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 Koen Uchiha "Just a Ninja with skates" [W.I.P.]

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Kouen Uchiha

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PostSubject: Koen Uchiha "Just a Ninja with skates" [W.I.P.]   Sat Aug 29, 2009 10:11 pm


Name:Kouen Uchiha

Nickname: The Skate Ninja


Sexuality:Dont need to know

Body Type:Lean and Athletic

General Appearance. Kouen is a sort of enigma uchiha. Unlike most who dress as Sasuke (don't know why that is such a fad with the uchiha's these days o.o) he dresses similar to Obito Uchiha, his hero. Kouen's hair is dark dark blue with a hint of orange. Around his forehead are orange googles. His eyes are a brilliant mix of red's orange's and yellow's making his eyes look like a flame when he's mad. His hiate is tied around his forehead an angle.
He wears a blue and orange coat with the uchiha fan over a white muscle shirt. His pants are blue and he wears white ankle wraps. Unlike a good 99.9999 percent of ninja's Kouen does not wear ninja sandals. He actually wears specialized skates that were given to him on his 7th birthday. He has worn his skates so long however that he has forgotten what its like to walk and run. He instead mastered what it felt like to battle and move around on skates to the point where he was able to go just as fast in his skates as other kids could with their own two feet. The skates have many modifications that allow him to use them in different enviroment. The soles and sides of the skates are lined with rubber and the wheels are fire proof.

Personality: Kouen is what you call a basket case. He doesn't generally like following the set path and sometimes when ordered to do something will do what he feels like doing. Other times his short term memory loss kicks in and he forgets what he was doing and will sometimes walk away from the middle of a battle and not even realize the other person is still fighting. He is a happy child and is very nice and will sometimes stop fighting and simply say he surrenders just to avoid hurting his opponent.

Other: He has only one weapon and it is an old, rusty, slightly dull katana that had been in use for years. Over the past year he has been fixing and shining the blade until it glowed.

Age: 13 (if genin), 18 (if jonin)

Village: Taiyou

Rank: Jonin, since my village has no active jonin.

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 115 lbs.

~Bio~ (Please make it original and exciting.)


Bloodline: Sharingan

Clan: Uchiha

Likes: Food, Fun, Girls, Air, Space, Life, Jutsu, Fire, sleep, and Food

Dislikes: Stupid People, Annoying People, Death, Water (it puts out his flames), Not getting enough sleep

Habits: Grinning, Sleeping, Announcing things that dont need to be announced

Weaknesses: The inability to run, too trustworthy, stubborn, family, tripping

Strengths: Skating, Taijutsu, Intelligence, Fire, and Dodging

Fears: The world running out food, All of the girls disappearing from the world, Having to take his schizo meds.
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Koen Uchiha "Just a Ninja with skates" [W.I.P.]
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