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 Sannin Tournament -*10 Ninja Who will fight For Title* -Need 1 more*

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PostSubject: Sannin Tournament -*10 Ninja Who will fight For Title* -Need 1 more*   Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:51 pm

This tournament is open to Chunnins and higher for the open spots for Sannin.
The matches will be til' death or if a ninja can no longer battle or surrenders.
So Chunnin keep that in mind but if you think you got what it takes to be called"Sannin" and be 1 of the 3 most powerful ninja here then enter and begin to train cause the S-ranks,Kages and Vets won't be holding back. If you are interested leave reply and I'll add you to list then remove your post to save space.

Mizukage: Kilyal Mato on the Orders of Ravefire Senju

Kilyal Mato-Mizukage/3rd Kasenkage/Cursemark of Fate
Kakashi Hatake-S-Rank/Sage
Ken Nara-Hikarikage
Minato Namikaze-S-Rank/4th Hokage
Zyr Senju-Jounin
Taimoshi Uchiha-Chunnin
Tengu Uchiha-Kuroisuta-Kage
Zabuza Momochi-S-Rank
Sasuke Uchiha-Kumokage/Sage/Cursemark of the Heavens

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Sannin Tournament -*10 Ninja Who will fight For Title* -Need 1 more*
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