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 Setting Up Town Shops and Jobs

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PostSubject: Setting Up Town Shops and Jobs   Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:45 pm

*When Setting up a Marketing place here, please set up a variety of shops that people may access to spend their hard earned money on. For unique things they might want for their own.

You should make a Armor shop with a Menu of the items you have, and the more effective the armor the higher the cost due to the materials and hours of work put into the armor's thought and craftsman ship. It should have some style into the way its made like a fishnet with the left shoulder cut down low to the arm for a girl's undershirt.

*Remember most ninja dress light for speed, others may wear heavy equipment for power and defense.

Then do the same with weapons, but they must be something like nunchaku's nothing epic like a flaming broadsword with no steel inside of it just pure fire. That type of item can only be won in a contest or crafted by a very skilled blacksmith for a high price. Also the only real element cutting Kusanagi belongs to Orochimaru, no more element cutting katana's or edges are to be made, until farther notice.

An Equipment store for Kunai pouches, smokebombs, trip-wires, ninja zip-line rope, holsters, Mitsubishi Spikes, and Caltrops are sold here. These are low priced items and any ninja may be able to purchase large quantities of them, but how they use them is up to them.

Pharmacy, for recovery, chakra, and antidote remedy pills, medicine. Working here gains you knowledge of medical
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PostSubject: Re: Setting Up Town Shops and Jobs   Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:14 am

*BlackSmiths and Weapons pt2...As a Blacksmith you should be creative and unique with your creations.and weapon variety and limited stock supplies. You need to travel far to get insider mines aided by a single nin.

Will Finish Later
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Setting Up Town Shops and Jobs
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