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 Suzume Kobayashi

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Suzume Kobayashi

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PostSubject: Suzume Kobayashi   Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:59 pm

-Character Image-

Name: Suzume Kobayashi

Nickname: Suzu-chan (Only used by close friends)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Sexuality? Straight I guess.

Blood Type: A

General Appearance: Suzume has blonde hair that is just above shoulder length. Her eyes are a chocolatey brown with flecks of mocha and tan in her iris. She has a pale skin complexion, making others often think she is ill. Her body is quite thin, making her somewhat frail.

She more often than not wears a brown scarf around her neck, for she gets cold easily. Despite this fact, she usually wears knee-length skirts. She also usually wears a long sleeved shirt and a black headband with an over-sized bow. On her shoulder, there is usually a small sparrow she named Miu.

Personality: She is the quiet, reserved type. She does not openly share about herself, and rarely speaks more than a few words at a time unless around a close friend. She doesn't feel any different towards males than females, unless of course she falls in love, which is a rare occurance for Suzume. She finds it irritating how some people fall in love to quickly. Around an enemy, she is actually pretty calm, not even phased. She rarely shows signs of panic in any circumstance, unless it is a true end-of-the-word life threatening crisis.

Other: She is very protective of Miu, and will see that under no circumstance will harm come to Miu.

Age: 16

Village: River


Height: 5"4

Weight: ???lb.


She was born in the Sky Village (Soramura), a small peaceful village hidden in one of the farthest corners of the land. It was a calm place to live, for it had only 200 people in the populus. Everyone in Soramura lived in peace and harmony, and everyone was happy. Suzume grew up as any ordinary child would, living with her parents, Mori Kobayashi and Sango Kobayashi.

She was very close to her mother; they were almost inseperable. this didn't appear ot be any sort of issue until Suzume was seven and sitll refused to leave her mother's side. Sango was her only friend, because Suzume refused to participate with the other children. Suzume didn't want to leave the protective world she grew up in. She wanted to stay in her mother's warmth forever.

It almost seemed that's how things would be, until the day a gang of rogues who called themselves the Blood Thieves raided the peaceful village. Being such an unpopulated village with little to no specific government, Soramura was left defenseless.

The Blood thieves practically tore the town apart, killing senselessly and robbing the people. Suzume watched her parents hurriedly try to escape the village, Suzume following her mother the whole while. Though they weren't even out the door when two burly men broke down the door.

Sango instinctively stepped in front of Suzume, ready to protect her daughter at all costs. The two men took no time to waste. They ran at Suzue's parents with kunai in their greasy hands. Suzume fled to a cabinet where she hid, leaving the cabinet door open just enough for her to see.

Suzume watched, horror in her eyes, as her parents were brutally murdered. The men quickly raided through the rooms after they had killed Mori and Sango Kobayashi. After they left the house in ruins, Suzume ran up to her mother, crying. She waited for two days, hoping her mother would wake up, hopign she wasn't dead, but there was no such luck. Suzume knew she couldn't stay in this village any longer. She had to leave. So that night she packed a small bag with her stuffed bear, some food, and a photo of her and her mother.

At the age of 10, she was a rogue. She wandered aimlessly through the land for about 3 weeks when she came across a small band of thieves. They were nothing compared to the Blood Thieves, though they were definitely enough to take on a ten-year-old. But they had no intention of killing Suzume, for she had no possessions worth taking. But they still had an idea in their minds. They offered her a deal, become theyre personal servant, or be killed. Obviously, Suzume chose to be spared and kept as a servant.

So they took her back to their base, where they put her to work immeidately. She was ordered to clean the entire base. Every last room was to be spotless. So Suzume worked as a maid for three years, until one night when she noticed one of the thieves left out their bag. Once they all went to sleep, she rummaged through it, finding shuriken, kunai, money, and other things. She grabbed the bag and took out a kunai at the entrance, where she used it to pick the lock and escape.

Now 13, she was wiser and more capable of traveling alone. She had weapons and actual money, which was enough to get her by. She traveled for about two months when she came across a wounded sparrow that had gotten it's wing caught in a bear trap. Suzume freed the bird and was about to continue on, but then it dawned on her that a bird with a wounded wingg couldn't get anywhere. Surely a fox would eat it only minutes after leaving it. So Suzume picked up the bird and wrapped it in a piece of cloth she had.

She named the bird Miu, and it traveled with her from that point on, even after it had been nursed back to health. It had become her only companion, and she treasured the bird dearly. Miu and Suzume traveled together for another 3 years until they stumbled upon the River Village, where they were graciously accepted by the kage. They reside in that villae to this day.


Bloodline: Kobayashi (Still Needing to Be Approved)

Clan: Kobayashi Clan (Still Needing To be Approved)

Likes: Miu, Drawing, Singing, Nature, Writing.

Dislikes: Rash Decisions, those who suffer by their own stupidity, those who disrespect the life of living creatures, those who disrespect nature, arrogance.

Habits: Talking to Miu as if she is a person, Giving short responses (or no response at all) (much to others annoyances), speaking somewhat bluntly.

Weaknesses: Extremely cold weather, Insecurity, Unnatural Chemicals, swimming, lack of muscular strength

Strengths: Climbing, Running, Speaking to Animals, Intelligence, Great Chakra Control/Focus

Fears: Dying, Being Trapped, Being Completely Alone
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PostSubject: Re: Suzume Kobayashi   Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:26 pm

Approved, pending Bloodline
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Suzume Kobayashi
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