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 Raiden Osamu.

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PostSubject: Raiden Osamu.   Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:57 pm

Raiden Osamu

Name: Raiden Osamu

Nickname: Bolt



Body Type: Slim, and small.

General Appearance. Raiden stands at three feet and nine inches. He is a little shorter than some of the people that he talks to, seeing as he is also younger than them, by a good age. He is stronger than he looks also, alot of people take him as a scrawy little child that couldn't fight. But looks are deceiveing. He wieghs seventy-eight pounds.

He wears a black hat, the hat has a picture that his mother sewed onto it, it is kanjis that have many different meanings. He also almost always is wearing his black shirt, it has a symbol of the front of it, it is two kunais, one upside down the other up right and a sword is going through the two holes at the bottom of the kunais. On occasion, Raiden may wear his jacket, it is white with a rose on each shoulder, and on the sleeves it has the words, 'for the ones who never lost one who never loved.' He also wears dark blue jeans that go to his feet and cover a bit of his feet, that have some blue sandels on them.

His eyes are a dark shade of brown, it seems to look black to everyone around him, but when people look into his eyes for awhile, they seem to be able to see that his eye is different than his pupil. His hair is black and is pretty short on the top of his head, but on the sides it is a preety long length. It isn't very long, but it is a bit longer than the top of his head and his bangs. He is white and usually doesn't show it, but he has a tattoo on the back of his arm near his shoulder on his right arm.

Personality:Raiden is usually trying to find someone to talk to, usually it is only one person, who may take to him, but if he knows more than one and they are good friends he may talk to them. While he is fighting, he will try to stay out of most of the talking and just go straight to combat.

Other: He was born on a leap-year.

Age: 11

Village: Kumo

Rank: Genin

Height: 3'9"

Weight: 115 Lbs.


The osamu's where ninjas that used mostly attacks from lightning. This was mostly because they lived so near the sky, living near the top of a mountain usually has that happen. They also had there skin become whiter, and there hair(unless already white) change to a much lighter color, some being white some being sliver, no one knew why except the members of this clan. They had a tattoo that each one of them had to get at birth, it changes there skin during fights, giving them extra control over the lightning jutsus they have and it makes there eyes change colors also, but mostly just black. When Raiden was being born, a lightning storm was going on, it was a leap year and it was febuary twenty-ninth. Raiden was born that day, but at a lose. When he was born, the lights went out in the room her was in and his mother went into cardiac arrest. She died that night, and everyone was sad for her dieing. She was one of the last osamu's. They hoped that Raiden had also gotten the strength of the osamu clan, but they wouldn't know until he was a genin so all they could do was hope. Raiden already knew he wasn't going to get the same strength as his family and than he hoped for strenght for himself.

Raiden had been training for quite some time. He was still weaker than his friends, but he was getting stronger. He would train almost seven hours a day and than he would help his father get his work done. He had to still do chores and everything. His brother was already in the academy. He also had to train, but much more than Raiden did, and raiden couldn't wait until he was in the academy, learning those jutsus. His brother had already taught him some of the basic stuff when he would get home, but Raiden wanted to learn it for himself.

He had gone into the academy and nothing had really happened in it besides he learned how to use his chakra better and use three jutsus that he hadn't known.



Lightning Tattoo



Likes: Protecting people, Training, Heat, Being able to help, meeting new friends.

Dislikes: Losing a fight, jurks, people who try to hurt his friends, people who hurt his friends, and when people are to lazy to train.

Habits: Training, Protecting, napping in trees.

Weaknesses: Ice. Water. When it is cold, when it is raining, when he doesn't know how his oppenent fights.

Strengths: Knowing his oppenents fighting style, when it is hot out, when his oppenent is wet, when he is using his clans trait.

Fears: Death, Heights, being too crowded.
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PostSubject: Re: Raiden Osamu.   Fri Aug 14, 2009 3:10 am

add jutsu and approved
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Raiden Osamu.
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