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 Rioken The Tsuchikage

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PostSubject: Rioken The Tsuchikage   Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:53 pm

General Ninja Information:

Name: Rioken Nara

Alias: Rio

Age: 23


Gender: Male

Personality: He actually wants to be everyone friend. He believes that enemies shouldn't exist, that the world's people should all become friends. Godai has no enemies, he actually tries to make friends with the enemy but if the enemy pushes him to far, Godai brings an all out war. when he's fighting he tries all that he can to protect his team and himself. when others hang around Godai they say he's a very sociable and a very helpful person.He is not that very strict to rules as he has never broken one. He believes Rules shouldn't always be followed when in danger of it to be broken. Even though he was raised in a family where his grandfather is a walking rulebook, he learns to be respectful and helpful at all times. He's sometimes a free spirit where he just lies back and does school work if possible. But now that he is the Tsuchikage of the village he has more work and he needs more responsibility to take care of a whole Village. But he does whatever it takes to protect a his vilage.

Ninja Village and Rank Information:
Village: Hidden Rock Village

Ninja Rank: Tsuchikage

Clan Information

Clan name: Nara Clan

Clan Symbol:

Kekkei Genkai/Bloodlines:This clan from Konoha Village is known for its ability to manipulate
their shadow. Utilizing this ability the clan member can attach their
shadow to the shadow of another individual, and then take control of
the user. Resulting in the affected person replicating or "shadowing"
the exact movements in mirror form of the clan member.

Clan History:The Nara clan use techniques that bind and constrict shadows, as well
as being able to control another person via their shadow. The Nara clan
have a fairly close relationship with the Akimichi and Yamagata clans.
Using their shadow controlling techniques, they can extend, combine,
control, and more with them, even going so far as to being able to
strangle a person with their own shadow and as stated, even control
them. However, if using the jutsu, if the controlled person is hit, the
controller also receives damage. While the clan has potential, its
overlooked for other clans such as the Hyuuga and the once powerful(and
existing) Uchiha clans.

Inner and Jutsus Information:
Special Characteristics:

Element(s): Water, Lightning, and Fire

Skills/Specialties: Ninjutsu


Academy Jutsus




Lightning Jutsus


Fire Jutsus

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PostSubject: Re: Rioken The Tsuchikage   Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:54 pm

Personal/Other Information:
History/Background Story: (Life before Academy arc)
when rioken was born on April 28,1989 he
was a very little child. he grew up a very nice boy and a very nice
friend. at the age of 1 rioken's grandfather gave him a shuriken to
practice with, although Rioken's mom and dad were a little upset and
thats when Rioken threw his shuriken and struck against his house wall.
they all laughed as it was the first time Rioken ever threw his
shuriken. as years passed on he learned the basic's of being a ninja
and became very friendly with people he met while playing outside his
house. But when rioken was 10 he was an expert at throwing kunai's and
shuriken's and also hand to hand combat, when his grandfather asked him
about jutsu's Rioken had no idea what his grandfather was talking about.
(Academy arc)
when Rioken's grandfather made him join the Academy, where there he
would pass every test, now Rioken wasn't the top dog in his class but
he did manage an awesome grade in his fighting, and his clone jutsus.
he made many friend's at the academy and trained real hard after school
sometimes. There were times that he failed some tests and failed to
complete various types of jutsus. But it all payed off as in the First
year of his Academy semester he passed and was promoted into Team 6
(Genin arc)
loved being a genin, he went on various mission's with his highest one
being a C class mission which he was injured but the mission was a
complete success. for his genin life he would train and train some
more. He also practiced on his mistakes. He used to make a bad clone in
the academy but recently have gotten better, he can maintain and
control his chakra very well, and learned from his jounin teacher on
how to walk on water, which took Rioken less than 1 week. his teacher
was surprised, He asked rioken if he wanted to join the chuunin exams
but he had to deny the offer as he needed to get stronger. and for 2
years he would train with his teacher until he decided to be in the
chuunin exams
(Chuunin arc)
when rioken joined the chuunin exams
he found the competition very tough as there were an insanely amount of
genin's from around the world. in the first part of the exam he knew
most of the answers, but at the end he was frightened when the chuunin
teacher said 'if you fail you are never to be allowed in here again,
you got that you brats!' quickly Rioken feared less as he knew he got
most of the answers right, but he stayed and later found out staying
was they key to first part of the exam and he was really shocked. the
second part he would lead his team to get to the tower, Rioken's
teammates hated each other and it was up to Rioken to make them friends
again. his plan worked and got to the tower 3rd and both of rioken's
teammates were friends again. in the third part Rioken made it into the
final round as he was very strong and very well trained. his final
opponent was tough and they clashed on forever, that's when rioken lost
the battle but the hokage saw he had great potential and passed the
chuunin exams to become a chuunin with many other ninjas. there he
would lead his team in missions and help them with injuries and more
stuff. but then a tragic day for rioken happened. all chuunin's were on
a mission to stop a massacre near konoha. the massacre was really
strong and he took on all of us. most of the chuunin's died and the
only ones left were him and another chuunin. the massacre was no where
near to collapse or breathe hard for air he just stood there waiting to
attack. the other chuunin went for an attak but was quickly killed and
thrown to the side. Rioken was the last one. thats when his practice
and training payed off. the massacre attack rioken but rioken used
lightning armor which would hurt an attacker if he dared to attack. the
lighting attack the massacre and was paralyzed Rioken then used his
lightning ball, which was a pretty huge ball, and hurt the massacre and
killed him. Rioken picked up his fellow chuunins and brought them to
the kopnoha gate where many jounins and medic's picked them up and
immediately brought them to the hospital. Rioken was also brought to
the hospital as he was also hurt. as soon as all the chuunin's were
healed and one was brought back to life, Rioken was called by the
hokage and promoted him to a jounin, he was very happy
(jounin arc)
was mature and very powerful as he lead a team of his own and trained
with them and helped them in mission's. he had a young boy in his team
which reminded him of himself. Rioken trained his youngsters which were
2 girls and one boy. Rioken taught them the same thing his jounin
teacher taught him. but then his old teacher appeared out of nowhere,
he was now the new hokage and wanted to mention it to his former pupil.
Rioken was happy as he congratulated his old teacher. his old teacher
told rioken 'you must learn to keep an eye out for them just as i kept
my eye out for you' when he said that he disapearred. Rioken looked
back and was going to train his pupil's hard. 2 years later to this day
he was becoming very powerful and his former pupil's were already
chuunin level, he got real happy and continued his normal everyday
ninja life. Later on he was framed for murdering a young girl, but
Rioken knew it was an akatsuki member, The ninja members neglected that
and decided to sentence Rioken To 5 years in jail. Years later the
hokage saw that it was a mistake and Got rioken out of jail, The hokage
asked him for a promotion but Rioken denied and moved to The Hidden
rock Village

Birthday: January 5,1986

Blood Type: A

Height: 6'2

Weight: 190 pounds

RolePlay Sample:Z. wanted to train his power's. He appeared in The training ground's
and wanted to train. Z. looked at the sky and then to the ground. He
looked to see how far the training ground was since he was gonna use a
lot of reatsu. Z. closed his eye's and took out his zanpakuto "Come
out" he said as 2 clones appeared out of his zanpakuto and were ready
to fight. Z. turned around and said "I need you guy's to go as hard as
you can, since you are a part of me you will surely be strong, and
since there's 2 of you, i will be having a hard time aswell" Z. said.
as he got into fighting position "You may attack at any...." Z. was
interupted as one clone appeared 6 feet above Z.'s head and was about
to attack with his zanpakuto. Z. quickly moved away but the other clone
used shunpo to appear infront of Z. who was having a hard time
controlling his feet. the clone struck his sword but Z. managed to
dodge although he flew back a couple of yards. Z. got up seeing both
clone's side by side atleast 10 yard's away from him, The training
ground's were clear of no tree's just dirt and grass. Z. rested his
zanpakuto on his shoulder's and waited for mhis clone's to attack. Z.
Closed his eye's and thought of a plan . he began to talk "I'll just
wait for...." Z. was again interupted but he saw it coming. the clone
was again behind hm but Z. was already behind the clone and struck him
with his zanpakuto. No harm was done as the clone flew back. but Z.'s
plan wasn't done. the clone was getting weaker by the second as Z.'s
zanpakuto's threads on the hilt were a reatsu eater. the clone was
dying and therefore Z. only payed attention to his other clone "Show
them the way, Realtu" Z.'s Zanpakuto turned into a huge black and gray
mace. Z. shunpo'd behind the sickened clone and smashed him with his
mace, water bursted out of the clone. the other clone shunpo'd away and
also released his sword. Z. shunpo'd in the air and used "Ye lord! Mask
of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the
name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on
to the south!, Way of Destruction #31, Shot of red fire after he shot
that he also shot a water cannon bigger then the red shot out from his
mace. the clone quickly moved but Z. saw that coming. Z. shunpo'd
behind his clone used his hilt's threads to hit the clone. the clone
was now dying, then Z. smashed him into the position where the red shot
and water cannon were going. the clone planned on moving but Z. used
"Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide
this into six!, Way of Binding #61, Six Rods Prison Light" the clone
could not move a single muscle. the shot of red fire and the water
cannon shot both hit the clone with massive strength and reatsu. Z.
looked at the explosion when he thought "My training is over, next time
I'll use 10 clone's" as he walked away going to do his report.
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PostSubject: Re: Rioken The Tsuchikage   Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:47 am

Umm...... Would you like a name change?

Tsunade=Human Path
Orochimaru=Hell Path
Jiraiya=God Path

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PostSubject: Re: Rioken The Tsuchikage   Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:46 am

xD No Thank you
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PostSubject: Re: Rioken The Tsuchikage   

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Rioken The Tsuchikage
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