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 Entrance for Compeitors and their Squads

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PostSubject: Entrance for Compeitors and their Squads   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:40 am

All Ninja that are to be in Tournament are tp post when they arrive and what 2 ninja they brought with them. Any other ninja caught here thats not in tourney all the others are allowed to kill on sight if they choose. You all signed up to prove you are 1 of the 3 Greats! Now don't think this is for fun every ninja you stand next to has and will kill. This is not for the ones who fear death. So if you do, Leave now and forfeit your Match. As for you that stay fights are decided by these ways. Death of course, Knock-Out and Ninja decides to let you live from respect or some other reason. Also if a ninja loses all their chakra their bodys will be unusable and is concidered a KO also. The Matches will be posted as soon as a 10th ninja wants to join but in mean time I feel I should bring you what best for tourney and start atleast one match............... *Also once match starts anyone that doesnt post within 1 hr will be concidered dead or KO by Last attack. This will be decided by your opponett*...........So first Match will be posted soon.......
And Good Luck To All You Brave Ninja and may Rikodou be with you all..............
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PostSubject: Re: Entrance for Compeitors and their Squads   Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:04 pm

I stand and listen to a loudspeaker annoucing the rules of what's going to be allowed in this tourney. My eyes dart back and forth through the competition that I may just be up against. From my eyes they look nothing more to me but just some second rate atheltes that want to call themselves elite...

I send a swift cold glare to Kilyal who enters the battle room to fight Minato, as Taimoshi is seen awaiting his turn along with several others. The atmosphere is intense and people are coming out of their locker rooms eager to put someones head through the wall and concrete or steel caged floor. A wide sized screen above me flashes in a random order of names until it lands on two names that included mine as one of them...

Sasuke Uchiha...VS! Zabuza Momochi...

"My Akatsuki bretheren?!" "Heh this ougghta be fun" * I clench the hilt of my Kusanagi preparing to unsheath before entering the combat arena*
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Zabuza Momochi

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PostSubject: Re: Entrance for Compeitors and their Squads   Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:10 pm

*Standing in the corner of the room as people go in the arena walking and only one coming out walking, I glare either way this is going to be fun. I look down at my hands not trembling one bit as i look around the room and see who is left. I see a couple people standing here and there then a ringing noise starts and voice comes over the intercom.*

"Sasuke Uchiha vs Zabuza Momochi"

*Grabbing my black and red cloak off the wall and enter the arena,*

"Sasuke, This should be fun"
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PostSubject: Re: Entrance for Compeitors and their Squads   Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:57 am

...After the 1st Round Sasuke emerges victorious taking a seat in the main lobby wondering who will he face next. Zabuza Momochi's is rushed down to E.R to get a CAT Scan after Sasuke's mental effect on him...

"Well there was no suprises in that last round, just a warm up for the next battle. I might as well watch my competition to see who wins next for now. *with Sharingan still activated I watch several different battles on the flat screen T.V's*. The T.V's* show a full instant replay of the other matches that recently ended.
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PostSubject: Re: Entrance for Compeitors and their Squads   

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Entrance for Compeitors and their Squads
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