 Tailed Bijuu Wolf"   Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:52 pm

Approved as the 10 tail
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Kilyal Mato "The 10 Tailed Bijuu Wolf"
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