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 The Winding Staircase of Twin Tsuchinoko's (1)

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PostSubject: The Winding Staircase of Twin Tsuchinoko's (1)   Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:30 pm

*Must go through here first to go Underground

The winding limestone staircase heading towards the bottom floor wraps around and around a giant light brown limestone pillar in the image of the Tsuchinoko. This Tsuchinoko has a pair of blood red, ruby eyes glaring at you from the entrance. From the very top of these stairs as you progress down towards the the 1st floor of the underground domain the light from above fades away. As the light fades another flicker of light glows up ahead as several white black and red candles are lit in patterns going towards the cellar.

Spiders creep into small cracks and snakes hissing from far beneath here become faint, but you can kinda make out that there are some snakes far below here or assume its the pillar that's been eyeing you from the start with a fish-eyed reflection of you in it. As the stairs seemingly begin to come a close several screams of injured victims or tortured souls become pitch ringing throughout the dimly lit darkness. Trails of old blood mixed in with fresh blood stains of dragged bodies lead upto a door with a glass window pane with flashes of blue light coming from it. The sign reads "Medical Lab"...
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The Winding Staircase of Twin Tsuchinoko's (1)
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