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 The Village Kage System -Done-

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PostSubject: The Village Kage System -Done-   Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:27 pm

*Mission and Rank System -Be creative with the task you assign

D-rank (no battling missions unless another ninja from another village says they need a fight and wants to fight any one of your ninja then you pick a ninja to fight that ninja...If you cannot pick one then let a ninja in your village take up the mission.) D-ranks are supposed to be like things like helping an old lady get back home safely and carrying her groceries back home with her to her home in the mountains or something. Pulling someone's weeds...basically its just labor work

C-ranks (Traveling and leaving the village is allowed, however your team of Genin must be lead be lead by a fourth member.) A Chuunin or Jonin to complete the platoon. Chuunin are allowed to fight outside the village. So tell them to go and to another village and deliver a message, but becareful they might be attacked along the way. The Chuunin can only Raid when lead by a Jonin not a Chuunin its not safe...The Chuunin team may capture only a ninja that's defected or just left their village as a missing-nin. Kage's may issue a punishment or sentence them to jail if caught.

A, B-ranks...Are assassination, and stealth missions...Like telling someone to raid a certain village to gather intel and kill or knockout anyone that tries to stop them.You may also be sent to arrest a ninja high or low ranked in a bingo book.

S-rank are for Kage and Sannin Missions...Are assigned for serious highly dangerous Criminals, and Village, Ninja World Wars. Able to try out for Sannin Tournaments, and Sage Trials.

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PostSubject: Re: The Village Kage System -Done-   Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:14 am

100% Complete Comments Below:
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The Village Kage System -Done-
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