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 Nexus Strife

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PostSubject: Nexus Strife   Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:49 am

General Info

Name:Nexus Strife






Weight:127 lbs


Summonings: None

Bio:Nexus was born in the fire country in the country side. sometime before he turned 7 years old he was taken into scientific experiments. He was put into a faction called SOLDIER.The people who abducted him tested many steroids and genes of a old experiment. The gene was called Jenova cell and it gave nexus great strength and increased speed. He was knocked out and left at the Leaf Village gate as a fragile boy. He was taken in by a family of two, a mother and father, when he awoke he found himself in a very nice house and a few days later was enrolled into the ninja academy. He was able to pass through every exam and test he was given due to the cells he was given as a child. When he passed out of the Academy he wasn't given a team as he was odd numbered, he is now awaiting a team and a sensei.

Extra Information

Family Members:Father and Mother

Team mates:None Yet

Sensei:None Yet

Academy Jutsu
Finishers:Renzokuken A technique that consists of the Broadswords swings with chakra on the edges and finishes with a great slash to the chest.
Omnislash: A series of slashes from the sword and a finisher hit from a downward hit.

Equipment: Nothing Special

Weapons:BusterSword, A giant Broad sword


Strengths:He excels in a battle thats up close and in his blades range.

Weakness's: hes weak in genjutsu. His true weakness is seeing his close ones in pain.

Abilities: He has immense strength that allows him to carry swords like the Bustersword easily.

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Ayamaru Aikenka

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PostSubject: Re: Nexus Strife   Mon Aug 10, 2009 2:07 am

Cloud =D SOOO KAWAII!!!! ^^

approved x3
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Nexus Strife
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